How to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile [Explained in detail]

Instagram brings on board excellent features for marketing, but that’s available to business accounts. This blog will be talking about the significance of Instagram business profile and will assist you to move from your personal profile to business account.

Switch to Instagram Business Profile: A lot of organizations are converting their account from personal to an Instagram business profile. Surveys have mentioned that over 25 million business profiles are being connected.

Many brands are thinking and are concerned about, how will it affect their profile and whether they will get an increase in engagement? Well, it will be beneficial for brands and businesses for their future prospects.

Access to analytics and other related features does help out here. It is also necessary to know the benefits of an Instagram Business Profile before switching to it.

Guide to Switch to Instagram Business Profile

Switch to Instagram Business Profile

The major difference can be seen when you get access to features like Instagram Insights, Contact information, Instagram Ads and many more. These features are not available in Personal profile.

All the other functions take care of relating to the target audience, promotions, contact information, etc.

Through Personal profile, you will limit yourself and if seen technically, through business profile you will get much more.

How to Switch Personal Profile to Instagram Business Profile?

Below are the steps to apply for switching to Business Profile

  1. Login to your account and go to settings.
  2. Tap – switch to a business profile.

switch to a business profile

  1. Instagram will suggest you connect to a Facebook business page, in order to convert to an Instagram business profile.
  2. Choose a category for your profile/brand/business.
  3. Then fill in your contact details (email address, phone number, and address). You can fill either one!

Instagram also has a video guide, where you can follow the process step-by-step.

Benefits of an Instagram Business Profile

The following are the benefits of a business profile, which cannot be ignored. Once considered, they are helpful in getting your views, engagements, and regarded business opportunities.

Access Instagram Insights

Access Instagram Insights

This is one of the reasons, brands prefer Instagram Business Profile. In Personal profile, you do not get much information on how well your Instagram posts or stories are performing. You will only visualize the number of likes and comments your content receives.

In Business profile, you get access to Instagram Insights, where this platform gives you data on impressions, audience demographics, engagement, and much more.

Though Insights is a great feature, you need to get more information on your data, be it your performing hashtags, or any competitive analysis. So after switching to a business profile, you also get other free Instagram analytics tools.

Run Instagram Ads

Run Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads provide a lot of attention to your target audience. It is successful because advertising is itself sending your message all over to your followers and required engagements. You will see the rise in numbers of your audience only if you switch your personal profile to a business profile. This is available in the Business profile section only!

You can post on Instagram From your Desktop

Instagram has allowed its users to publish photos from a desktop, which is the third party platform. It is possible only if you have switched your profile from personal to business. This is a time-saver and efficiency booster for brands and businesses.

You just need to use desktop software that is created to edit your photos. This will upload the edited version to your phone too.

The best thing is that you do not have to depend on any notifications which will remind you to post on Instagram. So just switch your profile to a business, and avail of this facility.

post on Instagram From your Desktop


Upgrade your Instagram Profile

In the Instagram business profile, you get a few more features on your profile page. For e.g. – Contact buttons, through which your target clients can contact you easily without having to search for your support phone number and email address.

In this way, your customers can contact you directly for any issues. Adding an email or tap to call button, will help in getting customer support issues easily handled outside your Instagram feed.

Get Access to New Features

Many brands overlook the new features which Instagram provides, on switching your Personal profile to Business profile. Instagram keeps on testing its new features with smaller groups. For early access, Instagram must know that you are a Business oriented account!


Hopefully, apply the above tips for switching your Personal account to a Business account. If you are a brand or any upcoming business, then switching will readily help you out in getting what you desire. Avail all the features connected with your Instagram Business profile, to upgrade your brand and also yourself!

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