How to Get Approved for Instagram Shopping and Product Tags?

If you’re an Instagram marketer and worrying about the approval of shopping features and product tagging, then this blog is for you. Here we are going to discuss the basics of Shopping and Product tagging and ways to get it approved on your Instagram profile. Let’s get in.

After Facebook, Instagram is the most engaging social media platform for marketers. It is especially great for the eCommerce business. If you own eCommerce or any other business, you can utilize Instagram to your full advantage, but only if you use it right.

If you don’t market on Instagram correctly, the chances are that your ad posts and product tagging will be denied.

Every day Instagram is becoming better and better for businesses. And because of it, numerous businesses are now able to gain high Instagram engagement and sales.

Hence denial for product tagging and Instagram shopping posts can freeze the progress of businesses on Instagram and also affect their sales.

Did your Instagram business account face a reaction for shop posts or product tagging? If yes, we have come to your rescue. In this article, you will have stepwise instructions that you can reapply in order to get approval for Instagram shopping and Product tags. So let’s get started!

What is Product Tagging?

What is Product tagging?

Are you unaware of Instagram’s Product tagging? Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Instagram product tagging is the feature for Instagram business account holders. This allows you to tag your product on your post and redirect customers to your website. It enables the purchase of products with just a few clicks.

Instagram introduced product tagging features about two years ago. Back then, this feature was available, particularly for users on Shopify platforms, the idea was tested in the tech and later became a hit.

At present, typing can be used by anyone who sells products on the website. With the product typing feature, your audience will be able to browse your products, save items to buy later and also make a purchase within the app.

The below tips will help you get approval for Instagram shopping as well as product typing. But before you go through the following steps, it’s important to read Instagram policies and check if you justify its compliance.

Go through the agreement and see what they don’t allow for product tagging since that’s where you can start to gain insight as to why you were denied.

Disconnect your Instagram Account from your Facebook Page and Business manager

Disconnect your Instagram Account from your Facebook Page

A good beginning leads to a good end, and so you need to make a fresh start. The first step to have a fresh start is to disconnect your Instagram business account from other linked sites like the Facebook page and business manager. The second is to switch to a personal account (mentioned in the second step)

Go through the following steps to disconnect the Facebook page from your Instagram account:

  • Click in the menu icon on the top right corner
  • Click on Setting 
  • Choose account
  • Select Linked accounts
  • Click on Facebook
  • Click on the unlinked account to disconnect your Facebook page

Disconnect your Facebook account from your Instagram page

Disconnect Facebook account from your Instagram page

After unlinking Facebook from your Instagram account, you also have to go the other way, i.e. remove your Instagram account from your Facebook page. For that, go through the following steps:

  • Open Facebook page in your preferred browser
  • Tap on the setting icon at the top of the scream
  • Choose Instagram from the left menu
  • Scroll down the page and click the disconnect button on the right

Switch to Instagram’s Personal Account

switch to Instagram personal account from business account

Now you need to say goodbye to your business account, don’t worry it is just for some time. 

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To switch from business to personal account, follow the steps given below: 

  • Open your Instagram app and click on the menu icon at the top right corner. 
  • Select Account
  • Click on “Switch to personal account”.

Alert: Even temporarily switching Instagram business accounts to the personal profile will reset everything, and you will lose data that includes promotional content insight.

You will no longer be able to access insights of your current as well as futures posts or stories. So you have to be sure what is more important to you, i.e., getting Instagram shopping approval from Instagram or saving insight data of your business account.

However, once it’s done, you can start from scratch and start your business account with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Wait for a few days before you move back to your business account—meanwhile, research for new content and marketing strategies that will help you boost engagement on your page. 

Set your Facebook Page template to shopping

Set your Facebook Page template to shopping

The next step is to set the right template on your Facebook business page. Many marketers and business owners forget to remove the general business page on their Facebook business account. Adding the Instagram shopping template on your Facebook business page will help you get approval for Instagram product tagging.

To set an Instagram Shopping template on your Facebook business page, go through the following steps: 

  • Open facebook’s setting page
  • Choose templates and tabs on the left side menu
  • If you selected another template, then click on the edit button under the template section and select shopping.
  • Set your Instagram profile Back to a Business Account

After some days of moving to a personal account, it’s now time to get back to the business account. But don’t reconnect your Facebook page just yet, save it for the later step. 

In some cases, Facebook will automatically pull back into your business manager when you switch to your Instagram business account. If this is the case with you, don’t worry as it won’t affect your approval until you don’t reconnect your Facebook page to your Instagram business profile.

Reconnect your Facebook page to your Instagram Business Profile and Facebook Page Settings

Reconnect your Facebook page to your Instagram Business Profile


Let’s now connect back your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. But before you go for that don’t forget to update your Instagram app to the latest version on your mobile device. If you do not update the recent version, you might again face product tagging rejection.

Once you update your app, it’s time to reconnect to your Facebook page, to do so follow the step given below: 

  • Head to setting 
  • Click on the Account
  • Select Linked accounts
  • Choose Facebook

Once you go through the steps, confirm by going to the edit profile section on your Instagram account

Reconnect Instagram on Facebook Account

Reconnect Instagram on Facebook Account

Now, reconnect your Instagram account to your Facebook page via Facebook. Open your Facebook page in your web browser and click settings. Select Instagram and click “Connect Account.”

Reconnecting your Instagram account is the final step in reapplying for Instagram shopping. The wait can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

In some cases, it may take up to two weeks for Instagram to review and approve your account for product tagging. If you haven’t heard back from Instagram after a couple of weeks, reach out to Facebook and see what the problem is.

It’s possible that after completing the above steps, some people will still see the ‘not approved’ screen when they go to apply for shopping.

If this is the case for you, contact Facebook directly for assistance because sometimes Instagram does not reset properly and will stay on the screen even after you’ve completed all the steps you need to get approved.

Setup Commerce Manager in Facebook Business Manager

Setup Commerce Manager in Facebook Business Manager

In order to get approved for product tagging on Instagram and Facebook shop to work, it’s necessary for you to set your Commerce manager.

For that you need to  first sign up for the business manager and then click on the Create and manage section and choose the commerce manager option.

Once you have set commerce management, you now just have to follow the prompts. Facebook will then request you for required details for validating your business as well as products.

It will ask to send EIN, bank information, business address and more. With this information, it ensures that you have a legal e-commerce business.

Manually Set up your Product Catalog in Facebook Business Manager

Manually Set up your Product Catalog in Facebook Business Manager

Now you can manually set your product catalogue by opening a business manager. Depending upon the platform you use, there are a lot of ways to connect catalogue to your business. As like the first step when you disconnect everything, you have to disconnect apps that connect your products on your website to your Facebook catalogues. 

Let’s understand this through an example, if you use Magento to sell your products, you will have to disconnect and delete Facebook shop apps as well as Instagram shop apps, so there is nothing linked with your products that will enable auto-update of catalogue inside of your business manager

This step is essential because Instagram likes or prefers a specific way of displaying information for product tagging. All capital titles don’t go ad per Instagram liking, so if you are doing this for your products, there is a high chance you will be rejected.

Another thing that Instagram doesn’t accept is to link other products in the product description. Hence in the description, you should only mention about the products that are seen in the post.

Also note, if you products have many colour variations with different size options, and if you have not mentioned about correctly or left any information on the website you will be rejected for product tagging by Instagram. 

When it comes to listing your products, you have to take care of every minor detail; this includes naming conventions, pricing problems, missing product variations, and more, all these factors can reject your product tagging. 

In order to assure that all information on your product is listed correctly in your catalogue, it is best that you create a manual catalog. Do this before you apply for product tagging on Instagram to avoid denial.

Add shop now Button to your Facebook Business Page

Add shop now Button to your Facebook Business Page


Shop buttons generally don’t come to the user’s notice as there is not much information on the internet suggesting you add this button. It is fairly easy; you simply have to add a button for shopping on your Facebook page under the header image. Add this button before you do product tagging. 

Follow the steps given below, to add the shop button on your page:

  • Open your Facebook business page
  • Click on the add a button option or else click on your existing button
  • In the pop-up window, choose the shop with you and then shop now 

Later Facebook will ask you whether you want to direct your audience to shop on your website, or you want them to shop on Facebook. Offering users to shop on a page is more beneficial than directing them to a website, as it saves time and effort.

How do You know When You’ve Been Approved for?

Instagram reconnection should be done at the end of the reconnection process. Once everything is over, sit back and relax as now is when the wait starts. There is no exact time duration of Instagram’s approval on your account for product tagging.

You can hear from them in a few hours or days or for some cases it can extend to a week or two. So you need to be patient if in case you try to reach out to Facebook and see what’s not working for them.

In some cases, you might see a not an approved message on your screen for such scenarios you need to contact Facebook directly for assistance. Another problematic scenario is when Instagram doesn’t reset properly, even if you executed the reapply process properly, it will show you an approved message for a while.

All these problems have only one solution, and that’s reaching Facebook’s customer support. It is very easy to reach out to Facebook through messenger chat services, and they have excellent customer support where they will quickly respond to your queries.

Click here to reach Facebook support. Not only will they review your account but share their feedback solution the same day.

Facebook customer support

If you find the ‘Start tagging now’ option at the top of your business profile, it means you are approved for Instagram shopping. However, if you don’t find this message here is what you need to do: 

  • Go to settings
  • Select business
  • Choose shopping 
  • Select the catalog you added to and connect it to your Instagram account

Once you do the above steps, you can now create posts and apply product tagging.


It can be frustrating to be rejected by Instagram for your product tagging and shopping post. It not only wastes your valuable time but can also affect your working efficiency, so if you don’t want to face this situation again, follow the above guidelines and reapply for product tagging efficiently.

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