How to Monetize your Facebook Video with Facebook Ad Breaks

Did you know you can monetize your Facebook Videos with Facebook Ad Breaks? Yes, it's true and we’ll tell you how. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to monetize your 3 minutes long videos. We’ll also provide some exclusive tips to monetize your Facebook videos. Let’s start.

Creating video content is good, but do you know how to monetize it and get the related benefits? Also how to allow others to advertise during your videos?

Below you will get a good write-up on how to monetize your Facebook video with Facebook ad breaks:

What is Facebook Ad breaks?

Facebook ad breaks are short ads in the form of pre-roll, and image ads that are inserted at breaks in your video content. The feature has been offered for more than a year and users are slowly adopting it.

But now, many Facebook pages are earning good revenue from the ad breaks. For the page’s eligibility, you need to join the Ad Breaks page and check the message on it.

You need to add some requirements to qualify for Facebook monetization – 

  • You must publish the content on your business page. Facebook’s public documentation mentions that a page must have a minimum 10,000 fans.
  • Your page must obey all Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies that are centered on the authenticity, engagement, copyright, and other related community standards.
  • Your page must have reached a milestone in the past 60 days: specifically 15,000 engagements, 180,000 minutes that are viewed across.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

There will be an eligibility check that will highlight the specific areas to be focused on monetization. This will help you out in improving your strategy.

Monetizing your 3 minutes long videos

1 – Submit the page for Facebook Ad breaks approval

Submit the page for Facebook Ad breaks approval

Set up and easily manage the Facebook ad breaks through Facebook Creator Studio. The first step is to start by choosing the eligible page you want to get it to monetize. Then continue by clicking the Monetization tab on the left side, review, and then accept the monetization terms and conditions.

Choose your forms of receiving earnings and select the mode of payment and a related account. You can also enable the automatic placement of ads in your videos that are published in the last 30 days.

2 – Where Facebook ad breaks appear in your video content?

Facebook ad breaks appear in your video content

Facebook provides this facility for choosing the placement of ad breaks at the page or video level. This selection can be made when you are setting up monetization or monetization settings. The following options are as follows 

  • You can allow Facebook to insert the ads where there is a 1 to 2-second pause in your content.
  • You can also manually control where Facebook inserts ad breaks. The best option is to check the box where Facebook adjusts the ad breaks by 10 seconds. This will help you in optimizing your viewer’s experience.

3 – Create Videos for Facebook ad breaks monetization

For page-level monetization option, your every video published on Facebook will go through the content review process. From the review, you may even earn some limited revenue.

The performance is determined by the number of views in the first 5 minutes after the video is published.

A video that gets 25 views in the first 10 minutes is considered as high velocity or the best-performing video.  The review generally takes up to 48 hours and is also faster. The status of each video can be seen on the Ad breaks tab.

Now after the video has been reviewed, the status will change to one of the icons – Monetized, Limited/no monetization, Can’t be monetized.

The best way is to carefully go through Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies and implement them into your video making strategy.

Below are some tips to Monetize your Facebook Video you out

1 – Create a theme and align content with your niche

  • Start with the required niche and the audience’s personality that can relate to it. You need to think about numerous ways to affect the viewer’s feelings and solve problems with your video content.
  • Then you can develop a theme and style for your storyboard. Add some short and entertaining branded intros in each of your videos.
  • For video thumbnails, use minimum text as it will help you in boosting your content.
  • Include a call to action to help people to click, share or like your post. This will increase the engagement process.
  • Create videos that capture motion, screen shares, and live interaction. Avoid videos that have static and overlay images and text.

2 – Create Facebook videos that are original 

Create Facebook videos that are original

  • Create original videos that interact with your audience and their core issues. It is also seen that videos that spark a conversation with your audience through comments or interactions, get a higher ranking.
  • The Facebook platform does not allow monetization on shared videos or videos extracted from other sources like YouTube.
  • You will violate Facebook’s Content Monetization policies if you purchase a video or use videos from the creative commons license.

3 – Review your Facebook Ad breaks Revenue

Review your Facebook Ad breaks Revenue

It is important to know about your video stats. For this, click the monetization tab and then Insights. You will notice that Facebook views are higher than YouTube views.

This happens because you produce engaging video content that users want to share and also due to Facebook’s built-in viral functionality. The insights tab will highlight your top-earning videos and much more. 

For a breakdown of your 1-minute video views – You can get to know at the individual video level. It will also specify your estimated earnings. You need to go to Monetization>Ad Breaks. Then click on the dollar sign to see the next level of details, such as ad impression and CPM.

Your pay-out depends on two factors:

  • Ad CPM ( cost per thousand)
  • Ad impressions

Tips for Facebook Ad Breaks

Following are the tips that will help your Facebook page meet the eligibility for Facebook ad breaks

1 – Grow your Facebook page fan likes

Your Facebook following will grow if you consistently share high-quality content and promote your page through other channels. Organic growth is comparatively slow. Try the below strategies to increase the growth – 

Campaign for Page likes: For creating a Facebook page like a campaign, you need to select Engagement as your campaign objective and then click the Page Likes. For the related targets, you also need to choose the interests that describe your niche. Select locations to attract your fans. 

2 – To like your page, invite engaged users

invite facebook users

Not all the people who are engaged with your posts need to be also connected to your page. So to invite these engaged users to like your page, you need to open any one of your posts and get to know about the engagements.

You will get the details of people who interacted with your post. An Invite button is seen next to each name. Click on it and send the invite as a Like Page invitation to the page fan.

Regularly invite your engaged fans to your page. The more fans your page gets, the higher the monetization.


Facebook ad monetization is an opportunity for video creators that helps them to earn the related revenue from it. With focused effort, you can get your page to qualify for Facebook ad breaks, so that you can start earning income from your video content. You need to get your strategy planned and implement it accordingly.

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