How to Get More Facebook Likes (And Why You Need Them!)

Whether you are an Individual influencer or running a brand campaign on Facebook, you need more and more engagement on the platform in the form of Likes. Wondering why? This blog will answer your question as to why Facebook likes are important and will also give you the ways to increase your ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Get More Facebook Likes: In today’s era of virtual business and e-commerce, it is essential for a business to establish online visibility, business operations, and marketing campaigns. If you resort to social media marketing, chances are that you will devote time, research, and budget to increase your Facebook Likes.

This will help you generate more online traffic and improve the business as well as branding. Therefore, getting more Facebook Likes on your business web page is the need of the hour for your enterprise!

What Makes Facebook Likes Special?

get more Facebook Likes

The bigger the platform, the better the reach! Facebook is the largest and famous social media platform, with the total number of users amounting to almost twice the population of India! Therefore, building a virtual customer base on Facebook is a must: with more appreciative online clients, your online marketing campaign will be geared for success! 

In the vast virtual world, however, you are not the only player. Facebook hosts plenty of business pages belonging to companies around the world, and no matter what sector, you will have no dearth of competitors. How do you achieve an edge over them?

First, excellent content and personalized branding are the two key aspects of any good marketing campaign, including the plan to increase your Facebook Likes. So, how do you generate more Facebook likes for your webpage/post/related content? 

How Do You Get More Facebook Likes?

Given below are some effective ways to facilitate more Facebook Likes. Let’s check them out.

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A Solid Facebook Marketing Plan

Facebook Marketing Plan

As the old saying goes, you reap what you sow. To ensure that your brand flourishes on Facebook, you must set the conditions yourself. Create a master plan curated according to your business needs and budget.

If your strategy is clear and meticulous, implementing the same will improve your brand visibility on Facebook. Find ways to make your product viral, the product itself might end up molding your brand profile.

Desired Customer Base

Who is most likely to get attracted to the products you sell or the services your offer? Those Facebook users comprise your target audience, and you will establish a target customer pool only after thorough market and customer behavior analyses. After you find a target audience on social media hooked to your brand, you can keep them engaged through fantastic content!

An Eye Out for Competitors

Who are the frontrunners in your business sector? What are they doing to stay on top of business on Facebook?


By keeping track of your competitors and their successful strategies or innovations, you can conduct a holistic review of what kind of social media marketing works and what doesn’t. In turn, you can make better decisions to increase your Facebook Likes and gauge your virtual popularity.

Such information, combined with data on your target customer base, is part of a process called social learning.

Clear Objectives

Facebook Likes is simply one engine in the well-oiled machinery that is Facebook marketing. If you have a detailed and overarching mechanism for the machine, you are likely to cover the issue of Facebook Likes, one of its key components. 

To this end, your objectives should be detailed, quantifiable, practical, and streamlined. Such concrete goals serve as the pillars on which your entire marketing strategy stands, gets modified, and expands. 

Eye-grabbing Web Page and Landing Page

Facebook Landing Page

Catchy Facebook landing pages and easily navigable webpages are prerequisites to online presence, let alone popularity. As Facebook offers various features for webpages, look to utilize as many of them as you can to propel your brand and marketing campaigns. 

Fill the About Section

A short summary in the About section introduces the reader to your business, vision, and ideas in a compact and attractive manner. Plus, you can insert contact details, founding details, and important events. 

Why are these details relevant? Because they enable you to establish reliability and renown. Your customers, aware of your reputation, achievements, and quality, will stay tuned to your content and campaigns. 

About Section


In addition, you can include links to your landing page in the About section of your Facebook page. These will take customers directly to your webpage and improve sales and business possibilities. Even Facebook will consider your page as more reputed and trustworthy, giving you preference on its algorithms and maximizing your post reach.

Best DPs and CPs

Just like your personal profile, your Facebook business profile requires amazing display and cover photos, or DPs, and CPs, which will create the first positive visual impact on your audience. Therefore, take your time to figure out the best photos that can be used to adorn your business profile. The choicest option is to include your company logo, but there is no limit to how creative and innovative you can be.

In other words, your DPs and CPs must offer the best impression of your business, and you can change them in varying frequencies, depending on a product launch, a service offer, or a large-scale change in operations. All you have are two images that will display your entire business universe to your customers. 

It’s All in the Name

cool name for your Facebook page

To improve your visibility, find a catchy and cool name for your Facebook page, one that lodges itself inside people’s memory and recur every time they see your amazing products. This way, you can shut out your market competition, as your name will be the first thing people type to avail of the best services and commodities. 

Therefore, keep your page name short, simple, and memorable. Instead of adding too many unwanted keywords, keep your business name as your page name. As a result, your customers can easily find you on Facebook. In addition, make your username catchy and easy to remember for your audience.

Buttons to Like and Follow

Suppose a user piqued by an offer, campaign, or product you have launched on your webpage. How do they show their support and subscribe to your daily posts? Via liking and following your page and posts on Facebook! Hence, you must include Like and Follow buttons on each of your posts.

facebook likes and follow button

Content with Content

Not just Facebook marketing, but digital marketing in general demands that you use part of your company budget to create, upload, and publicize content related to your knowledge domain/industry. Great content will be enticing and easy to understand, brief, and replete with supporting images, visuals, videos, GIFs etc.

If your customers are content with the content you upload, you will be in their good books and reap dividends come marketing campaigns. 

What You See is What You Get

Marketing experts claim that content, posts, and snippets have more hits and views if they have attractive photographs and audio-visual content. There are many well-known online image pools from where you can borrow images and videos and insert them in your content. What’s more, most of these stock images come free of cost!

Become a Headliner

What is the first thing your customers see in your posts/content? The headline, ideally written in BOLD UPPERCASE LETTERS! With a unique and viral headline, your post hits can increase manifolds! 

What are the boxes that your headlines should tick? Given below are three of them:

  • The most relevant information is included.
  • Audience expectations have been established and are ready to be steered.
  • Transparent and precise information is given as a catchphrase.

Regular and Timely Audience Engagement

Facebook developers themselves claim posting high-quality content on a regular, consistent basis gives a positive impression to your page followers. Your online audience, thereby, can also stay tuned to every new update, offer, product, and blog that is slated to come soon. 

Facebook Audience Engagement

For this purpose, you can design a content calendar pre-arrange for post uploads. This calendar will help you maintain a content posting timeline that is regular, robust, and keeps your customers hooked at all times!

Moreover, it will tell you the best times to post content on Facebook, with regard to maximum views, likes, traffic, and Facebook use. As a result, your customer engagement goes up, and with it your Facebook likes.

Receptivity and Redressal

If you don’t keep your current clients happy, how will you increase your customer base? To ensure that your business maintains credibility and is a primary brand choice, you must interact with clients and customers on a personal level.

Heed their queries, guide them through your product use or services, invite feedback and appreciate the same, and redress or address any grievance that a buyer might have. In short, always let your clients know that you have them in your mind. 

Facebook Networking is Key

Since a primary feature of Facebook is that you can connect with various kinds of users (from individuals, groups, and organizations to corporations, enterprises, even government agencies), why not make use of this feature to expand your business networks?

That way, not only can you stay up to date on the industry innovations, but you can also collaborate with other enterprises in your campaigns. Additionally, you can attract followers of other businesses in the course of your joint marketing efforts.

Spend on Facebook Ads


To streamline your marketing efforts, Facebook lets you launch personalized ads that are geared for maximum reach and high on value. As you showcase your products or services to the most interested audience base, the possibilities of hits, and lead generation multiply. You can choose between two kinds of Facebook Ads: post boosts and campaigns.

By boosting the visibility and reach of a particular Facebook post, you can increase its hits. This means that your post will reach the maximum number of your current followers.

On the other hand, a full-fledged campaign will aim to increase your audience base by facilitating an increase in your business page likes and in the number of your followers. This includes not only individual users but also entire groups and communities.

Utilize Facebook Algorithm

Experts claim that for any business using Facebook marketing, mastering the use of Facebook algorithms is crucial: it improves the possibility of organic lead generation, displaying your content to an audience that is most likely to respond and act. Here, the trick is to be smart and smooth, instead of being desperate and incomprehensible.

You can establish networks with Facebook Groups whose members are keen on products and services in your sector. Remember that your conduct with regard to such networking must be professional and customer-oriented, in addition to being promotional. 

Furthermore, you can use the Facebook Live features to organize and launch products, broadcast important events, and offer a more hands-on mode of audience engagement.

Facebook Insights are Helpful

As added assistance, you can avail of Facebook Insights to give you a fair idea about your business webpage’s followers, new interested groups and users, which posts and blogs fare better than others, buyer behavior, customer attention etc. Therefore, Facebook Insights can help your business expand on the social media platform. 

Facebook Contests are Fun

Facebook Contests

Facebook users indicate that short but exciting online contests grab much more attention and leads than the same old blogs and posts. You can organize fun polls on different products, offer prizes to contest winners, and garner customer delight via Facebook contests.

Sometimes, you need not even have elaborate events. Design your content in such a manner that anyone who likes or shares your post can take part in your Facebook contest!

In Conclusion

In summary, these are some tried and tested ways to get more Facebook Likes for your business webpage. Even though this list is by no means exhaustive. The aspects mentioned above will certainly enhance your Facebook marketing strategies and ideas. Ensuring that you consolidate your customer base and keep your audience coming back for more!

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