How to Reshare Instagram Posts to Instagram Stories?

By using Instagram’s reshare feature, don’t let your old content turn obsolete. Read this article to explore how brands use this feature, different ways to use reshare posts and legal consideration of it. Even reshare feature can boost visibility of your posts over Instagram.

Reshare Instagram Posts: Instagram is the best photo and video sharing platform in the world, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010.

But a few years back it was bought by Facebook and since then it has become increasingly more intertwined with Facebook, so much so that both the platforms use almost the same features. The keyword being, almost.

Year by year, its developers have tried to make it more interesting and keep their customer-base in check by adding new features. One such feature developed by them is the resharing feature of the app.

Resharing simply means sharing an already shared post, now the medium to do that can be the same or different as well. For example, you can re-share a post on Instagram in the form of a post, but you can repost Instagram posts on Instagram stories as well.

Instagram, in one of its blog posts, explained the necessity of this feature. They said that if you come across something on your feed that inspires you, touches your heart, or gives you this strong need to share it with everyone else then Instagram stories are a quick and easy way to do that with a single click.

But the real question is, how to avail the benefits of this quick and easy way? Well, we are here to tell you just how to do that, stay with us for a little while.

How to Reshare Instagram posts to the stories?

How to Reshare Instagram posts to the stories

Every Instagram post has this airplane sign below it, you send direct messages using it and you use the same button to add a post to your story.

So when you do click on that airplane button, you will see this option that says, ‘add this post to your story’. Click on this button and voila, you have successfully added the post to the story.

When you do share this post on the story, you will find that there will be a link to the original post, people can click on that picture to reach back to the original post. Also, the username of the person who posted it originally would be shown too.

Now, there are a lot of customization tools that Instagram provides. You can change the background of the story. and also add Instagram stickers to the story and write on the story. You can even change the font size and font style of the story. However, if you don’t do this customization then Instagram has these set to some specific styles, by default.

How Can Brands Use This Feature?

instagram brand feed share stories

If you use Instagram daily, and even if you are not-so-regular then you must have seen many brands already using this feature to promote their latest posts.

Earlier when people wanted to add their posts to the story, they had to capture the screenshot, crop it and then manually add the post to the story. But now with the release of this feature, this hassle would be greatly reduced and more brands would use it more frequently.

This could be a great way to cross-promote the feed posts on the stories and increase their reach. Since people who would usually miss the posts on the feed would easily be able to see it on their stories, the reach of the post will increase significantly.

Creative Ways to Use Reshared Instagram Posts

This resharing feature provides a lot of ways to augment your Instagram marketing strategy. Many ways are using which you can gain the maximum advantage of this feature, let’s see the best of the ways—

  • Cross-promote your Instagram posts
  • Highlight local events or venues near your business
  • Showcase how your existing customers are using your products or services
  • Share breaking news and updates related to your industry or something that would engage your audience
  • Provide educational trips from industry leaders
  • Create quizzes to keep your audience engaged
  • Create a buzz around an event

Using these ways can provide more exposure and increased reach and consequently drive more engagement on your posts. This is just a generous strategy to increase the number of people who follow you.

Edit Your Post Sharing Settings

You can go to the settings option and decide how people interact with your posts. By default, everyone can share any post of yours on their stories. And until you change it, anyone can truly share your posts. But of course, there are ways to control that, let’s see how—

  • On your profile, tap the gear icon,
  • Scroll down and find the ‘allow others to reshare button’, set this button according to your preference. If you don’t want other people sharing your posts then you should make sure that the button is turned off.


  • Alternatively, you can select this option while you are posting as well.

Legal Considerations for Resharing

This shouldn’t surprise you, there are always legal considerations attached whenever you are reusing someone else’s content, whether it be Instagram or off it.

On Instagram, like everywhere else, the person who posted the content originally has the copyright on their work and there are certain permissions required on your part before you go ahead and reshare the content.

On Facebook and Twitter, the share functions skirt around the copyright feature since the Content is from the original person, the case with Instagram is the same. People use this feature without considering the original post and the person who posted it, but such practices should be avoided.

In Conclusion

Instagram suggests that you ask the permission of the person to whom the content belongs to before resharing it. Even though people would love it if you would just reshare their content, because that increases the post reach, it is still a good idea to take the permission and be on the safer side of the spectrum.

So, how are you taking advantage of this feature to promote your brands? Was it able to drive more traffic to your handle and site? Share your answers with us in the comments section!

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