How to Repurpose your Facebook Live videos?

Repurposing your old Facebook live videos can get you a high audience, in this blog we will be talking about how you can repurpose Facebook live videos on different social media accounts and generate the same engagement as you did earlier.

Facebook Live videos are of great use to carry out various types of sessions with their clients and their followers in digital marketing.

There can be many benefits of the sessions that are carried out by Facebook Live videos such as the sessions can be full of questionnaires about the business strategies between the clients and the Brand representatives where viewers can act as an audience to know more about their plans and strategies.

To carry out a Facebook Live video session it is necessary to make the viewers indulge in the conversation by not losing the momentum and take it towards the conclusive end.

Re-purpose refers to the re-use of the video session carried out by reaching out to more people to get feedback. In order to re-purpose a Facebook Live video, it necessary to download it and use it further.

How do I repurpose video content?

Repurpose Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live videos can be of great use to carry out various digital marketing plans. To download the Facebook Live video, follow the methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Download Video From the Account

Step 1: log in to then go to your profile and locate the videos tab 

Step 2: click on videos now click on the thumbnail of the video. After the video opens, click on Options (along the bottom of the video) to reveal the menu to download it.

Method 2: Download Facebook Live Video From the Page

To download Facebook live videos, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: log in to the Facebook page and then click on the publishing tools tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: now click on left-column of the tab which shows the videos posted by the page and then find and click on the video to download it. You can also look for the video details in the pop-up window.

How to Re-purpose Facebook Live videos?

Although the Live session ends here with the sharing of many new ideas and valuable thoughts. There are endless uses and opportunities still associated with the Facebook Live videos and sessions carried out.

Embed the Facebook Live Video on Your Website

Embed the Facebook Live Video on Your Website

Embedding a video into a website refers to show the video inside a website by copying and pasting the code snippet into the HTML code of the webpage.

By embedding the Facebook Live video, it not only clarifies the remaining doubts of readers in a website but it also shares the new marketing ideas and key business plans with other people. It is also useful in getting more engagement for Facebook as well as creating more brand value.

There are a couple of ways to upload the Facebook Live video into a webpage. One of them is by embedding it into the website. While the other way is by uploading directly into the site. While sharing the video to the website you can use any of the above methods.

Promote the Live video

Promoting the Live video on Facebook is also another useful way by which the video is re-purposed.

The video is now reachable to more people by getting more engagements (like and shares). The basic features of promoting the Live video on Facebook is that one can easily filter the audience on many filters available. (such as age, geographic location, gender, area of interests and many more).

Although you cannot promote a video before the session starts. But this promotion as the Facebook ads is very useful in the case of inviting a special guest to your session or when you launch a new product and showing brief specifications about it.

Upload Your Videos to YouTube

Upload Your Videos to YouTube

In case your Brand has built a huge community on YouTube then you are already set for a great result.

Pointing and trimming out the key points of the video and then uploading on Brand’s YouTube channel can gain you a lot of views and share your ideas.

In case if you don’t have a huge following there, you can still upload the video but make sure to run ads on the video so that it shows on the top of the feed to share your and other’s views and constraints on your business carried out in that Facebook Live session.

YouTube has been a reliant platform for those viewers who wish to have a video explanation and are not active in social media platforms.

Generate Content Using the Facebook Live video

Facebook Live sessions are not only to sharing of ideas and content. But also for the generation of fresher content to work upon. As new ideas clash they can result in the formation of other superb ideas.

Also, you can emphasise key points and can be explored further in the next upcoming Live and interactive sessions. This automatically results in the generation of new and fresh ideas which result in more content which need to resolve more to clear the doubt of these young minds.

These contents can also be transferred from a medium to other mediums (such as website or blog, YouTube, Twitter and many more) so that it nourishes a maximum number of minds.



Facebook Live videos can be of great use apart from carrying Live interactive session between 2 or more parties. Where people can also be acknowledged by business strategies and plans of a Brand and also, they can share their personal views and concerns among themselves.

Re-purposing of Facebook Live video is to share key points of videos on the various social media platform. It will encourage many people across the world to share their views and generate more brand value. To re-purpose the video the foremost step is to download it using any of the above steps. So that it can be shared on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Websites and Blogs. 

There are many steps through which re-purposing of video can be done such as embedding the Live  session inside a website or a blog or uploading on YouTube and also by running Facebook Ads.

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