How to Run a Pinterest Contest Without Breaking The Rules?

If you want to know about running contests on Pinterest, this article is a perfect fit. This article will give you tips and advice to run a successful Pinterest contest which will grow your audience engagement and participation. Take your time and go through the article and be a good Pinterest contest creator.

Run a Pinterest Contest welcomes the visual discovery where a user can explore and share his or her ideas and interest. It also offers a platform to its users where they can participate in contests and make boards about the things they love – be it a recipe, a travel destination, a gadget, or a business idea.

Pinterest being the new vibe today, from small to large, every company is using this platform to promote their brands, and are also running Pinterest contests to boost traffic.

Learn How to Run Pinterest Contest

How to Run Pinterest Contest

Running Pinterest Contest is now one of the most effective ways to tap a particular target market. Apart from a vast reach, running contest also results in growing volumes of referrals, mentions, and interactions about the brand, which ultimately results in tremendous sales.

If you as a brand is looking to seek maximum advantage of this social media for the business platform and run a Pinterest contest without breaking any rules, this guide will be a success mantra for you.

Now to run a successful Pinterest contest, you must know all the rules crystal clear so that you do not break any rules.

So here is your very own pocket guide that will help you run a successful Pinterest contest without breaking any rules.

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Here Are 6 Effective Tips to Run A Pinterest Contest

1. Chase After The Quality And Not Quantity

The Pinterest concept is all about fascinating ideas of the people and to capture their aspirations, you need to make sure that you choose quality over quantity. Go for the best content that has the right message as per the target audience.

Having fewer quality entries rather than thousands of irrelevant pins, will work and define your brand as an authentic board. Also, you need to ensure that you are not going overboard with your contest.

For example, in the below pin, there is

  • Clear message
  • Attractive offer placed precisely after the message
  • Logo of Sponsors
  • Images give an idea about the target audience

This crowdsourcing contest on Pinterest, users only need to pin it on their respective pinboards.


2. Keep It Simple

When planning to launch contests, you must specifically lay down all rules, regulations, and prize elements; as it will be dangerous to invite twists and turns into your contests. One sole reason behind this is that people quickly avoid becoming a part of contests.

People on the Pinterest contest visit only for a few seconds and if they found it cluttered; hardly anybody will bother to gaze around your contest rules, so the ground rule is to Keep it Simple.

You can introduce contest prizes alongside as it directly affects the interest of visitors, as seen in the below pin example.

save pintrest

Using clear messages catches the eyes of users and they get eager to look more for the details. And that’s where they come for your pin and start their journey of becoming regular visitors.

3. Use #Hashtags Like a Pro

If you want people to find your contest; using correct, unique, and eye-catchy hashtags is a must! But before using any hashtag, it is essential to ensure that you only pick those hashtags that are in context with your contest.

Also, ensure that they attract the right target audience. When you use distinct hashtags, the participants are also attracted to attempt contest.

Take a leaf out of Ergobaby’s My Ideal Mother’s Day contest which broadly centered on three hashtags:

  • #ergobaby
  • #ideal mothers day

#ideal mothers day

  • #babywearing

in this event, Ergobaby asked the pinners to tag a picture showing their ideal Mother’s Day celebration. The Ergobaby hashtags were so meaningful and rightly used as they were focused on the:

  • The brand,
  • The product of the brand
  • Live Event/ Holiday

The idea of using a hashtag also works great when the brand wants users to understand that your specially designed pins are a part of the contest, and this will surely result in higher impressions.

If you are having trouble finding yourself the “idol” hashtags that actually work; you can try with A/B testing. It is a great way to find the perfect hashtag for your contest. Another good way is to keep a close eye on what your competition is doing and what kind of hashtags they are using.

Further, the ideal number of Hashtags could be anywhere close to 3-10 and it is always recommended to create more than one hashtag.

4. Build a Landing Page For Your Contest

landing page on pinterest


You want more comments on your pin; don’t even think of asking pinners for commenting on your post as it can tarnish your brand name and breaks the rules. Also, it is considered as a SPAM in the Pinterest world. Asking for comments is a way of increasing false engagement.

The best alternative to such problems is to avoid using all these “spammy” activities and create a separate landing page for the contest. It will not only increase the website traffic but will also make you a legitimate pinner.

For example, a jewelry brand, Bottica, created a landing page for their contest I Wish for a Gift and ran a story on Pinterest. To make an entry, users were asked to pin and narrate a story of their own. After this, they were asked to submit the link of their Pinterest profile including details like their name and email address on that particular landing page.

This brought the sure-shot visitors and also gathered the lead data helpful for the upcoming contests.

5. Avoid Sweepstakes And Judge It Creatively

This is the new rule of Pinterest, where it encourages brands to avoid running sweepstakes that are not considering things like – comment, pin, or repin as an entry to their contest.

Also, it avoids all these actions as an instrument of voting and focuses on having a more ideal approach to judge the contest.

The best approach is to eliminate these random actions and hire a panel of judges that will judge them meticulously and only the best contestant will win. Such practices also encourage the participants to take up the contest seriously and put in more thought to their entries.

Dream Bedroom Pinterest Contest

Seek the example of a brand called Country Living who held a “Dream Bedroom Pinterest Contest”. Via this contest, they asked pinners to create a pinboard called, “My Country Living Dream Bedroom.”

The main objective of creating this new pinboard was that the participants need to give the idea of how their dream bedroom should be, and then submit their idea as an entry.

To judge the contest, this brand involved a transparent panel of judges who put dedicated efforts in deciding the winners based on all the pre-decided rules and regulations along with considering their creativity. When the judgment is authentic, you get repeat participants along with new entries and ultimately more and more traffic.

6. Think Out Of The Box

distinguish your brand on pinterest contest

When planning about the contest, it is most essential that you think of something creative, which is unique. Your Pinterest contest must clearly distinguish your brand and narrate the idea that you believe in the power of uniqueness. Pinterest marketing strategy, being the blend of attractive visual platforms, and thus, it encourages brands to do the same.

One of the best examples of this is Emailvision’s Pin your inbox contest. through this contest, the brand was targeting email marketers. Therefore, the participants were asked to send in their entries by pinning their favorite email campaigns.

All they need to do wat to submit an email link to their landing page. This also helped the target marketers to increase their website traffic too. Along with this, the contest also helped the company to create a niche for themselves in the market which could result in brand awareness.


Such  Pinterest Contest helps to create a “win-win” situation for both the brand and the participants by engaging the community together. On one hand, it also helped the participant to increase their efforts and creativity.

Further, it gave a platform to the brands to increase their awareness and engagement among their audience.

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