How To Promote Your Blog With 108 Content Promotion Tactics

The reach and visibility of a blog are very important to get it noticed by people. In this blog, will have shared some effective tactics that, you can use to get the desired amount of visits on your blog, want to know more? Dive in.

Promote Your Blog: In today’s digital era, blogs have become an important way of connecting with and engaging more target audiences. However, only writing and publishing blogs is not enough. The main purpose of blogs is to increase traffic and gain more visibility for your brand. So, in order to attract more traffic, promoting your blogs is a must.

Now, the question is, “How to promote your blog?” Well, there are several ways to do so. If you are looking for some of the best strategies to promote your blog, take a look at the 108 content promotion tactics given below.

Table of contents

1. Send an Email

Send an Email to Promote Your Blog

The simplest way to promote your blog is to send an email to your target audiences. You can simply write an email and let your readers know that you have recently posted a new blog.

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2. Tell People in-person

This method may sound a bit old, but it still works. You can start by telling your family and friends about the new blog. 

3. Add Blog URL to Email Signature

Add Blog URL to Email Signature

Adding a blog URL to the email signature will allow everyone you contact through email to check it out easily. It is another great way to promote your blog.

4. Announce on Social Media

About 97% of people make use of social media platforms to promote their blogs. It will let all your current connections be aware of the blog post.

social media platforms to promote your blog

5. Ask People to Join Blog Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to update others about your latest blogs. When people join your newsletter, they will automatically receive notifications about your new posts.

6. Ask Others to Share your Blog

Asking your close connections to share your blog online must be a top priority. It can surprisingly increase the number of your visitors.

7. Add Blog URL To Social Media Profiles

It has become a popular way of increasing the reachability of blogs. You can add the blog’s URL to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

8. Add Blog URL to Author Bio

Add Blog URL to Author Bio

Adding a blog URL to the author’s bio is another effective way of promoting your blog. It helps in attracting the attention of viewers towards your new blog easily. 

9. Start Networking

Networking with others can allow you to pitch your blog. Look for people interested in the subject matter of your blog and let them know more.

10. Add Blog URL to Forum Profiles

Forums are the platforms where you engage in various discussions. Adding the new blog URL to forum profiles can also ensure effective promotion.

11. Leverage Blog Promotion Networks.

There are various sites like Viral Content Bee and Social Buzz Club that help people promote their blogs. Make the best use of such sites. 

12. Use Q&A Websites


You can start answering and asking questions on Q&A websites like Quora. It will give you an opportunity to direct people to your blog for more understanding of the relevant content.

13. Submit Blogs to Directories

Many directories offer blog listing services. Try submitting your blog to the best directories with better reach.

14. Collaborate with Bloggers

Collaborate with bloggers with a strong fan base. Such networking will enhance your reach and promote your blog better.

15. Organize Events

Organize Events

Organizing online or local events is a great idea. In such events, you can announce the launch of your new blog.

16. Start Guest Posting for your Blog

You can request people to guest post on your blog. It has the potential to increase the content quality and attract more readers.

17. Start Groups

You can create Facebook or Slack groups and share the links to your latest blog posts.

18. Leverage social community sites

social community sites

Social voting or bookmarking sites with engaged users can help in increasing the traffic for your blog.

19. Contribute to Different Blogs

Look for blogs in your niche with strong community engagement and social share. Connect with blog owners and try contributing to their websites.

20. Ask Employees to Promote Blogs

You can also ask your employees to share your blogs with their social contacts and grow your reach.

21. Use Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags

While promoting your blog on social media platforms, use relevant hashtags and reach a larger audience.

22. Use Business Cards

Creating temporary business cards and adding the blog URL to them is also a popular blog promotion tactic.

23. Post at the Best Times

Post your blogs on social media at a time when maximum users are active to drive greater engagement.

24. Leverage Web Push

Web Push

Web Push allows sending notifications to the target audience about your new blog post via their internet browser.

25. Connect with Influencers

You can connect with popular influencers through email, social media, and face-to-face contact. They can help in sharing your content with their audiences.

26. Ask Affiliates and Partners to Share Blog

Your business’s affiliates and partners can also act as a great source to promote your blog and grow your reach.

27. Use Remarketing


Use remarketing tools to keep your visitors coming back to your blogs and increasing your traffic. 

28. Promote Blog on Marketing Platform

You can leverage top sites like Taboola, Outbrain, and Zemanta to promote your blog and drive more traffic.

29. Optimize Blog with Right Keywords

Optimize Blog with Right Keywords

Using the right keywords at the right place can help in automatically promoting your blog and driving organic traffic.

30. Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on blogs related to your niche can help in developing connections with popular bloggers. It will, in turn, make them and their audience aware of your blogs.

31. Attend Conferences

Attending the networking events and conferences will give you an opportunity to pitch your blog when asked about what you do.

32. Choose Appropriate Headlines

Choose Appropriate Headlines

Selecting the right headline for your blog can help you get more shares, traffic, and search results. 

33. Post Regularly

Posting interesting blogs that offer valuable information to readers can help promote your brand better and attract more traffic.

34. Use Good Internal Linking

Effective internal linking can enhance the SEO of your website, increase visibility, and drive more traffic. 

35. Send Push Notifications to Non-Subscribers

Not everyone will subscribe to your mailing list. You can consider sending push notifications to non-subscribers to promote your blog before readers.

36. Repurpose your Blogs

To make your content appear in new places, you can repurpose it by transforming the blog into video, infographics, or other interesting formats.

37. Reply to Comments

Reply to Comments

Reply to all comments on your blogs. It helps in building a loyal audience who will view and appreciate your next blogs. 

38. Make Guest Appearance on Popular Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming popular recently. You can try making a guest appearance in podcasts and promoting your blog.

39. Send “In Case You Missed It” Email

In case people don’t respond to your first mail in a week, you can resend the mail with a catchy subject line that compels them to read the blog.

40. Add Share Buttons

Add Share Buttons

While posting blogs on social media, add share buttons to enable people to easily share your content.

41. Series Blogging

Make blogs in series to hook your audience. While posting, ask your audience to go through the next or previous blogs.

42. Place the Blog on Homepage

Displaying the latest blogs on the homepage can draw the attention of more audiences and increase your traffic.

43. Run Giveaways


Giveaways are an excellent way to increase traffic, get more subscribers, and enhance social engagement for your blogs.

44. Add More Visuals

Inserting more eye-catching visuals can help in promoting your blog easily. It helps in capturing the attention of readers and engaging them better.

45. Use Flipboard

Flipboard is a platform that allows you to flip your blog to its website and enables followers to read your blog directly.

46. Write on Trending Topics

Look for the most trending topics in recent times. Writing blogs on such topics helps in creating a buzz and attracting more audience.

47. Leverage Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats enable you to connect with customers and communities directly in real-time. Through Twitter chats, you can ask people to read your latest blog.

48. Use Storytelling

Storytelling is a simple yet effective tactic of promoting your blog in front of your target audience.

49. Instagram Story

Use the story feature of Instagram to make an announcement of your latest blog and attract readers.

50. Cross-Promotion

Promote the content of your fellow bloggers on social media platforms. The chances are high that your fellow bloggers will do the same for you.

51. LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video

The demand for LinkedIn videos is increasing. Make impromptu videos and share your blog link.

52. Post on Subreddits

Posting on Subreddits gives you a chance to share your blog with a ready audience interested in knowing more about the topics.

53. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote enables you to promote your blog by making people share your blog with their audiences.

54. Create an App

Think of creating a dedicated app for your blog. Invite readers to download your app and read blogs.

55. Create Micro-site

With a micro-site, you can easily create posts on relevant topics and promote your blogs better.

56. Translate Blogs

Translate Blogs

Translating blogs into different languages can promote your blog to a larger audience and drive more traffic.

57. Ask for Expert Contribution

Getting pro-opinions for some blogs can be a great idea. It not only enriches and adds value to your content but also increases your reach. 

58. RSS feed account

Creating an RSS feed account will provide you with an opportunity to enable your blog visitors to subscribe to your content in their RSS reader.

59. Use Google News

Getting featured on Google News is one of the simplest tactics of promoting your blog effectively.

60. Go Live on Facebook

Live on Facebook

Host a live video on Facebook and start giving updates about your blog in an engaging manner.

61. Use Different Channels to Advertise your Website

Leverage paid tactics to advertise on social channels and attract more traffic for your blog.

62. Publish on Medium

Creating a post about your blog and publishing it on Medium is another popular way of promoting your blog.

63. Use Earned Media

Earned Media

Make the most of earned media to connect with media persons and influential bloggers and share your blog content.

64. Video Teasers

Create interactive and appealing video teasers related to your blog posts. It will develop an interest among the intended audience to read your latest blog.

65. Focus on Humor

Creating humorous cover pictures can help develop interest among readers to take a dig into your blog.

66. Use Search Engine Ads

Search Engine Ads

Developing search engine ads via Google Adwords can help you reach more audiences for your blog.

67. Create SEO Friendly Blog

Focus on on-page SEO and ensure better rankings of your website. It will automatically promote your blog before a larger audience.

68. Conduct Case Studies

Conducting case studies of popular influencers or brands and adding them to your blog can increase the number of shares and grow your reach.

69. Express Gratitude to Readers

Express Gratitude to Readers

Thank your readers for taking the time to read and share your blog. It may look like a simple gesture but increases the loyalty of readers and ensures better blog promotion.

70. Leverage Content Communities

Look for content communities that accept direct submissions to promote your blog and get the required traffic.

71. Publish Data-driven Content

Making more data-driven content can effectively ensure the better promotion of your blog. It can make you stand out and attract thousands of shares.

72. Use Tumblr

Use Tumblr

As Tumblr possesses a great follower base, posting your blog on the platform can boost your audience reach.

73. Google+ Communities

Become a member of the Google+ communities related to your niche and share your blog content.

74. Convert Blog into YouTube Videos

Transforming your blog content into YouTube Videos can promote your blogs better.

75. Use Pinterest


Make the most of the Pinterest platform to create niche-specific boards with the right tags and catchy images to promote your blog.

76. Know the Preference of Readers

Analyze and gain information about the topics your readers are inclined to. Posting blogs on such topics more often can ensure better blog promotion.

77. Post Blogs as Resources

Well-researched and highly detailed blogs on helpful topics can fetch you more audience than any other post.

78. Submit Blogs to Search Engines

Search Engines

Submitting your latest blogs to popular search engines can easily notify your target audience about your new blog.

79. Develop Comprehensive Blogs

Make sure to include all the relevant information in your blogs to give the readers a complete understanding of the subject matter.

80. Write Multiple Headline

When posting your blog on social media, add multiple headlines to double the number of social shares.

81. Write Powerful Introduction

A powerful introduction with interesting facts and figures will keep your audience hooked to the content.

82. Give Links of Related Blogs

Give Links of Related Blogs

At the end of your latest blog content, you can add links to older blogs to ensure the promotion of your new as well as older blogs.

83. Create Quality Content

Crafting unique, engaging, and high-quality content can help you stand out and drive more traffic.

84. Convert Blog Posts into eBooks

If you have many blog posts on related topics, combine and convert them into an eBook. Publish and sell your eBook and promote your blogs differently.

85. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

With the number of smartphone users on the rise, creating a mobile-friendly website has become a necessity today. Going mobile would help your visitors enjoy a better user experience while engaging with your blog.

86. Schedule your Blogs Consistently

Having a schedule for posting your blogs makes readers aware of the time they can expect your next blog. 

87. Take Advantage of Customer Advocacy

Ask your customers to provide their valuable inputs and feedbacks about your blog. It encourages them to share and talk about your content with their networks.

88. Leverage Long-Form Content

Long-form content can help you avail better results and more traffic compared to short blog content.

89. Use Google Rich Snippet

Google Rich Snippet

Featuring rich snippets of Google will lead to the automatic promotion of your blog.

90. Add Memes and GIFs

Adding memes and GIFs to the posts where you share your blog link can fetch you instant popularity.

91. Create Audiograms

Audiograms are small-sized audios along with images that help in promoting your blogs on social media.

92. Update Old Blog

Update Old Blog

Refreshing your old blog contents is a common tactic for promoting your latest blog better.

93. Frame Emotional Headline

Using emotional headlines or titles for your blogs can help attract the attention of your audience and enable them to connect more.

94. Use Paid Discovery Feature of Stumbleupon

The paid discovery feature of Stumbleupon is a paid tactic to promote your blog and reach more readers.

Paid Discovery Feature of Stumbleupon

95. Leverage Content Aggregators

Look for content aggregators who can collect blog from your website and publish it on theirs. It will help in promoting your blog and driving more visitors.

96. Add Charts and Graphs

Including relevant charts and graphs in your blog will increase its shareability and promote your blog better.

97. Email Broadcast

Email broadcasting can bring you higher engagement in comparison to tweets.

98. Convert Content to PDF

Convert Content to PDF

Convert your blog content to PDF and allow the readers to download it via signup forms. It helps in promoting your blog while increasing your subscriber list.

99. Use “Click to Tweet” Functionality

This functionality allows the visitors to easily share your blog on Twitter.

100. Leverage Automated Tools for Prescheduling Tweets

Prescheduling tweeting relating to your new blogs will help reach a larger audience and grow your traffic.

101.  Pin Tweet to your Profile

Pin Tweet to your Profile

Pinning your tweets about a blog on the top of your profile will increase the visibility of your blog.

102.  Curate Appropriate Pin Description

While sharing your blog on Pinterest, make sure to use the right keywords and provide helpful details for better engagement.

103. Use Appropriate Permalinks Structure

Make your permalinks SEO and user-friendly for a higher reach of your blog.

Permalinks Structure

104. Get Covered on Local Media

If your blog gets mentioned on local media, the chance of reaching the target audience is quite high.

105. Develop Stop-Motion Animations

Creating stop-motion animations while posting your blog content on a platform like YouTube will certainly increase your audience base.

106. Personalize Outreach Email

Personalize Outreach Email

Personalize all emails that you send to ensure more responses from your target audience.

107. Leverage Free PR Sites

Make use of the free PR site to post or promote your new blogs.

108. Get Featured in Newsletters


Getting featured in newsletters will expand your network and help you promote your blog better.

Winding Up

The list of ways to promote your blog is mammoth. However, make sure to choose the tactics that suit your goal the best. Now that you have the complete list of tactics, why wait? Let’s get started! 

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