How to get verified on Instagram? (Complete Guide)

Whether you’re an influencer or a brand marketer, getting an Insta account verified is very essential for you. In this guide, we’ll discuss what an Instagram Verified Badge is, why it is important, and finally the process to get it. With this, we’ll also give some tips to get it verified in the first attempt.

Get verified on Instagram: Having an authoritative voice in your opinions and views is something everyone dreams of! People always wish that their opinions and comments in their respective domains are taken seriously.

On the other hand, they also wish to notify their followers about real-time updates and information about pressuring present issues.

After the invention of social networking sites, the hunger to opine on different subjects has increased too. These social media platforms offer you a medium to interact with your audience and share your views on contemporary issues such as religion, politics, current affairs, interests, and hobbies.

The reality is that the number of active users is increasing with each passing day for all social media sites.

Essential Guide on Instagram Verification

Instagram Verification

Instagram is one such phenomenal social media platform that has carved a niche for itself by allowing users to post their pictures on it.

Here, they can post their candid life moments and share them with their followers. Also, they can post stories in a video form to notify about their precious moments. Even you can register your business account there too.

To become an authoritative voice on Instagram, you need to verify your personal or business account and you will get a blue verified badge next to your name or brand. This blue badge shows that you are a subject expert and you should be taken seriously.

What is an Instagram Verified Badge?

Instagram Verified Badge

If you open an Instagram account of any renowned personality or business, you will find a blue badge next to their names. This blue badge is the sign of a verified account. It simply reveals that the person or business is genuine and authentic.

Check out the following screenshot of the pop singer Rihanna. Notice the blue badge next to her name.

Why the Blue Badge is So Much Important?

Instagram Verified

Honestly, for celebrities and famous businesses, having a blue badge is very important as they are subject to fake accounts. This verified account notifies its followers about the authenticity of the account.

Also, having a blue badge simply depicts that you are an important individual who has an authoritative voice to opine. It will also earn you more genuine followers and you will be taken seriously on the platform.

If you think that you don’t need a verified blue badge for your Instagram profile, think twice as it will make a noticeable difference in the way you operate your account.

You will be a subject expert in your business or personal domain and you will also see increased followers.

People who want an expert opinion on the subject matter will wait for your take on it. It will build trust and confidence and it is the only thing that matters on social media platforms.

business accounts verification

If it is your business account, you will get more traffic than before and it will help you to build brand awareness and recognition. You will be able to achieve your social media marketing goals with a blue badge. Not a bad deal, isn’t it?

Instagram has changed the rules and regulations for account verification and now, everyone can request to get a verified account. It has made it so simple and easy that everyone can ask for a verified blue badge.

A Process to Get Verified on Instagram

The request for a blue badge verification is very simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you are done.

Visit your Instagram profile by tapping on your profile picture icon.

There is a menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on it and it will redirect you to the menu.

There is a setting icon in the bottom part of the screen. Tap it.
bottom part of the screen

Now, select the Account option.

the Account option

There is a Request Verification option at the bottom when you scroll. Tap it.

Request Verification option

You will be redirected to the verification form. Type your name. If it is your business account, write the name of the person who is handling your account.

click insta

Now, you need to upload a photo of your ID from Choose File option. If it is your personal account, your driver license, passport or identity card will work. If it is your business account, you have to submit an important business document.

Verify Instagram

You can use the phone camera to take a picture of the photo ID or you can upload a photo file from your phone.

Once you have uploaded the photo, just tap Blue Send icon and you are done.

What Happens Next When You Have Submitted the Verification Request?

It is not an easy process, just to tell you. Your request will go to the Instagram moderators who will review your application and take appropriate actions, either accept or reject your application. Sometimes, it might take several weeks to get a reply from the moderator team.

Verification Request

You will get a notification once you get a reply: positive or negative. If your request is accepted, congratulations. In case, it is rejected, you don’t need to lose hope as you can submit a new verification request after 30 days.

It is a very simple procedure and even a novice to social media can submit a request.

Some Tips That Might Help You to Get Verified in a First Attempt

Well, as a matter of fact, Instagram is very clear when it comes to account verification. They have, in fact, posted a note on their help center stating different standards and requirements to get verified on Instagram.

Adhere to Rules and Regulations

You have to ensure that you don’t breach any rules or regulations and community standards. If you are not, you forget about getting verified. Read carefully the terms of use and community standards.

Be Important and Notable

published links

For a random person or business, it is quite difficult to get a verified badge. It is important that you are searched in different search engines and directories. You must have published links and mentions in different news sources that depict your brand value and importance.

Also, keep in mind that Instagram does not count paid or promoted content. So don’t consider this option.

Be Real

This is the basic requirement to get a verified badge. You must be a real person or a registered business to get noticed. So if you are running a parody account, you will not be verified.

Change Your Account From Private to Public

Change Your Account From Private to Public

If your account is private, don’t even try to send a verification request as they will simply throw the request in the trash. They don’t consider private profiles at all. Change your account from private to public to get verified.

Remove Other Social Media Network Links

If your profile has links that redirect users to other social media networks, remove such links before you send a verification request.

Complete Your Profilecompelete instagram account

If you don’t have a bio or a profile photo, don’t even send a request. Add a photo and bio first before you send a request. Also, you must have at least one post in your profile.

Blue Badge Removal

Once you get a blue badge next to your name, it does not mean that it is a permanent one. You can lose your blue badge in case you have provided false or misleading information.

terms and conditions

Also, if you don’t follow the terms and conditions, Instagram might remove the blue badge at any point in time. In a worse scenario, it might ban you permanently.


There are some unparalleled advantages of having a blue badge mark next to your account name on Instagram. All you need to do is to follow the mentioned steps and that will be all. Make a difference by being an authoritative voice on Instagram and improve your fan following on Instagram.

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