How To Make Money With Instagram(Without 10K Followers)

Instagram has become one of the insanely popular social media channels for brands to promote their products and services. In this article, we have discussed various tools and techniques that can be employed by businesses to create a good marketing campaign even without having 10k followers.

Make Money With Instagram: As we all know that visual content becomes more popular on social media, it is also becoming increasingly crucial for brands to create and leverage such visual content. This shift has led to more and more brands, big and small, communicating visually with their fans, followers, and clients. 

Today, a lot of businesses use Instagram for leveraging the power of visual advertisements. With over 150 million users, Instagram has gained popularity as one of the best and most widely used photo-sharing platforms. It enables you to share photos as well as videos with your followers, which records to maximum user engagements.

Make Money on Instagram without 10k Followers

Make Money on Instagram without 10k Followers

This rise of visual content on the internet is most apparent on Instagram, as a result of which most of the brands are scrambling to understand the best use of this platform. Nowadays, brands are racing to capitalize on the growth of this platform and successfully learning how to make money on Instagram. 

So, as far as we have understood that there are a lot of benefits that Instagram can generate for your business. Now it is the time to look at some of the critical benefits of this fantastic social media platform – 

Can You Make Money on Instagram with Less Than 10K Followers?

Making money through Instagram can be slightly challenging if you do not cross the threshold of 10K followers. But at the same time, you must not lose hope and understand that there are around 150 million+ active users on Instagram (making sky as the limits) who are seeking out for innovative products and attractive content (which your brand ought to offer). 

Make Money on Instagram with Less Than 10K Followers

In this article, you will learn in detail about the procedures by which one user will be able to make money online without reaching 10K or 10,000 followers. There are several tools to create amazing content for Instagram posts. For earning good money, it is essential to have at least 10K followers because it is considered as a benchmark to start earning on this platform. 

As soon as you achieve 10K followers, you will start getting offers from various brands for collaboration. But it will be biased to conclude that you can not make money without reaching 10K followers because small brands with a limited audience also grab the attention of users and can make viral posts.

Thus, here through this guide, we bring you various techniques and tools that you can use aptly and start making money on Instagram even before reaching considerable Insta followers!!

Let’s dive in!!

A recent study conducted by Experticity found that 82% of consumers are likely to follow a recommendation made by an influencer i.e., a part of a sponsored post.

Instagram ecommerce


Now you must be wondering What do we mean by a Sponsored Post and are we asking you to spend money like rain?

Wait! Do not panic. Let’s first dig into what is called as a sponsored post-

A sponsored post is when a brand pays an influencer to post about their products or services.  You can follow various ways through which you can run a sponsored post such as:

  • Single post (pictures or videos of the product)
  • Series of posts (they are termed as ‘Campaign’)
  • Instagram story
  • IGTV (new feature on Instagram for long videos)

Creating a sponsored post is a great way to monetize your Instagram account. Also, brands now look for accounts with micro following i.e., the accounts with less than 10K followers. These accounts are also termed as micro-influencers.

Now we are sure that you must be thinking about the below question –

Why are Brands Targeting Instagram Account

Brands Targeting Instagram Account


Why are Brands Targeting Instagram Account with Less than 10K followers for Sponsored Post?

Worry not, we have got you the perfect answer. There are various reasons why brands are targeting micro-influencers, i.e. account with less than 10K followers for the advertisement of their products and services – 

Micro-Influencers are Authentic 

It is often easier to believe that a micro-influencer has actually brought and used a featured product before posting about it. This kind of authenticity is what the real target audience is looking for, and thus, it results in added engagement, brand awareness, and brand recall. 

Micro-Influencers are Cheap 

They charge relatively less for posting the content as compared to a macro influencer. This helps a brand to complete the advertisement campaign without cutting a hole in their pocket. (Yes, we are saying that it will aim you to pull in the right ROI only if your content is  worthy)

Micro-Influencers Have More Engagement 

Micro-Influencers Have More Engagement 


As they have less than 10K followers, such accounts tend to have more audience engagement. This is one of the main reasons why brands are targeting such accounts for the marketing campaign. 

Now you must be wondering how should you be going about with the sponsored post, well we have listed some crucial points below to aid you-

Right Approach for Creating a Sponsored Post

  • Always disclose the relationship you have with the brand.
  • Be genuine. If you had a bad experience with a product or a brand, you should never give it a useful review.
  • Don’t endorse the product or services that you have actually not used. 
  • Your disclosure should be very evident, so do not hide the fact that a brand is paying you to promote their products.

So, sponsored posts are always an excellent way to make money on Instagram, even if you have less than 10,000 followers. Also, they are an excellent source to increase your following.

Moving on further –

Promote Your Own E-Commerce Products On Instagram

Bingo! if you have your own E-Commerce store. Simply create an Instagram business page for your own store. This will help in the visual marketing of your products, plus it is one of the best ways to create awareness for the products that you are selling. You can get a proper photoshoot done for your products and post them on Instagram. 

E-Commerce Products On Instagram


Fill the account with bright and eye-catchy images, and you can increase your following and sales by multiple times.  By selling your own products on Instagram, you don’t need to worry about including messages from other brands in your posting strategy. 

When doing the above things, you must plan for a step further, which makes the right use of ‘Shopping on Instagram’ feature.

It will help you to enable product tags and product stickers that make the experience from Instagram stories and post to your product more seamless and fluid. To do this, you will need to switch to the Instagram business account, have a Facebook page, and an approved Facebook shop. 

Creating a shoppable Instagram account is an excellent way for the business to sell their products directly through the app, even if you don’t have more than 10K followers. This is a great way to market your products and earn money through this platform. 

The next thing which you should plan is to promote your products on Instagram. Also mention the sales and flash sales in your bio. Further, you can post stories about the launch of new products as this results in more audience engagement and more visitors to your website. 

Affiliate Marketing – A New Strategy To Make Money on Instagram

Unlike an Influencer, brands using affiliate marketing can see an increase in the sales of the partner brand rather than creating awareness for the products and services. Affiliates usually charge a commission for the sales. This is typically done with a trackable link or a unique promo code to ensure the clicks actually translate into sales. 

Affiliate marketing


Many companies will accept affiliate marketers who have less than 10K followers because of the high engagement rate and cheap source of marketing. In such cases, companies usually do not pay colossal commission. Still, you can create more appealing posts and eventually go for more prominent companies who are willing to share more percentage with you. 

It is one of the best ways to make money online. If you are a beginner to Instagram with not even 10k followers,  affiliate marketing can turn out to be an essential source for money-making. 

Make Money on Instagram by Dropshipping Products

Dropshipping is much like e-commerce, but you do not require to hold certain inventory in this case. Instead, you just need to accept the order for a third party and that third party directly ships it to the customers. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the products directly. 



So there is minimum capital that is required to be invested in the dropshipping model. Also, you will not be required to hold any inventory for the suppliers. Due to this flexibility, many drop shippers prefer to use Instagram as their primary channel for advertisement due to the large user base. 

Even if you have less than 10,000 followers, dropshipping is one of the great ways to make money on Instagram. Make sure to include a clear call connection option so that the followers know where to go when they want to purchase the products.

Also, describe clearly the relationship that you have with the selling company to maintain transparency because on social media, ‘trust’ is a significant issue.

Sell Your Services on Instagram

Sell Your Services on Instagram


Many Instagram accounts are selling their expert services through this platform, such as photography, tattoos, makeup services, nail extensions, etc. Many of these businesses are startups that do not even have their website, and Instagram can be a useful platform for product promotion. 

So you just need to go out there and find out the right audience for your business who is interested in your services. Give them some excellent introductory offers, and the chances are that they will book an appointment with you or avail of your services. 

Doing this can turn out to be a great way to promote your products and services through Instagram, even if you do not have 10k followers. 

With all these things you can definitely start earning through Instagram even if you haven’t reached a benchmark of 10k followers. However, ensure that you make the content more appealing and target the right audience. So here are a few tips that you can do to grow your audience.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Account with Less than 10k Followers

Creative Visual Content

Your content should be more visual and appealing for this take high-quality photos and add an adequate description to all the photos. You can consider investing in a good camera for photography. 

Invest in Instagram Ads

Consider investing in Instagram Ads as they help to target the right audience and project your product to the right people. 

Post Stories

Post Stories on Instagram


People love watching stories as they are less edited, more genuine, and adds fun in the way of sharing unique content. Instagram stories will turn out into a great way of showcasing your products. Also, you can announce a new product launch or an upcoming live sale. 

Consistency is the Key

Be consistent in posting the content. Engage with the audience and respond to e comments. This ensures high audience engagement that will help to build trust and confidence.

Use Hashtags

Use unique hashtags as they will help to discover your posts more quickly.

So, Are You Ready To Impress the Instagram Community?

By using the tools mentioned earlier and techniques, you can use this platform to create some good campaigns. Don’t hold back even if you have less than 10,000 followers. You can always kickstart your career and start by making some good money by using the techniques mentioned above. 

Don’t forget to post some creative content so that you get collaborations from more and more brands. Also, it is ultimately your creativity in this visual world that will take you up the ladder. When you do things right, the investments will definitely yield results.

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