How to Save Instagram Reels in Gallery With Audio and Without Posting

Most of the time we face issues of saving Instagram reels without music. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you about different methods to save Instagram reels in Gallery with audio and without posting. Read on to learn more and easily save your favourite reels to your camera roll.

How to Save Instagram Reels in Gallery With Audio-With over 1 billion users using Instagram every month, Instagram’s 15-second video concept, referred to as Reels, has taken over other platforms like TikTok. Instagram Reels resulted in an almost 11.4% increase in Instagram downloads in India.

Reels on Instagram have become a fun and energetic way of consuming content. But, mostly, you would like to share these videos with sounds with your friends on any other platform as well.

With this, arises a question – Can you download the Instagram Reel video with sound on your phone or PC? Though Instagram does not offer any built-in feature to download the Reels, hacks are available to achieve that. And we bring you four different ways to help save your Instagram Reels with audio without posting.

4 Ways To Save Instagram Reels In Gallery

Ways To Save Instagram Reels In Gallery

Many online websites, Instagram Downloader apps, and other methods to download Reels on your Android and iPhone mobiles or PC.

You can download Instagram Reels with audio without posting them on stories with four following methods. Please note these methods will not work to download private Reels.

Using Stories To Download Reels Without Posting

Using Instagram stories to download Instagram Reels without using any third-party application is one of the best hacks available. Simply open the Reel video you want to download and share it with your story.

You can download the Reel video with sound within the story preview without even posting it. Here is the step by step guide:

  • Open the Reel in the Instagram app which you want to download.
  • Tap on Instagram’s Send icon in the lower right corner and add the Reel to your story.

instagram reels

  • You will have the story preview to zoom the Reel to fill the whole screen.
    After this step, simply click on the download story option at the top left corner, and you have it.

Mind-blowing. Right?

The downloaded Reel can be found in the Camera Roll in the iPhone, while on an Android phone, you can save it in the gallery with sound.

Using Instagram Video Downloader To Save Reels in HD

While Method 1 leaves a watermark on your Reels, using Instagram video downloaders can bring you HD Reels videos with audio and without a watermark. Most third-party apps are designed specifically to download videos from Instagram, including Stories, and Reels, one of which is VideoHunter Instagram Downloader.

How VideoHunter Instagram Downloader Helps You Download Reels

  • Bring crystal clear Reels in up to 2K video quality.
  • Download Reels with background music to MP4 or just the music in MP3.
  • Download batches of Reels from an account easily.
  • Super fast 8X speed.

Here’s how to use the software to download Reels in HD:

  • Install VideoHunter Instagram Downloader. Open Instagram, find the Reels you want and copy its link directly from the address bar.
  • Return to VideoHunter Instagram Downloader, and paste the Reels link to the app. Click “Analyze“.

Then, a window with options for format and video quality should pop up. For HD Reels, go for “MP4” and “1920p“(This means 2K). Remember to click “Download“.

  • The Downloader will start downloading the video at 8X faster speed. Wait for a second. Once the process is complete, go to “History” where you can get your downloaded Reels video.

Super easy and quick, right? Of so many Instagram video downloaders, this professional Instagram downloader really impresses me with its batch download, fast speed, and excellent video quality options.

Online Tools To Download Reels

This method gives the flexibility to download Instagram Reels without installing any third-party app. Also, the first method has one drawback: you might get the Reels logo or watermark on your video.

Using available online tools will help you save Instagram Reels in your device’s local memory in a quick way, without the need to install them. Instead, copy the Reel link and paste it into the online tool to download the video with audio effects.

Here are some best online Instagram Reel video downloading tools:


Below are the steps using one of these online tools:

  • First, choose the “Copy Link” option in the Instagram Reel by tapping the three-dot icon.

copy link

  • Now open any of the above online tools and move to the Reels tab within that.
  • Paste the link copied from the clipboard and click the download button in the available textbox.


  • Wait for the processing to complete, after which you will be able to preview the respective Reel video.
  • A pop-up might appear for the confirmation to download.
    Hit download, and you are done.


Suppose the video starts playing on some online websites, tap and hold the Reel video (long press) to download instead of previewing. Then, in the case of a PC, right-click to hit the save button.

Dedicated Reel Downloader Apps

Using the dedicated Reel Downloading apps on your phone makes it even simpler. However, not all mobile applications are compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

Reel Downloader Apps on iPhone

  • Go to the App Store and search for InstantSave or InSaver to download Instagram Reels.
  • Install and set up the application and go to Instagram.
  • Like the above method, open the Reel and copy its link using the three-dot icon.
  • Go back to the downloader app (InSaver), and the copied link will be automatically pasted.
  • Click on the “Watch it” options menu followed by “Share” and “Save.”

Use Reel Downloader Apps on Android

  • On Android phones, go to Google Play Store and download the “Reels Saver app” or “Video Downloader for Instagram.”
  • Once the app is downloaded, set it up, and don’t forget to grant permission to access the gallery.
  • Now open Instagram, find the reel you want to download and copy its URL by selecting the three dots on the screen.
  • After this, go to the Video Downloader app and paste the link, or in some app, the copied link will be automatically synced.
  • The downloader app will process the Reel video and give you the option to Save/Download the video with sound.

Since it is saved in your phone’s gallery, you can share the video on any platform.

Saving Instagram Reels Video With Sound Within Instagram Itself

If you wish to save Instagram Reels without downloading them, Instagram itself offers various options to save or bookmark the Reel with sound within the app.

How? Here you go:

  • Open the Instagram Reel that you wish to save for future reference.
  • Click on the three-dot icon and choose the “Save” option from the drop-down menu.


  • You can access these bookmarked Instagram Reels within the app. To do this, navigate to your “Profile” screen.
  • Then, click the three-bar icon at the top and choose “Saved.”

The “Reel’s Remix” feature is another Instagram feature that allows you to save or create a similar Reel using the sound effect of the “Reel’s Remix” feature. Though this feature might not be available on all Reels, the original creator may have restricted it.


You can download your own or others’ Instagram Reels without posting using the above hacks. However, if any of the methods don’t work, we have a bonus alternative.

Another hack is the “Screen Recording” feature on your Android and iPhone. You can simply screen record the Reel video to save it in your Gallery.

This trick works, albeit you may have to edit or crop the Reels to remove the like, comment, or info displayed on the Reels screen.

Hope you enjoy these hacks!

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