How to Leverage Your Social Following to Grow Your Business

Today, everyone is looking for ways to get ahead. For many people, that is going to mean having a side hustle. This gives you a chance to be a business owner and grow in that role while still working.

Side hustles are a great way to build an empire or maybe just pay down some bills. And they have never been easier to find. For example, you could sign on with a food delivery service and work when and where you want. Some people choose to open their own businesses instead of working off an app. For example, you might clean offices at night or houses on the weekend.

The app lets others know where to find you if you deliver food. That doesn’t happen if you are starting your own business, though. Either way, social media can be crucial in getting you work.

Hootsuite estimates there are 4.2 billion active users on social media, and that number will only go up. Each spends an average of two and a half hours on their channels daily. So how can you leverage your social following to grow your business?

Make Use of Your Existing Connections

A practical place to start is with the people already following you on social media. They know you and likely want to see you do well. So ask them to share your posts and help get the word out so you can promote your side hustle. If they have 150 followers on Facebook or Instagram, that is 150 more people you reach through them on just one social media platform.

Once you have some happy customers, ask them to follow you on social media, too. That expands your base and lets you share more.

Choose Your Channels Wisely

Where you post matters. For example, if you post about cleaning services on Twitter, you are less likely to see results, even if you have a large following.

Some media are more “social” than others. For example, Facebook and Instagram are where you’ll find your neighbors and other locals that can hire you. Facebook is a channel that makes sense for local work, like delivering food or starting a residential cleaning service. Look for groups in your city and join them, too. They might allow you to promote your business.

If your brand is more e-commerce, you can expand your options. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are all potential marketing sites. Your followers don’t have to be local to be helpful on these channels.

If opening an office cleaning service, tack on LinkedIn, too. This channel caters to business networking, so companies see posts there.

Optimize Your Posts for the Social Media Platform

The more visual your business posts, the better on most channels. In some cases, it is necessary to use video, though. For example, YouTube and TikTok are strictly videos. Facebook and Instagram can host videos, too. So, with one video, you can post it on several channels.

Learn What To Pay for and When

One nice thing about social media is that many marketing opportunities are free. There are some paid options worth considering, though. The key is to know what works and when to utilize it.

If you are ready to expand your business or are having trouble getting the word out, then paid social media advertising can help. Social media marketing allows you to target who sees your ads, so you are reaching the right customers.


A budget-friendly way to get started is pay-per-click marketing. It gives you complete control over how much you spend on your social media ads. Then, you set up the ad and target the most likely interested in your services. For example, if you clean residential homes in your area, only those within a specific mile range from your location will see the ads.

You can set an age limit if your business is available throughout the country, but it will appeal more to a younger crowd. Many variables allow you to filter down your audience and reach the right people at the right time of day.

You don’t pay for the ad unless someone clicks on it to learn more about what you offer. You also set a budget for the ads. Once you hit that amount, the impressions stop.

Most social media platforms have analytics that allows you to monitor the success rate of your ads. For example, you can see how many lead to conversions and tweak them as needed to reach more people.


Influencers are a popular type of social media marketing but are not suitable for every brand. It means paying someone who has a large following to market for you. For example, someone selling handmade soaps online might get a minor social media celebrity to talk about their product.

Some influencers will work on a barter system. You provide samples of your soap, and if they like it, they tell their followers about it. This is something you see a lot with electronic products on Youtube. For example, an influencer might try out a new camera, and they market for the brand in exchange for keeping it.

You can also pay influencers to do ads for you. This is an expensive option but could pay off if you need a way to grow your business.

Pro Tips for Making Social Media Work for You

Social media marketing isn’t complicated if you keep a few things in mind.

Learn to Grow Your Business Organically

The best marketing on social media is still the free kind. The more people you have sharing your posts and following your brand, the higher you will go in organic searches. Now, tack on a website and maybe a regular blog, and the next time someone searches for a house cleaner in your area, you’ll be right at the top of the results.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Business Like

If you plan to use social media to grow your business, whether a side hustle or something you hope to turn into a career, keep in mind that what you post matters. You want to remain polite and remember that your potential clients can see what you post.

Check Out the Competition in Your Niche

Find out what other people are doing and what works for them. For example, if you are delivering food, look up other drivers in your area on social media, especially if they are popular on the app. If you are going to offer cleaning services, check out other brands in your city that do the same. Starting a cleaning business can be a safe and recession proof choice when starting a new business. You can learn a lot just by seeing what the competition in the cleaning services niche is doing, and of course, make that knowledge work to your benefit.

Social media is a good starting point if you want to do your own thing and make some money. No matter what your side hustle is, social media gives you access to people willing to put your services to work.



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