How to do an Instagram Giveaway: Ideas and Tips

Learn how to do your Instagram Giveaway/Contests in a way that gets more attention from customers. By using below tips in this article, you will get ideas to boost your giveaways over Instagram. Simply follow our tips and wait for the positive results.

Great News around – Instagram Giveaway helps in promoting your brand and grow your audience as well! Right…This social media tool will help you gain more and more business. You just need to do it the correct way!

Are Instagram Giveaways Worth It?

Instagram Giveaway


There is growing competition in the brand/ business field considering Facebook, Twitter. Instagram is not only for posting pretty photos every day but now you can find consumers using Instagram by using Instagram Giveaway.

A Short View on Instagram Giveaways

1 – Fun and Engaging

Give away Engaging


An Instagram giveaway is entertaining and happy to go, as it develops the relationship between your brand and your target audience.

2 – Cost related

It is important to include a prize.

3 – Giveaways can be again formed

If this option is helping you get business and also suits your audience, then you can form Instagram giveaways/Contests again and again with more profits and prizes to be won.

Let’s Follow the Instagram Giveaways Step by Step

1 – Decide the Giveaway Theme

Instagram Giveaway theme


The important part is the theme, which you need to decide for your Instagram giveaway. It can be a holiday, festival of seasons, or any important occasion in mind.

You can also celebrate anything your business’ anniversary, or such which will attract your audience. But you need to be creative and keep your targeted audience in mind.

2 – Rules are necessary

Next is to know what you need to get through this Instagram Giveaway.

Instagram Giveaway rules


If you want to increase your follower count– Ensure that participants follow you and you will get more page followers.

If you want to increase your brand visual – Request your participants to repost the Instagram contest photo and also tag their friends. Tricks like these will eventually increase the visibility of your giveaway.

This is a simple way to enter the Instagram giveaway by following these rules – like/submit the photo, follow the account, use the hashtag, tag friends, leave comments.

Make the rules, timeline, and prize easy to understand.

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3 – Point out the Deadline

An appropriate and balanced length of time is important for the deadline. Both long giveaway and short giveaway are not fine as these two have their effects on the audience.

4 – Choose a Prize

Instagram Giveaway Prize


Always choose a prize that is related to or connected with your business/ brand. This way you will guarantee your Instagram Giveaway reaches only those who are interested in your business/brand.

You can use your own products/services or a gift card/store credit to generate more audience and positive reviews. This will be beneficial for both of you, your customer, and your business as well.

5 – Promoting your Instagram Giveaway

Another most important aspect of this process is to promote your Instagram Giveaway. It can be done in two ways – Paid and Organic. Now, let’s see about these ways to promote –

Paid – The options are unlimited for paid ads. E.g.: Google AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, etc. Paid ads are the best ways to quickly promote your giveaway.

Organic – It is limited according to your business/brand. You can send flyers or emails by keeping an email list.

Both ways are productive in their ways and must be tried accordingly.

6 – Track your Instagram Contest/Giveaway

have you entered

Compare the date or the result from the participation counts that drive the best results for your business or brand.

Later on, edit your post – ‘CONTEST CLOSED‘. This will update the audience, that the contest has expired and not to participate in it.


Instagram Giveaways/contest ideas are extremely popular among brands and upcoming businesses. They are the ways to promote your certain brand or business and getting customers by engaging them to view and participate.

It all depends on how you show off your Instagram Giveaway to attract the customers. Put in some entertaining challenges like caption creation, photo publishing, etc.

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