How to Sell on Pinterest? 8 Secret Tips For You

Pinterest is an efficient platform for content creators and influencers. But how to make the most of this image-oriented social media site. This is what the blog’s all about. We will be talking about some of the best tips to find potential buyers and influence conversions.

how to Sell on Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networking sites besides the other giant networks. It is often seen as a place where you can find wedding ideas, DIY projects, and new recipes. The fact is that this social media platform can be a powerful channel for reaching new customers and grow your brand online.

Despite being so popular, many businesses have not taken any advantage of selling on Pinterest to connect with their target audience.

The key to getting the most from selling on Pinterest is using the platform, to find your target buyers and also influence a conversion. This can be done if you plan your strategy relating to your goal.

It is also viewed that Pinterest is not right for every brand or business. Therefore, you need to determine if Pinterest can help you out in achieving your goals.

Is Pinterest Right for your Business?

how to Sell on Pinterest

Before adding Pinterest to your social media marketing strategy, you need to consider if you are able to sell on Pinterest. There are certain products that cannot be advertised on this platform. They are – adult products, tobacco, healthcare, weapons, live animals, weight loss products/services and online gambling. To add more, there are certain restrictions on alcohol ads, political campaigning, etc.

The best way to determine if you can sell on Pinterest is right for your brand or not, is to see if your business fits into a Pinterest category. There are many categories on Pinterest that makes it possible for users to find what they are looking for.

It can be through guided search, promoted pins, and suggested pins. You can choose one or two categories that relate to your business and focus on your strategy accordingly.

Visually-Focused Pinterest

Your business will be right for Pinterest if your products are visually-focused. Like Instagram, marketing on Pinterest is very visual. This makes ideal for brands that sell products and services leading to fashion, photography, home decor, etc. You can also create effective shoppable pins, though you do not have visual products or services.

Focused Pinterest

Tips to Sell on Pinterest

Below are some tips for getting started with selling on Pinterest, which can also be valuable to your business –

1 – Know Your Target Audience

Do you want to sell more on any channel? First, know your target buyers! Users always see promoted pins. Pinterest makes targeting your ideal audience very easily. This platform also announced the Pinterest Taste Graph.

It offers 5,000 categories within the Pinterest ads. Companies can reach more specific audiences. You can increase your sales chances if your target is more refined.

2 – Make your Business Selling Account

Business Selling Account

You have a Personal Pinterest account, Fine! But it will be great if you switch your personal profile to a business account  . This will give your brand more credibility and can access a range of options too.  Pinterest also acts as a search engine. It relies on keywords to give context to your brand. You can optimize your profile by – 

  • Use keywords – Add keywords to your brand name, profile descriptions and pinned content. Describe what you are offering.
  • Make most of the descriptions – Add descriptions to the images and link to your product pages on the Pinterest board.
  • Adding hashtags – Pinterest also uses hashtags. Include some pins to help the customers to find your content.

3 – Create Buyable Pins

This is one of the easiest options to sell products on Pinterest. They give people a way to quickly purchase the items on your Pinterest page. You are eligible for Buyable pins if you are using a big e-commerce platform to sell products. 

To add Buyable pins to your account, click on the Pinterest page. Click add to put Pinterest into your sales campaign. Another easy peasy option is to download the browser button for Pinterest.

The plugin means that you can save the best-selling items to your Pinterest boards and also add descriptions without going to your social site.

4 – Right Selection of Rich Pins

Besides buyable pins, there are other Rich pins too! 

Selection of Rich Pins

  • Product pins
  • Recipe pins
  • Article pins
  • Place pins
  • Movie pins
  • App pins

Product Pins are best and serve well to sell on Pinterest. Product pins give a code to place on your account, which means that you can share real-time availability, price information and descriptions in an instant.

5 – Promoted Pins

The Pinterest Promoted Pins feature in 2017 that gave brands the chance to upgrade their online efforts with cost-per-click campaigns. These campaigns can be run on Facebook or Google. You will be able to monitor and optimize your campaign as it runs.

Promoted Pins guide you to improve your brand and reach new customers. They are great for seasonal sales and new product launches.

6 – Become a Product Pinning Master

you need to upgrade your sales strategy, by engaging your audience.

  • Pin other products that are related to your items: Pinning other products will improve your company’s reputation. This will open up opportunities for business partnerships in the future.
  • Link accordingly: if you have buyable pins, then you will link back to your products. Focus on pinning products along with non-commercial content.
  • Gift tab: you can look out for a present on Pinterest. Add a price tag to the description of your product and join the list.

7 – Images are Important

Images are Important

Just like other social media channels, Pinterest is all about pictures. You can capture your audience’s attention through some eye-catching images.

Following are the tips to help you boost your sales strategy – 

  • Images can be of any size(big): For Pinterest, an aspect ratio can be of 2:3 Images around 600 wide by 900 tall are recommended.
  • Forget faces: Make the product the main focus instead of showing off other people. Simple product pictures are preferred.
  • Infographics can be used: People love the combination of good pictures and related information. Most of them are visual learners.
  • Great Photography: Make sure you create beautiful unique images that fit your brand. Avoid stock images.

A combination of a catchy title, plenty of information, images, and keywords will make you ready to sell!

8 – Post, and Monitor your Campaigns

You need a solid strategy to make the most of your Pinterest sales. You need to track and monitor your posts. The more you track, the more you will be able to connect with your target audience. It is also important to post the right content at the right time. 


There are many saved pins that come from businesses. All you need to go on the right track and plan out your solid strategy. Once it starts, you will get more of your target audience and the sales ratio will increase. Research the market and its interest, to post your products in a different way.

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