How To Create a Poll on Facebook in 7 Easy Steps + Polls for Facebook Groups & Facebook Stories

Facebook allows you to post polls to help you collect opinions from your Pages, Groups, and Stories' followers. Do you want to know more about how to create a poll on Facebook? In this blog, we will go through simple and easy ways to create a poll on Facebook posts, groups, or stories. Flip through the blog to learn more!

How To Create a Poll on Facebook in 7 Easy Steps-Social media plays an important role in connecting businesses with their target audience around the world. For this reason, businesses are making the most of social media platforms. When it comes to social media, Facebook tops the list.

With nearly 1.84 billion daily Facebook users, it serves as the best platform to reach out to more customers and expand your business. There are a number of ways in which brands can use Facebook to engage their audience.

One of the best and most trending ways is the creation of polls on Facebook. While polls are entertaining for the audience, they can provide your business with helpful information. It allows you to easily collect the opinion of people on a specific topic.


Through the polls on Facebook, you can ask questions, customize answers, and allow people to vote for their favorite option. For instance, if you want to add new features to the application of your brand, you can create a poll and take the opinions of the target audience.

Are you wondering how to create a poll on Facebook? Well, it is quite easy to do and is a quick process. Here are the 7 easy steps that you need to follow in order to create a poll on Facebook. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Look For The Pages Tab And Select The Page

At first, you will have to log in to your Facebook account. After logging in, try looking for the Pages tab, present on the left side of the screen. Then, click on the tab “Pages.” Once you click on that tab, click on the page for which you want to create a poll.


Step 2: Select Publishing Tools

Once you click on the page for which the poll is to be created, Facebook will take you to the desired page. On the left side of the Facebook page, you will find a menu bar. Open that menu bar and look for the tab “Publishing Tools”. Next, click on the tab.


Step 3: Click On Create Post

Now that you have opened the tab “Publishing tools”, it is time to look for the “Create Post” button. The button is blue in color and is present at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “Create Post” button.


Step 4: Click On The Three Dots And Select Poll

When you click on the “Create Post” button, you will see a pop-up window in the middle of the screen. In the pop-up screen, click on the three dots or the ellipsis. Once you click on the three dots, look for the Poll option with a green icon. Next, click on the option.


Step 5: Type The Question And Enter Options

Once you have selected the Poll option, it is time to create your Poll on Facebook. In the space that says “Ask something..”, you need to type the question that you want to ask your audience.

After typing the question, you will have to provide some relevant options to allow your audience to choose from as their answer to the Facebook poll. In the space that says, “Option 1” and “Option 2”, type your answers.

It is important to note here that you will be allowed to type a maximum of 25 characters for each of the answer options.


Step 6: Select The End Date For The Facebook Poll

After creating the question and typing the relevant answer options, you need to choose a time period for which the poll will be active on Facebook. By default, the time length of the polls on Facebook is 1 week.

If you think that 1 week is sufficient for your Facebook poll, then you can leave it for 1 week only. However, if you desire to provide your target audience with more time to answer the question, you will have to customize the time length.

Below the Poll options, you will find a “1 week” drop-down button. Click on it in order to make changes to the time length of the Facebook poll. The available options are 1 week, 1 day, Never, and Custom.

You can select any of these options. By selecting the custom button, you will be able to enter the exact time length of the poll.


Step 7: Click On Share Now

Now that you have entered the question along with answer options and selected the time length of the poll, your Facebook poll is ready. The next step is to share your poll with the intended people.

Look for the “Share Now” button that is present at the bottom of the pop-up window. Select the button in order to share your poll on Facebook.


How To Create Polls For Facebook Groups?

Are you thinking about how to create polls for your Facebook groups on mobile? Well, it is very easy. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow.


Step 1: Click on the three vertical lines that appear at the bottom right of your Facebook account.


Step 2: Click on “Groups” and select a Facebook group for which you want to create the poll.


Step 3: Go to the “Write something..” section, click on the three dots, and click on “Create a Poll”.


Step 4: Click on “Ask something…” and write the question you want to ask.


Step 5: Select “Add a poll option…” in order to enter relevant options that the group members can choose from.

Step 6: Choose the gear ⛭ icon to enable group members to select multiple options or add new options.


Step 7: Click on “Post” to finally share the poll with the desired Facebook group.


How To Create Polls For The Facebook Story?

There are about 500 million viewers of Facebook stories on a daily basis. Owing to such high demand for Facebook stories, more and more businesses are leveraging it to create polls and gain valuable insights from the target audience.


Are you wondering how to create polls for the Facebook story from your mobile device? In that case, here are the easy steps you can follow.

Step 1: Go to your News Feed, click on “Show More”, and select “+ Add to Story.”

Step 2: Add the desired video or photo. Click on the story type that appears at the top or select a video or photo from the camera roll. Select Camera to choose a new video or photo.

Step 3: Click on the square icon in which the square’s bottom right corner is folded upwards. It is present at the top right side of your phone’s screen. Select “POLL”.

Step 4: Enter your desired question and select “Yes” or “No” to customize your answers.

Step 5: Select “Done” that is present at the top right.

Step 6: In order to change the target audience for your Facebook story, click on “⛭ Privacy” present at the bottom left.

Step 7: Finally, click on “Share to Story” to complete the creation and sharing of the poll.

When it comes to digital marketing, Facebook is one of the most preferred channels to reach out to the target audience. Creating polls on Facebook proves to be an interesting way of engaging your audience and gaining their opinions.


Now that you know the steps to create a Facebook poll, it’s time to leverage the feature and keep your target audience engaged.

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