How to Increase Your YouTube Adsense Revenue?

Having a popular YouTube channel can help you in earning revenue for your brand. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the YouTube AdSense and how you can customize your YouTube channel to get eligible for YouTube AdSense. Let's begin!

For millions of people who watch YouTube every day, the video hosting site is a place to watch Vlogs, follow their favourite YouTubers, learn about tech, watch cat/dog videos, listen to songs and much more.

People who upload videos to earn money, monetise their content in various ways like selling merchandise, offering YouTube membership to their subscribers, affiliate marketing, and last but not the least using ‘AdSense’, which is a tool of Google to earn money by online advertising, on YouTube videos. 

Top earners rake in millions of dollars every year with the help of AdSense. Many YouTubers who have built up a decent size following on the platform comfortably live off the AdSense revenue. 

Learn more on how can you increase your YouTube AdSense revenue:

1) Content


Let’s start with the basics, creating quality content which appeals to people and delivers value for the time they have invested is a great way to get your YouTube channel popular.  Though it’s not the only thing you would need to work on to boost your AdSense revenue. You need to simultaneously work on creating better videos and working on marketing them. 

Schedule your videos
Schedule your videos

Scheduling will do two things for your channel and brand. Number one, by scheduling you’re guaranteeing your users that you will post on a given time and date, which gives them something to look forward to. A weekly upload schedule gives you this benefit and the same formula is used by weekend television where you get a regular schedule related to shows being aired on it. 

Number two, posting a schedule will help you build an audience quickly, as opposed to posting videos intermittently, as they will know when they can come in and watch new content. 

An upload schedule also helps you build your video content steadily. Veterans of the game like PewDiePie and Ray Wiliam Johnson, now retired, are a testament to this fact. 

Prepare a good intro for your video

We have all seen those video intros with loud obnoxious visuals, bright colours, and fast-paced scenes which give you more of a headache instead of really telling you what the video is about. 

A good video intro is a great way to start the video and set the mood, it’s also a good idea to label your videos without the use of a watermark. Keep your video intro short below five seconds or your audience may close the window even before the main content starts. 

Create a short and concise video, most users these days have short attention spans that require you to start your content within 5-6 seconds. 

YouTube description

good intro for your video

Below every YouTube video, you will find information related to the video and the channel. 

In the description category, you should provide relevant content related to the video and how it can help the people that are watching it. In addition to the information about the video, you can link your social media profiles so that interested users can explore more about you, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest

Only the first 2-3 lines are visible in the default description view. So, to entice your viewer to expand the description box, post something that sparks their curiosity to read more.

Add keywords to your videos

Add keywords to your videos

Do your keyword research! Keywords help people find your content, the more views you receive the more revenue you can earn through YouTube AdSense. 

To add keywords to your YouTube videos, go to “YouTube Studio“, click on settings on the navigation panel, a pop-up window will appear where you would be able to add your keywords.

The best place to search for keywords for YouTube is YouTube itself. YouTube’s autocompleted feature works in the same way as the google search bar does. For example, you type in the keyword ‘Photoshop courses’ now if you add ‘f’ at the end of the keyword you will get suggestions like ‘photoshop courses free’. This method will give you a long list of keywords for your YouTube video.

Photoshop courses

Create interesting thumbnails


To create your own thumbnail, you first need to verify your YouTube account. In the default setting, you will get 3 randomly generated stills from the video you have just uploaded. Sometimes these are great and suit the video perfectly, but you often find them uninspiring and boring which won’t convince the average user to click on the video. 

The thumbnail is the first thing a person sees about your video. A custom thumbnail will make you succeed where many have failed, getting people to click on your video. 

Learning how to create good thumbnails, using software like PhotoShop is thus vital to increase traffic to your content. 

Invest in good editing software and video equipment

good editing software

In 2021, the default video quality is HD. Nobody likes low-quality 360p or 480p videos, and people will not watch your content if it isn’t at least in HD. Buy a good camera or a smartphone with a good camera, a decent microphone, and good video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas. 

The key is to spend your money wisely and look for cheap/free alternatives whenever and wherever you can. A good example is using your smartphone camera or free editing software like Lightworks. 

Investing in hardware and software is not enough; you need to invest in yourself, i.e. learn how these things operate, don’t use generic sound and video effects. Building a quality video requires skills more than money. 

Add YouTube call to action at the end of the video

YouTube call to action

At the end of your video you can add video recommendations, link to other channels, and polls on issues. The standard format is to add two video recommendations and a subscription button asking people to subscribe to your channel.  

There are many different formats for you to choose and you should experiment with them to find the best format that is suitable for your YouTube channel. 

2) Customize your YouTube channel to keep people interested

Creating quality content and getting people to click on your content is not enough to generate serious YouTube AdSense money. You need to build long term interest in your channel and for that, you need to invest time and effort into building a great YouTube channel

Channel style


If you just have a YouTube channel and no other social media presence, use a consistent style in the videos. Popular YouTubers like Ninja and Pewdiepie have mastered this art where the thumbnail art matches the video. 

However, if you have other social media channels which you want to promote along with your channel like a company trying to promote its products, you can ensure your blog/website/social media page reflects in the YouTube channel and video art.  

Channel art

Channel Artwork and Icon

To build a brand on YouTube, you need to keep your YouTube channel up to date and keep all your information handy. Certain things you can keep in mind includes a memorable profile, cover photo, colours that match the overall theme of your channel and a short channel trailer that introduces you to newcomers.

These steps may sound small but they will help to build your YouTube channel a place where people would love to spend their time and can identify your channel amongst all the competition. This reduces your dependence on the algorithm for views in the long run and focuses on content, the main factor in generating YouTube AdSense revenue.

How your channel presents content

youtube channel contents

Different people will visit your channel for different things. Some may have a lot of time to invest and want to watch 15+ minute videos while they are eating their lunch or dinner, some have only a couple of minutes on their hands before they rush off to a meeting, while our biggest fans may watch a number of your videos in a row.  

You need to customize your channel for all such people. You should aim for creating videos of varying lengths. Some can be less than a minute, some can be 5-10 minutes and some can be 10+ minutes.

If you only create short videos then you can create long versions of those by compiling them. Similarly, if you only create 10+ minutes long videos you can split them up and upload them individually. 

A good way of organizing videos of similar lengths is to create dedicated playlists. This will help binge-watchers to just sit back and enjoy the content. Properly organizing your videos will increase your YouTube AdSense revenue greatly. 

Building a community


Creating quality content and using your channel to market it successfully is great, but if you don’t build a YouTube community around your channel then your long term prospects on the platform and your ability to earn revenue through YouTube AdSense won’t look good. 

From Ninja to Pewdiepie, the most successful YouTubers didn’t build their channel and revenue from AdSense content and presentation alone. They did it on the backs of millions of diehard fans who stuck by them during the good and bad times. 

You can start to build a YouTube community, if you haven’t already, by asking your fans to like and comment on your videos, responding to some of the best comments, hosting regular Q&A sessions on YouTube and connecting with them outside of the platform (more on that later).

The reason for building a community is that it builds a connection between the audience and you. Fridays with Pewdipie is one of the best examples of how building a community massively benefits a YouTuber. 

3) Outside of YouTube

Now that you have optimised everything you can on YouTube,it’s time to look outside of YouTube. There’s a whole world of Social Media sites you can use to exponentially increase the reach of your channel. 

Using blogs

Using blogs

If you have a blog then this is a great way to promote your YouTube channel, this method will work even if you don’t have a blog of your own. Popular blogs where you can link your YouTube videos to certain questions are a great way to generate traffic. For example, answering a popular question on Quora linking your video with the answer is a great way to generate traffic. 

Besides using your blog, or if you don’t have any, you can link your videos on other different blogs. Bloggers interact with each other to expand their reach, you can use the same method to expand the reach of your videos. You will get free promotion and their blogs will get great content for free.  

Build such partnerships by reacting to their content on your channel. They can then use it for a new post or embed it in the original post. 

Using different social media platforms

Outside of YouTube and blogs, tens of social media platforms can help propel your channel to new heights. 

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are absolute giants and have millions of users who use either Facebook or Twitter as their primary platform for viewing videos and seldom use YouTube. Creating an active presence on such platforms will allow you to attract new people to watch your content allowing you to significantly boost your channel views. 

In 2021, building a multi-platform presence is not only a great way to boost your Brand and YouTube AdSense numbers but also essential to survive among the increasing competition. 


The toughest dollar to earn from YouTube AdSense will be the first one, with each subsequent one being easier. As your channel gains momentum you will steadily gain subscribers and views leading to increased engagement. 

Being consistent, constantly upgrading your skills and putting in the work will ensure that in time you will be able to make good money with the help of YouTube AdSense. 

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