How To Get Your Small Business Verified On Instagram?

Getting your small business verified on Instagram is a dream come true. In this blog we will help you turn this dream to reality by walking you through the tips and tricks of getting a blue badge for your small business and doubling your follower lists.

Small Business Verified On Instagram: Many of us are on Instagram, and it is not a big deal in today’s time, ever the presence on Instagram only speaks of one thing that you are very much a part of the trending digital presence and not leaving a space left to mark your presence to gain the deserving recognition.

But have you ever wondered that not every follower on Instagram gets the deserving recognition, despite holding the potential to turn the heads?

Yes, it is quite common and can be experienced largely, since there is the whole glut of Insta users who are willing to grab their instant fame but fail to acquire.

Here’s What We Will Explain About Instagram Verification

Instagram Verification

Ahh, it’s a sad fact, but you would be surprised to know that there is something which can portray you as a genuine user and like by the bigger audience base, and that is the VERIFICATION BADGE!

Yes, you heard me all correct, a verification badge I something that can leave your account in the good books of viewers and you would be considered authentic and unique.

This article has captured some of these moments which can help you garner the attention of the audience with the verification badge and some of the tips to acquire are mentioned herewith.

So what are you waiting for???

Let’s begin the voyage to unleash the facts that can help you gain the Instagram verification badge…

A beautiful little blue checkmark next to some of the known brand account names is the Instagram verification badge, which has a seal with a check in the center.

This blue tick actually purview that your account is officially get verified on Instagram, and you are AUTHENTIC!

Why Should You Consider Getting a Blue Badge on Instagram?

Blue Badge on Instagram

For me, this question is nothing but a million-dollar question and it is not related to one group or person, but before hitting that verification badge, you always get in your head, that why this badge should be a part of your Instagram account.

Does it Really Help to Get the Verification Done on Instagram?

To be précised, it DOES!

However many of us think that it hardly makes a difference to the file with that verification badge, but what we fail to understand that we are judging and making this assumption as a user, not as an audience, and this is where you need to change your perception.

Done on Instagram

That coveted blue badge really means the positive effect on your marketing efforts, and help you gain multiple factors such as:

It builds trust and gives and sends a clear message to the audience that you are real and your account can be trusted.

Get you access to Instagram Link in Stories, because Verified accounts can add the link in their Instagram stories, else there is a requirement of at least 10,000 followers to access the feature.

Pre-requisites for Instagram Verification

First and the foremost you need to follow the specific set of Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. They are practiced by Instagram, and some other facts which must be considered are:

Stay authentic and speak everything true about yourself, and that should be depicted not just from your bio, but the type of images you upload must also tell the same.

Individual account type gets verified, but if you are holding a fan account or meme account, then it would be exempted from the verification process.

Ensure that your profile is public and not private because Instagram does not approve of the verification for the private accounts.

Guide to Getting Small Business Verified On Instagram

Account Verified on Instagram

It is extremely easy and doesn’t require rocket science. But you need to follow some of the basic steps, such as:

  1. Visit your profile and tap the Menu button in the top right corner
  2. Go to the Settings icon (it looks like a little gear)
  3. Tap the Account icon
  4. Request Verification near the bottom
  5. Fill out your full name, professional name, and category
  6. Upload a picture of your ID or business documents
  7. Click Send when your application is complete!

Note: Ensure that you have attached the government ID that would clearly state your name and date of birth or any other business document. After that, you will complete the verification process.

The Process Involved in Instagram Verification

Well, on an honest note, in order to get verified on Instagram, it requires nothing but a simple filled-out form. And the details uploaded are further cross-checked by Instagram in the internal review process.

Within 2-3 business working days, you would be getting the notification. That notification will make you learn whether your verification request was approved or denied.

Is the verification process is only for a business account?

I would call it a myth largely because this set of information is purely hollow. You must remember that Instagram is a social media app that is free for all.

Whether you own Personal accounts, Creator accounts, or Business accounts, you will have the option to get your Instagram account verified. From these, each of the account types will have to go through the same process.

Instagram Verification

So don’t worry but give it a shot now!

Do you need to pay some amount to get verified?

NOPE, you don’t need to pay a single buck out of your pocket.

You would find it a little surprising but the verification badge on Instagram has no cost associated with it. It can easily be done by following some of the easiest steps.

Don’t worry those steps am going to divulge further in this post, so just stay hooked to my post ahead…

Beware of any agency or calling agent to charge you for the verification process because its nothing but a SCAM!

How Many Followers are Required to Get Verified?

Required to Get Verified

Well, it is the most commonly asked question that can fill your mind with enough confusion and doubts? But you must know that although there is no such official announcement which suggests that the number can bring verification.

But it is still a better way to have more, where you can get better chances of verification process done.

Some More Tips to Help You Get Verified on Instagram

Complete Your Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio

Your Instagram verification can go unnoticed if your Insta bio remains incomplete. Henceforth you need to pay attention to ensure that your bio is filled out fully.

Interesting Read: 9 Steps to an Insanely Actionable Instagram Bio and Profile

Improve Web Presence

Google is the search engine master. And if you fail to get the attention on search engines then believe me you won’t be able to dominate Instagram as well. You need to keep a closer check at the measures.

That can help in optimizing web pages and other social media profiles. Get your name to be consistently popping on Google with a different category search base.

Keep Growing

To be honest, there is no such requirement to have a larger number of user base in terms of followers to get the verification done. But yes it is also a fact that with more followers your profile gets a distinct identity in Instagram analytics.

What you should consider?

Remember that blue badge is only given to authenticated people who reflect authenticity in every possible manner in the account. 

Hence you need to take care of a few aspects, such as:

Instagram Copycat

  • Avoid impostor accounts and copycats!
  • It affects your Instagram badge’s presence largely and can affect the presence on social media.

In Conclusion

Getting an Instagram badge on your Insta account actually brings a different feel. It helps you get verified and authenticated user tags. But the above-mentioned tips must be followed in the process of getting the verification run smoothly on your account.

However, if you still get any issue in this process, feel free to drop your concern in the comment box below!

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