How to Delete a Facebook Group: Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to delete a Facebook group that you no longer use? But unfortunately, don’t know the step-by-step process to remove a Facebook group. Don’t be worried. Just follow the steps mentioned in this article to get insight into the topic. Learn how to delete an unwanted Facebook group with ease. Read until the end to learn the steps involved.

Are you using Facebook for a long time? You probably own a large number of Facebook groups just like many other people do. You might have just created some groups while others you might be carrying over from your school time. 

But often, as the years pass, you tend to forget those Facebook groups that you created years ago. 

While a particular group might have held great importance in your life years ago, it might hold little to no value now. So obviously, you will treat it as junk, and you know how to deal with the junk – trash it. Let’s help you delete a Facebook group that is of no use to you now. 

Possible Reasons to Delete a Facebook Group

Possible Reasons to Delete a Facebook Group

Why do people choose to delete a Facebook group? Why would you like to do it? Let’s find out a few possible reasons that trigger you to delete a particular group:

  • To be honest, it’s easy to forget about a particular Facebook group over a period of time. From losing interest in that particular group to transitioning to other interests, the reason to delete your group could be any. 
  • You might have no time to manage the group.
  • Most members of the group are inactive.
  • The information shared in the group has become outdated and serves no purpose now. 
  • You want to stay clear of the Facebook group which has become irrelevant to you now.
  • The content in the group is heavily spammed by unwanted advertisements and is difficult to moderate. 

So, when suddenly a Facebook notification draws your attention to a group that you have left unattended for years, what would be the first thing that strikes your mind? Obviously, you want to delete that Facebook group right away that gets pushed into an unnoticed corner of your mind, don’t you?

It’s where this step-by-step guide will help you accomplish it with ease. Just stay tuned in and read until the end to get familiar with the process to delete a Facebook group that you no longer want to continue with. 

But before that, let’s help you go through every single thing that involves the process to give you a clear view of the topic. 

Knowing the Difference Between a Facebook Group, Page, and Profile

Knowing the Difference Between a Facebook Group, Page, and Profile

Are you thinking of deleting a Facebook group? Just hang on! Let’s get to know the basics first. Knowing the difference between a Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, and Facebook group save your day. It leaves no chance of accidentally removing a Facebook page instead of a Facebook group.

So before you click that remove button, take a look at the major differences between a Facebook group, page, and profile:

Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile

Every user that registers on Facebook as an individual has a personal profile. According to a survey conducted by Statista, there are 2.7 billion active Facebook profiles as of January 2021

The personal profile displays information about that particular person stating his name, posts, and photos that a user can control to display on his Facebook profile. 

The idea of creating personal profiles on Facebook is to socialize with other people.  You can share your life events on your profile page in chronological order. You could send Facebook friend requests to people you want on your friend list. 

Facebook profile is meant to be used by an individual who can set his/her privacy to public or private depending on his/her choice. 

Facebook Page

Facebook Page

A Facebook page is usually dedicated to a product, service, or business in a precise manner. It aims to help you market your product or service to boost your business. You could use a Facebook page to brand yourself or your product/service to gain your prospect’s attention.

According to Oberlo, Facebook pages are being used by over 80 million small businesses across the world to market their product or service. 

A Facebook page acts as your brand voice and a mode to share your thoughts with the world. It contains information about your nature business’s nature, contact details, reviews, and other key details that your audiences are keen to know. 

It is a platform that swiftly connects you with your prospects that you can convert anytime to boost your sales. You could share photos of your product on Facebook posts and increase brand awareness. It also helps you leverage the opportunity to explain your product/service to your audiences. 

Facebook Group

Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a community that’s created by individuals to share their interests in the form of posts. A group is created by a Facebook group owner who further assigns roles such as admins and moderators to group members. 

According to Social Media Today, more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups each month. People choose to join groups to broaden their network, share their content, ask questions, and for various other reasons.

While a Facebook page is more about business profiles, a Facebook group leans more towards community building. Facebook groups come in all sizes and interests. There are groups related to travel, universities, jobs,, and several other industries and interests that people care about.

Each member of the group could post in the Facebook group, and the admin could allow or restrict their roles. Group members need to adhere to group policies formed and monitored by group admins and moderators to improve the quality of using the Facebook group.

Roles That Each Facebook Group Member Plays

A Facebook group has three types of group members carrying assigned roles to serve. Each member serves as per the role assigned to him/her. Let’s find out what does it entail:

Group Admin


A group admin plays the most powerful role in managing a Facebook group. He/She is responsible for leading the group. From managing the nature of content that goes in the group to promote the group, he/she does everything that’s involved in between. 

It is not any hard and fast rule to have just one admin for a Facebook group. The number of admins could be as many or as little as a Facebook group owner wants. 

Group Moderator

Group Moderator

A group moderator is a role assigned by a Facebook group owner/admin. He/She is given the authority to control the group activities to a certain extent. He/She serves a crucial role after the admin in moderating the content that gets shared in the group. 

Neither he/she can change the primary setting of the group, nor is he/she allowed to remove any admin from the group. 

Group Member

Facebook group member

A Facebook group member is a person who joins as a member after adhering to the group’s guidelines. An admin controls the number of group members as per his/her preference. 

In most groups, the group members are allowed to share posts, post contents, ask questions and do various tasks. However, a group admin could restrict their abilities to interact with the group. 

Deleting a Facebook Group: Preparing for it

Deleting a Facebook Group

Have you made up your mind to delete a particular group that no longer serves your interests? If yes, then you should prepare for the things beforehand to ensure smooth execution. 

  • It is a good idea to let other members of the group know in advance that you are going to delete the group on a specified date. It gives them enough time to back-up photos, videos, or any other useful document shared in the group. It will cherish their memories.
  • Meanwhile, you could also download images or any other useful stuff from the group that still holds value to you. Remember that data in the group once deleted cannot be recovered, so it is always better to give yourself and group members some time to prepare for it. 
  • Also, it would be a kind gesture if you could say goodbye to the group members to make them feel valued.

Who is Authorised to Delete a Group on Facebook?

Who is Authorised to Delete a Group on Facebook?

Not everyone has permission to delete a group on Facebook. It is a task that only a Facebook group owner is allowed to perform. The deletion process requires a Facebook group owner first to remove all the members from the group.

In the end, when he/she leaves the group, he/she will see the option to delete and leave the group permanently. If a Facebook group owner chooses to leave instead of deleting the group, the right to delete the group gets transferred to the next group admin.

But as long as the Facebook group owner is there in the group, a group admin can only archive a group and isn’t permitted to delete the group. So beware of these terms before proceeding to delete the group. 

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Group using Your Desktop Browser?

Deleting a Facebook isn’t rocket science. You can perform it in a few steps. 

You could choose to delete an unwanted Facebook group using a desktop browser or even a smartphone. It all depends on which way you prefer. However, we have mentioned both ways for your convenience.   

Here’re the steps to follow if you are deleting an undesired Facebook group using a desktop browser:

  • Open Google Chrome or any other browser that you use for internet browsing on your desktop. Type in the browser window. Sign in to your Facebook account using credentials. 

Sign in to your Facebook

  • After logging in to your Facebook account, click the ‘Groups’ tab on the menu on your left bar. 


  • Select the group that you wish to delete.
  • After selecting the group you want to delete, start removing the group members manually one by one. To perform this, you need to browse to the option ‘Members,’,’ then browse each member’s profile and start removing them using the option ‘Remove from the Group’.

remove member

Though this process is time-consuming, still, it is the only way to permanently delete the group. 

  • After removing all the members from the Facebook group, it is your turn to follow the same procedure. Choose the ‘Leave Group’ option from the 3 dots that you will find next to your name. 
  • After you click on the ‘Leave Group’ option, the group will be permanently deleted from Facebook. 

Bingo! You have done it.

How to Delete a Facebook Group using Your Smartphone?

Deleting an unwanted Facebook group is fairly easy using a desktop browser. But what if you want to delete a Facebook group using an Android smartphone or an iPhone? Are you interested in knowing the process? Well, here it is! Just follow the steps below:

    • Open the Facebook application installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Now, tap on the ‘Menu’ and select the ‘Groups’ option available there. 


    • Now, tap on the ‘See All’ option which is usually available right next to ‘Your Groups.’ Access the group that you want to delete. You must be the group owner or admin of the group in order to delete the group. 
    • Tap on the option ‘Members’ and remove each member one by one. To do this, you need to tap on the member name you want to remove and then tap on the option ‘Remove Member’ to remove that person from the group. Similarly, you need to repeat the process for each member.
    • As soon as you remove all of the existing members from the Facebook group, you need to tap on your name. Then, choose the option ‘Leave Group’ to remove yourself from the group.

Leave Group

    • As soon as you hit the ‘Leave Group’ option, a pop-up will appear on your mobile screen asking you to ‘Leave and Delete the Group”. Tap on the option to delete the group permanently. 

That’s all. You are done with the Facebook group deletion!

Wrapping it Up

Deleting a Facebook is as easy as having a pie if you follow the steps mentioned here. But before you hit that remove button, ask yourself if this is what you want. Or, is there any room to make your Facebook group more interesting and re-invent it into something meaningful?  

If you are removing it just because it has turned boring to you, then you can simply rename it, use a few hashtags to make it popular and use it for a better cause. 

Or else, you can trash it, and now, you already know the steps to do it.

Enjoyed reading the article? Reach out to us if you have any questions or queries about Facebook Marketing. We’d love to help you out. Thanks!

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