Ninja Tricks to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software

Most of the time, while surfing on Facebook, we encounter some interesting videos that we want to download. Here in this blog, we have shared some super effective tricks that you can use for doing so. Read on to learn more.

Did you ever try to download Facebook videos, but didn’t know how to? Well, it’s not that difficult if you follow the correct steps. Let’s first try to figure out why you wish to download Facebook videos? You may want to download it to use the clip from it or re-share it or get more likes and views on that particular clip. 

There might be three possible reasons to download Facebook videos. Check them out:

You might have uploaded it by Instagram

uploaded it by Instagram

This might be the reason behind you trying to download Facebook Videos as you might have created a video on Instagram and pushed it forward to your Facebook page. Well, that’s a great way to gain reach on your video as it gets the maximum audience reach as you widen your network. 

Now you might feel the need to use the same video on your YouTube Channel, Vimeo, or your website. 

You might have uploaded it by a gaming console

Maybe you wanted to be one of the best gamers and make your own YouTube Channel so you decided to download Facebook videos. It is a known fact that your gaming console only allows you to post a particular recorded game video on Facebook and not YouTube. 

recorded game video on Facebook

Now you might have felt the need to download it and upload it on your YouTube channel just to showcase your gaming skills. 

You might have created a Live video on any private Facebook Group

Live video on Facebook

It might be possible that you have created your own private Facebook group and you must be going live from there but suddenly felt the need of uploading that content on some other locations.

Steps to Download Facebook Videos (Ninja Trick!)

Don’t worry about your Facebook Videos anymore as now you can upload them to other places. The best part is that you can do that without using any particular software. This is a Ninja Trick that will show you how to extract an MP4 file of your video from Facebook.  

Given below are some easy steps that will guide you on how to do it:

Downloading From a Particular Facebook Page

Step 1: Go and find that page on Facebook

First, you need to find the page that posted the video on Facebook, and then you need to tap on the “Video” tab on your left-hand side. 

video tab on facebook

Step 2: Now locate the video

In case you don’t have any direct link to that particular video, try to find it in the video tab. As soon as you locate the video that you want to download, just tap on it and open the video. 

As soon as you do it, you can now find the date/time stamp. Just right-click on that video and copy the link to that particular video. 

copy the link

Step 3: Now download that particular video

There are various options open to you if you wish to download any particular video from Facebook. Now the version you choose completely depends on some elements:

  • Is that video public or private?
  • Is it on any particular page, profile or group?

Let’s take an example of you managing a particular Private Facebook Group and suddenly you felt the need of downloading the latest Facebook Live video on that Group. 

You might think that you won’t be able to download Facebook videos from a private group, but no you can because given below are few points that will make it possible for you to download that particular video file that too on high resolution. Check it out how:

You can use any online website or extension

There are various online websites available on Google that permit you to download Facebook videos without adding any unnecessary software to your computer. is the most convenient solution to all your Facebook download problems. You just need to add the copied video URL, paste it and then tap on the download button. Yes, it’s that simple.

KeepVid is also similar to the above option and the same steps need to be followed to download any Facebook video. 


GetFVid is that particular option that will assist you in downloading those videos that were uploaded on any Private Facebook Group. It’s also simple but a bit different so check on the steps below:

  • First, go to that particular video which you want to download. 
  • Press “CTRL + U” or right-click anywhere on the video and select the option “View Page Source”, to view the page source in a whole new window. 
  • Now you can copy and paste the video page source into the GetFVid. 

If you are also very peculiar about options and just want to go for the simple ones that will serve your purpose then use these extensions instead of any navigation. 

But the most suitable and stable chrome extension is the Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader

Now you can add the chrome extension and download Facebook Videos even while using any social network. 

How Do You Convert Facebook Video to MP4?

For this, you first need to copy the video URL link from your Facebook application and then paste that link on “Click Here”.

As soon as you paste the video link and tap on convert, your video gets converted but then the MP4 video converter will take up to few seconds. Right after the conversion is done, you can select the video quality you wish to have for those videos. It can be HD, 720p MP4, 360p MP4 and so on. 

Convert Facebook Video to MP4

It is quite obvious that you don’t want your video to be of degraded quality, because you are going to save it for future use. Right after the conversion is done you can save that video and use it on any other social networking sites. You just need to follow these simple steps to convert your video to MP4:

  • Copy the video URL from Facebook
  • Paste the URL in the search option 
  • Tap on the Convert Video option
  • Within a few seconds, your video gets converted and you can save it for future use. 

How Can You Download Videos from Facebook App?

Well, that’s also pretty simple to do if you know the right way to download Facebook videos directly from the Facebook application. You just need to download one application that is “ES Explorer” and then follow the given steps. Check out the steps given below:

ES Explorer

  • Download the application named- “ES Explorer”. 
  • Now open the Facebook application. 
  • Go ahead and find the video that you wish to download. 
  • After you find your video, you can see the option on the right-hand side in the form of a small box. 
  • Now tap on “Save Video” and save your video right away.
  • Now go to the last option on the right-hand side that says notification and it’s done. 

See, it was that simple as you can easily find your saved video on the notification panel. 

How Can You download Facebook videos to Your Computer?

Well, this is also pretty simple just like the Ninja Trick mentioned in the entire article as there will be similar steps to follow to get it. You don’t need to do much but just make sure that you have the Facebook link to that particular video. It’s similar to the phone category, just that the difference here is a computer or a laptop. 

You can select your video quality and save it wherever you want to on your computer. Check out the steps to do it right away:

  • Turn on your computer and download the Facebook video downloader on it. 

Facebook video downloader

  • Now log in to your Facebook account on chrome or browser on your computer. 
  • Next, find your video and copy the URL of that particular video. 

copy the URL of that particular video

  • After that paste the Facebook video URL in that Facebook video downloader input box.
  • Now tap on the download option.


  • It will take you a few seconds and then you need to tap on “save link as” to download your video. 


Now you see it’s that simple and convenient to download any particular video from Facebook without using any special software. You don’t need to worry about your videos staying limited only to a particular social media network. 

Once you download the file, you can reuse the downloaded video on numerous platforms according to your wish. Don’t stress this thing too much as it has been made simple for you. 

Just check out the above guidelines and use the extensions according to your needs and download Facebook videos to increase your audience reach. It’s no scam or complicated software as you can easily access it through your Google Chrome. 

Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed ever as you will get your videos from Facebook without any complicated procedure. You can download and keep it for your future use as later if someday you feel the need to upload that particular video, then you won’t have to think about downloading it. 

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