How To Hide Likes On Instagram

Instagram is offering its users the option to hide the number of likes they receive on posts on the app. Here, we are going to tell you about how to hide likes on Instagram for your own post and other's post in your feed. Also, you will come to know the pros and cons of hiding likes on Instagram.

Hide Likes On Instagram:-In this new digital era of invention and exploration, Instagram has been worldwide appreciated for its contribution. It has helped its users to proffer their virtuosity through social media.

Keeping in mind the differences in preference, Instagram features the option of hiding the like count on your posts either before posting or after. 

It would keep you away from the pressurization of perfectness. As people often tend to weigh the quality of your content depending on the number of likes you have gained. Hiding it can help other users to focus more on your content to decide the quality rather than the likes. 

Not only can you hide likes on your post but also from the posts in your feed that you don’t long to see anymore. You get to choose what you want for your post and feed. The feature of hiding likes can be pleasing for some but not all. So you can revert back to viewing likes as per your will. 

Steps To Hide Likes on Instagram

Likes on Instagram

It is quite easy to hide likes from your posts or from posts in your feed. Here are the steps.

For Your Own Posts


Step 1. Strive towards “Settings” in your Instagram Account.


Step 2. Click onto the “Privacy” button.

Hide Like Count

Step 3. Opt for “Posts” and then tap onto “Hide Like Count”.

Step 4. Here you are keeping the number of likes in your post away from the other users. 

For other posts in your feed

Step 1. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of a post in your feed.

Hide Like Counts

Step 2. Now bump onto the “Hide Like Counts” option.

Step 3. Now only “Liked by Someone” will be displayed on the post rather than the like count. 

Considerations To Be Made About Hiding Likes


  • By enabling this feature Instagram has taken a great step in stopping the popularity pressure from taking a deep toll on users’ health. 
  • Hiding likes will never affect the way your Instagram functions. Likes are more like a pseudo metric or Vanity metric that appears to be essential but actually are not. 
  • It helps one to post freely without the fear of being judged or disappointed by the fewer likes. 
  • Hiding likes can be both beneficial or futile depending on the user and her/his purpose of usage. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hiding Likes on Instagram


There are certainly some gains and losses of hiding likes on Instagram. You should opt for this feature only after examining the benefits and demerits that come along with it. 

The Gains

1. Decreased Pressure

decreases pressure

The pressure of being liked or disliked often affects the capability of one to create quality content. Eliminating this exertion can fruitfully boost the production of greater content without the fear of rejection. 

Being average is also acceptable in the first place. You might first shoot an arrow in all directions to see what pulls in more viewers for you.

2. Escalated Chances of Acceptance

viewers focus

Although social is made to bring in more and more engagement with every ongoing tenure, this can really be a herculean challenge. Engaging is not that easy when you have such vast competition for being the best. 

Using likes to range the depth of your success in social media can be a distorted measure. You can be free from all kinds of irrelevant judgements one can pass seeing your lower like count.

So hiding likes can help viewers focus more on your posts rather than gauging your rate of acceptance by like counts.

3. Free Trial and Error

Trial and Error

While serving various dishes you might come across your master platter. Frequently checking through your progress can enable you to learn about your growing popularity. 

Not all contents made by you will be worth being appraised. But with regular learning and posting, you may soon know your best sphere.

Without the likes count sulking your content you can be free to all kinds of viewers. Especially the ones that look for hallmark performance over pseudo fame. 

4. Better Health for Better Wealth

better health for better wealth

In the run of being the best or being accepted, you might eventually hamper your mental and physical health. Disappearing likes can be a helpful aid in promoting sound health among users. While keeping away from mental stress caused by the rate of your likes, you can focus more on being close to your audience. 

You can only become successful if you understand your audience the best. Knowing the demands of your audience can help you touch the summit.

This can only happen if you bend to them more without the fear of getting disappeared. Stealing the show by stepping down from the competitive air and yet being competitive has a different hit.

The Losses 

1. Shift Towards Weighing the Follower Count


By wiping out this important measure of gauging your popularity, your audience might jump on to other parameters to have a count. Viewers can now go through your followers count to see the spell of your posts. 

Brands often hold on to social media influencers for marketing. To estimate the rate of your popularity they might check in your followers count if the engagement rate is hidden. 

2. A Toppling for Influencers

A Toppling for Influencers

Influencers who have a good grip on the viewer ratio can trip on hiding the likes count. People sometimes assume that hiding likes count can be an initiative to hide your failures in creating standout content. This could probably drive away your audience. 

Whereas on the other hand, brands that depend on Influencer marketing might have to think twice to hire you to endorse their productions. Overall hiding likes can cast uncertain repercussions.

3. Lower Your Confidence


Seeing your posts blown up by likes across the globe can immensely empower you to create more magic. It helps you to assess the quality of your own creation and its impact on all.

Prevention from viewing the likes count can hinder your way of analysing your impact on social media. This could also lead to decreased motivation and a gradual downfall of confidence. 

4. Plunging on a Different Platform

social media platforms

Your main aim of accessing social media might be to make commitments and leave an impression amongst all. The amount of support you get through affection is unquantifiable. But to see through the like or followers count you can have an idea of how much you are loved and appreciated.

Hiding the like count can hamper your means of quantifying your impression. This can also lead one to look for some other platform to showcase their flair.


Instagram has gained popularity across the globe for its flexibility among the folks. With the new feature of hiding the likes, you can surely make the most of your prime time. The starting is always challenging. 

You can try your hands on creating different content and opt for the one that fits you the best. Hiding likes on Instagram is likely to help you in creating your content peacefully. This can aid you in performing better. 

Constantly comparing your performance through likes with those of others does not only hinders the quality of your making but also your health. While the feature of Hiding Likes is widely accepted amongst most users, few might not be concerned about it at all. 

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