How to get verified on Twitter?

A blue badge on your Twitter account is something you can always flaunt. But getting that isn’t an easy task. Here, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to get your Twitter account verified. We’ll discuss the steps one by one in detail. We’ll also tell you how to maximise the chance of getting it verified.

Get verified on Twitter:- There are some popular social networking sites available to open your views on different subjects. One such powerful medium that has carved a niche for itself is Twitter.

Founded in 2006 in the USA, Twitter has 321 million active users as per February 2019 and it has become one of the few social media networks that have renowned personalities, celebrities, and prominent figures from across the globe present on its platform.

It is actually a micro-blogging website that allows users to tweet within a specific word limit. Earlier, the word limit was 140 characters, but now the word limit is 280 characters. You can write, like, retweet and reply to tweets easily.

Know About Blue Badge on Twitter Account

If you are a prominent figure or have achieved something extraordinary in your respective field, you can also get a verified blue badge next to your name. You must have seen this blue badge on famous celebrities and renowned personalities.


Well, a Twitter verified account comes with the benefits of greater reach to the Twitter audience and also your opinion is valued more than the Twitter users without a blue badge.

Along with that, there are some serious Business or Brand advantages you might get if your account is Twitter verified.

In this article, we will discuss how to become a Twitter verified and to get those superior benefits for your brand and business.

Step by Step Guide to Get Verified on Twitter

make your account Twitter verified

  • First and foremost, you need to fill out your profile completely. You need to fill all the details including your profile picture, cover photo, your name, website’s URL,  birth date and a short bio.
  • Also, you need to fill your official phone number and email address. You also need to verify your email address.
  • You also need to set your tweets “public” to get a Twitter verified account.
  • Visit the verification form on Twitter.
  • If you want to apply for a personal profile verification, you need to submit an identity proof too such as a driving license or a passport.

One of the most important things that Twitter considers when it comes to verifying Twitter accounts is whether the account or profile is of public interest or not.

You or your business should be of public interest in the field of music, TV, film, fashion, religion, journalism, politics, government, sports, media and business.

It may happen that your account does not get verified in the first attempt. You can again try after 30 days period.

Phone Number Verification on Twitter


It is mandatory to submit your verified phone number to Twitter to get a verified Twitter account. Twitter will send you a verification code to your email and you need to follow instructions to verify your mobile number.

Confirm Your Email Address


Twitter will send you a verification email on your email id and you need to click on the link to verify your email address.

Add a Profile Photo and a Cover Photo

Click on “Edit profile” and you will be able to add your profile photo. Use a high-resolution professional photo that can be identified immediately and easily.

edit profile

If you have a business account, you can also use your company logo as a profile photo as it will help your followers to identify your business easily.

Add a Bio

Add a bio

A bio is a short description of your profile and must cover all the details about your business or you. For a business, it might be your mission or vision and if it is a personal account, it might cover your area of expertise, your designation or your achievements. For example, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or a man Booker prize winner.

Add Your Birthday

twitter birthday

You also need to add your birthday. However, you can restrict who can see your birthday. There is a lock icon that you can use to ensure that not everyone visiting your profile can see your birthday.

Set Your Tweets Public

Go to Twitter privacy and security settings and ensure that the checkbox for Tweet Privacy is unchecked.

Why Should Twitter Verify Your Account?

Hundreds of account verification requests come to Twitter and hence, obviously, Twitter asks you why to consider your application seriously. It is the most significant part of the whole verification process and you need to ensure that your answer is convincing enough to Twitter’s verification authorities.

There will be a paragraph section where you can tell Twitter why to verify your account. You can also put links that support your claim. Submit links that strengthen your cases such as your credential links, interview links and others.

How to Maximize Your Chances of Getting Verified on Twitter?

chances to verified on twitter

If you are lucky enough, you might crack at the first attempt itself, but it is not the case with most of the profiles, especially if you are not a renowned celebrity or a company. However, you can always plan for it in advance to ensure that you run on a front foot during the process.

Though there are no clear rules or factors that are considered by a Twitter verified account team to make a decision, there are some aspects that you can work on to maximize your chances.

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Your Twitter Account Should be Active for at Least the Last Two Weeks

If you don’t have an active profile, why should Twitter verify your account? You need to ensure that you have an active profile before you apply for a verification badge.

If you have been inactive for months, start tweeting. Twitter will look at your account and will check whether your tweets are of public interests or helpful to the community you belong to or not.

Also, retweet relevant tweets and like and reply to tweets to ensure that they find you active and consistent.

direct messages and mentions

Keep checking your direct messages and mentions and take the appropriate course of action to reply to them in an engaging manner.

Mention Other Verified Accounts in Your Bio

verified accounts in Twitter bio

Yes, it works and does wonders. When you are writing your Twitter bio, mention verified accounts in it to get it noticed by the Twitter team. If you are an individual, you can add your current employer, past employer, brands that interest you and other accounts to make it an attractive and best Twitter bio.

If you are a company, you can add the team members who are verified, parent companies and other crucial accounts such as your global collaborators or companies that have funded you.

Mention Your Achievements

If you have achieved something, it is worth mentioning in your bio. Write down your achievements and get noticed. It is as simple as that. If you are a member of some prestigious clubs or institutions, mention it. Let’s say you have won some awards, mention it.

Mention your achievements

If you have successfully completed 20 or 30 years in business, mention it. Mention things that make you different than others. Be exceptional to get noticed.

It also goes well when you are an individual. If you are a writer and write for the New York Times, mention it. Your achievements make you worthy of that blue badge and you should leave no stones unturned to ensure that your bio interests the Twitter team.

Add an Active Cover Photo

add active cover photo in your Twitter bio

Your cover photo should reveal what you actually do. If you are a speaker, choose a cover photo where you are addressing the audience. If you are a chef, choose a cover photo that portrays you making your favorite dish.

People generally use some random quotes and other stuff as cover photos but, it will not help you to get a verified account. Instead, use a relevant image and get noticed instantly.


It might seem a simple procedure to get verified on Twitter, but most of the times, even a small mistake might turn into a refusal. You need to ensure that you take great care while filling up the details and especially while writing down the reasons why Twitter should verify your account.

Having a blue mark next to your name will certainly give you a more authoritative voice among the community and friends and you will earn more respect. Take your time and go carefully.  

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