Twitter Hashtags: Guide to Finding and Using the Right Ones

Using hashtags can work as a boon for a post. It can extend the post's reach to more and more number of people. In this blog, we will discuss the nine very interesting tools that can help a business in finding the right hashtags for their Twitter tweets. Let's check it out.

You probably have seen hashtags on people’s social media posts, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In simple words, Popular twitter Hashtags comprises two parts: the hash symbol # along with word or phrase without any space.

The only reason why people use hashtags on their posts causes it allows reaching a broad audience compared to a typical friend’s list. Also, it helps people to find relevant content using hashtags, but thinking right that whos the first one to start hashtags?

All Ways To Find Popular Twitter Hashtags


Well, Twitter was the first one to start the implementation of Hashtags on social media back in 2007 to organize social media content into different topics. Today, people think of hashtags first before posting on social media platforms, whether it is personal or promotional posts.

Even by utilizing hashtags to one can get better exposure, but using too many hashtags inside posts can lose its purpose.

One fact says Tweets with hashtags may get almost 100% (2x) engagement when it is posted by any individuals, while for the brand, it may get 50% (1.5x) for brands.

However, there is no such rule that it’s compulsory to add hashtags into your post it’s on you. But using hashtags inside your post content will improve visibility, so why should not include?

Best Tools to Find Twitter Hashtags

But how to find such meaningful and relevant keywords when you are posting on twitter? Well, there are hundreds of tools available in the market that are used by the professionals to craft a perfect tweet. Let’s take a look.

1. Hashtagify


Hashtagify is one of the most profound tools that let you find trending and popular Twitter hashtags. You can also determine the fittest hashtags to touch a wider audience using your post. Based on custom suggestions provided by Hashtagify, you can also see who’s your competitors and what hashtags they are using.

However, one of the best features of Hashtagify is a Mind Map, using which you can find multiple hashtags that are linked with each other. It also shows the hashtag’s usage pattern where you can see any hashtag’s usage in the last two month’s usage.

Apart from that, you can also find hashtags in top languages and their different spelling version used by tweeting people. However, Hashtagify comes with both free and paid plans. In a free plan, you will only be able to find related hashtags and top influencer’s hashtags.

2. RiteTag


RiteTag can help you to create your own Twitter hashtag strategy, based on your hashtags that you’re using in your current posts. To make use of RitTag, you need to log-in in with your Twitter account, and it will analyze whether you are using appropriate hashtags in your twitter posts or not?

Not just that, you can also find trending Twitter hashtags, and it’s statistics such as count of hourly tweets & retweets, potential reach, etc.

To make it easier to access RiteTag, you can also integrate their chrome extension to access the tool without opening their website. And if you are using social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer, you can also integrate RiteTag over there.

Like Hashtagify, this tool is also free with limited access, and to unlock more features, you will have to pay them.

3. is like a Wikipedia for hashtags to get general information using which you can learn more hashtags before you use it in your post. You can also find trending hashtags in different genres, such as business, tech, entertainment, etc.

If you want to get personalized results, you can also add your hashtag into their database to fetch analytics data. It connects trending and popular hashtags to get an idea of what is happening over twitter. Apart from that, you can read their hashtag’s how-to guide, latest news, and some meaningful information.

So, if you are a newbie and want to get started with hashtags to reach a broader audience and boost your post engagement rate, this option is for you. Most of the stuff is free to use, but there is a pro option in case you need it.

4. Socialert


Socialert is a handy tool to track and see your hashtag performance for free. Just enter a hashtag, keyword, account, and it will generate automatic reports with some detailed statistics. Not just hashtags, you can also set alerts for brand monitoring, keep an eye on your competitors as well as perform event tracking.

And if you want to know what people are talking about you or your brand on social media, you can also get to know that. In their free plan, you will be able to analyze 300 tweets over a week.

By upgrading to pro plan, you can get more in-depth analytics as well as historical data, enjoy their search filters, and influencer tracking functionality.

For gathering necessary information, this tool work for free; however, their upgrade plans are quite budget-friendly that fits your pocket. 

5. Trendsmap


If you want to see what is going on or trending over the internet, then Trendsmap is the best tool ever. As the name suggests, this tool showcases local trending stuff, such as hashtags, users, and words over the map. Just zoom in or out; you will able to navigate and find the trending things for a specific city, state, or region, country, or area in the world.

For a local business or brand, Trendsmap is like a boon to find local trends and hashtags that one can use to bring more engagement and reach a wider audience. In the free plan, you will able to get real-time and last 7days data only, whereas their paid program offers timely historical data.

6. Keyhole


Keyhole works the same way as Socialert. Here you can enter any hashtags and quickly gather analysis for a specific hashtag. When you search for any particular hashtag’s data, you can fetch a word that commonly used with your main hashtag.

These analytics comprise real-time data such as postcount, impressions, reach, sentiment, demographics, and top sources. Moreover, you can see how many people have posted using your hashtag along with the number of Likes, Retweets, and Impressions of your marketing campaign.

You can also fetch and filter influencers depending on specific location and keywords. And if you want to hire such influencers, you can also reach them to help boost engagement and increase your ROI. 

7. TweetReach


TweetReach is a Twitter analytics tool using which you can get a better understanding of your tweet performance. It uses Twitter’s API to create a quick analytics report on the last 100 tweet activities.

With the help of reports over Twitter accounts, topics, hashtags, or competitors, you can improve your tweet reach, impact, and engagement.

They do provide the functionality to download the public Twitter profile’s PDF reports if you need them. In pro version, you can also get analytics of other social media such as Instagram and Facebook. You will be able to see your top hashtag’s estimated reach, impressions, and contributors. 

8. Tweet Archivist

Tweet Archivist

Tweet Archivist is another free hashtag tool that will provide real-time analytics data. Like other tools, it offers tweets count per hashtag and impressions over a specific date range. In their free analytics report, you analyze top associated words, hashtags, tweets source, languages, mentions, and influencer index.

By upgrading to their plan, you can also download data and create multiple archives that are updated every hour. But if you don’t want to pay for such hashtag tools, then you still have TweetDeck powered by Twitter itself. So, let’s add it to the list as well.

9. TweetDeck


 It enables its users to manage unlimited Twitter accounts using a single dashboard. Moreover, you can also schedule your tweets and set alerts for different topics in case if you need them. Whether it is your personal twitter account or business account.

It will help you to fetch real-time data, organize your stuff, and view engagements. Having a free analytics dashboard today, TweetDeck is most commonly used by many twitter. Individuals and organizations use to handle their Twitter account efficiently and monitor hundreds of Twitter lists, searches, hashtags, and more.

When you log in to the Twitter account, you can see trending hashtags on the left side. By changing the location, you can also view trending stuff or hashtags for the selected areas. And for using these tools, you don’t need to leave Twitter as these tools come builtin.

Final Words

So this was our list of Twitter tools that will help you to find popular Twitter hashtags in no time. You can go with any of the above. Twitter tools to find Twitter hashtags, and we guarantee you that it would work like a charm for you.

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