How to Get Verified on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Verifying your brand on Facebook can lead to brand credibility and improve page search for both small and large scale businesses. In this blog we will take your through step by step guidelines of how to get verified on Facebook.

Get Verified on Facebook: Have you ever seen the tiny blue tick next to the profile name of celebrities, brands, or on business pages on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? These blue checkmarks are called verification badges.

Facebook is concerned with promoting verified brands so that its users can have a safe and exciting shopping experience. Verified badges reveal the authenticity of page or profile to Facebook users.

Getting verified with Facebook means that Facebook has confirmed your profile or page, and a blue badge is a sign that your profile or page is authentic.

Make your Facebook Profile Verified

Initially, Facebook offered two types of verified badges for your profile or page Blue Badge and Grey Badge.

Blue Badge and Grey Badge

Are you confused between blue and grey checkmarks? The difference is easy – where blue checkmarks are for public figures, brands, and celebrities, grey checkmarks belong to the local business and companies.

What is a Blue Badge: The Blue-coloured badge of facebook that appears next to the profile page name indicates that Facebook has confirmed the authenticity of that particular Facebook Page or Profile.

This badge represents an official page or profile for celebrities, brands, or persons. Moreover, this blue badge of Facebook can be occupied by both a page or personal profile.

Do You Want to Get Verified and Get More Followers?

All you need to do is to fulfill the requirements of Facebook, which leads to the worthiness of your page or profile and ensure a commanding presence on Facebook with authenticity and credibility.

To get this tiny symbol next to your profile name or business page, here is the guide which clarifies you about each step you must take to get the Facebook badge.

How to Get a Blue Badge for Your Facebook Page?

Blue Badge for Your Facebook Page


To earn a blue badge for your profile or business page, the first prerequisite is that you must have a profile picture and cover photo with some valuable content posted on your profile.

If you don’t have all these things, you won’t make up to earn the badge.

There are Two Ways to Verify Your Profile

1. Verify with phone number

Verify with phone number

It is very simple to verify your profile with your contact number.

You just need to take the following steps

  • Go to your profile or page and then go to the settings option.
  • Click on general and go to page verification, then click on the edit option.
  • Click on verify this page.
  • Enter your contact number and click on call me now to get your verification code.
  • Enter your code to verify.

2. Verify with Document

Verifying the account with a document is a more time-consuming process to get verified, but it is more reliable than the other one.

To get verified with the document, the below-mentioned steps will help

  • Click on the verify this page with a document instead of a phone number.
  • On the document window, you need to upload your business utility bill, business license, tax file, certificate of formation, and so on.
  • For personal profile verification, upload any government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport, etc. These documents will be safe in the Facebook database.
  • Enter your specific business name along with the contact number and official email ID and click on next.
  • You need to give precise information about your brand or business, including your website or any other links to get verified, after filling this additional information section hit the send button.
  • You will receive a confirmation notification from Facebook for documents provided by you that are under review. After a while, you will get further information from Facebook via email.
  • Monitor your status of Business Verification.

This, in turn, will automatically lead to attracting your target audience and establishing trust for your products and services.


The guidelines of Facebook are strict, and one needs the right document to get verified, and that is why Facebook users trust the verified profiles.

In case you are investing sufficient amounts on Facebook Ads, i.e. over $50,000 /month, you can submit your verification request through your Ad Account Representative to get more chances of instant approval.

Essential Requirement to apply for a Facebook Badge

Facebook ensures a number of factors to apply for a verified badge. The applicant must evaluate these factors that their page or profile meets with the criteria of Facebook.

In Facebook terms and conditions, there are some considering factors which your profile or page must have:


Your account must be a real representation of a real person or real business identity, and face account is not qualified to get a Facebook badge.


Your name of profile or name of the business must be unique; only one person is authorized for that particular name. For example: If you have someone who has a verified account with the name “Sajawat Home Décor,” you can’t put that name with your account.


Your profile must be complete and meet all the prerequisites. You must be active on Facebook by posting quality content, photos, or videos. At least one post should be there to apply for verification.


Your account must be a notable one, and you must work on becoming a well-known person/brand who is often searched by people.

Here Are Some Points to get Verified

  • If you insert wrong or misleading information during the verification process, Facebook will not verify your account or take back the badge given to you. Facebook can also bring severe action of deleting your account and mark it as spam.
  • You can also provide your official website links, Instagram profile, and Twitter account to make yourself more authentic if you haven’t verified yet.
  • Facebook doesn’t sell these verified badges to anyone if someone offering you to sell their account will be deleted.
  • Facebook will not verify your account if you don’t have sufficient exposure, the incompetent reason for verification, and any other purposes. If Facebook, by any chance, cancels your application, you are only eligible to re-apply after 30 days of cancellation. Also, there is no guarantee that Facebook will accept your request.

What are The Benefits of Getting Verified with Facebook?

When you are verified with Facebook or get a badge, it leads you to improve your credibility. When users visit your profile or page, they will not feel cheated. It ensures the authenticity of your page and makes your profile more liable. Your page will also rank high on various soci`al media business channels and search results of Google.

Getting Verified via Grey Badge

Grey Badge on facebook page


The grey-colored badge of Facebook introduced in 2015, indicates that the location of a specific business page is confirmed. This checkmark is for local businesses and service providers. Gaining this badge helps your business to gain more credibility and authenticity on Facebook.

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But now, from October 30, 2019, Facebook announced about removing the grey badge from all user’s profiles. This badge is no more in existence because it creates lots of confusion.

Why Facebook Removed Grey Badge from Business Pages?

Based on users’ feedback, On October 30, 2019, Facebook announced that they are removing their Grey Badge from business profiles and trying to get another way to get verified for grey badge holders.

A Facebook spokesperson says, “We are removing the grey badge from business profile because it creates a lot of confusion among users. We usually hear that followers often hesitate to connect with grey badge holders because they don’t get the exact meaning of it.”

What will the Grey Verification holders do?

For now, the answer is “Not Now” because Facebook has not given any update about what next for grey badge holders. However, they will notify you soon about the new verification process.

Until then, the grey badge holders need to post more engaging content on their pages and create a static presence for their own.


We can say that the Facebook verification process is a little bit time consuming, but having that tiny symbol next to your name gives you a more robust presence on Facebook and other social media channels. Follow the guide described above and get the benefits of the Facebook badge.

Let us know below if your grey badge got removed or it is still visible on your profile.

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