How to use Emojis to Boost your Social Media Posts?

Did you know that besides using emojis in private chats, you can also use them in your social media posts? Yes, this increases engagement. In this blog, learn why using emojis in social media marketing is important, tips for using emojis, and things to avoid when using emojis in marketing posts. Dive in to know more.

Emojis to boost your social media: If you are active on social media platforms and follow brands, you might have noticed that a lot of them use emojis in their posts and ads.

There is certainly a reason behind it, according to a WordStream study using emoji on Twitter can boost 25% more engagement than the tweets with no emoji. Emojis on Facebook posts can increase its share by 33% and interaction by 57%.

Apart from these facts, you can increase brand relatability with emoji marketing. With emojis, you can make your text more appealing through it and let you add context as well as deliver emotions. 

In this article, you will detail the explanation of how beneficial emoji marketing can be and how emoji marketing can be effective on your social media business accounts.

Why use Emoji in Marketing for your Business?

emoji marketing

Other than messaging apps like WhatsApp, emojis are mostly found in the post of social media. Several brands make their content emotionally appealing and more responsive with the right emojis as it grabs users’ attention and encourages them to revert with using emojis. This will boost your page’s engagement and help in brand promotions.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a major factor that defines a company’s success and failure. The simplest way to boost-up brand awareness is by informing and announcing about your product and services. And one of the best ways to make your products more noticeable and attractive is to use them with emojis. 

Emojis are popular trends on social media and consumers are fond of trends. Many renowned companies are already using emoji for generating brand awareness like Chevrolet that revealed its car by an emoji press release with the hashtag #ChevyGoesEmoji

brand awarness

Humanize your Brand to increase User Engagement

Emojis have great capability to boost user engagement as they influence consumers at an emotional level. Emojis help in humanizing a brand and showcase a brand’s personality. The easy thing about using emojis is that it helps you convey messages with minimal words. 

Like said earlier, emojis are not restricted to any platforms. You can use wherever you want, emails subject lines, push notification, social media posts, tweets and whatnot. The best thing to do is analyze where your most of the traffic comes from and use it accordingly. 

You can increase user engagement by responding to your consumers through emojis, drawing attention through call to action buttons, using emotional triggers and more. 

Add Context to your Content

emojis used by brands

If you are still not convinced about using emoji marketing, the below statistic of emojis on different platforms might change your mind!

Twitter: Tweets with emojis in them generated 25% more engagement compared to the tweets with no emojis.

Facebook: The post with emojis on them generated 57% more likes, 33% comments and 33% more shares.

Push notifications containing emojis have 85% more open rate and 9% more conversion rate.

Tips for Using Emojis to Boost your Social Media

emoji marketing

Now you know why emoji marketing is good for your business. You must be enthusiastic about adding emojis to all your posts, hold your horses as before you do that you need to make sure you have a perfect approaching plan for your audience.  

Know your Audience

First of all, you have to learn about the audience that you can either use your social insight page or any demographic or analytic tools. Audience demographics play a vital role in defining emoji marketing strategy i.e. how and which emojis to apply on your post. It will help you in understanding which emojis drive more engagement with your audience and which don’t perform well. 

emojis drive more engagement

So before you initiate emoji marketing have detailed research and make sure that your posts featuring emojis match your audience’s social interest. 

Check How your Post Appears on Different Platforms and Devices

Social media platforms you use for marketing will also affect the use of emojis. The device you use for posting emojis defines its formation, for example, the daphne and line returns in the post might be different on mobile and desktop devices.

Additional to different mobile families have a unique display style for emojis. That means the same emoji will have different overtones on different mobile devices. Hence, it is better to analyze and check posts with emojis if it appears the way you want. Also, check that your message is error-free on all platforms and devices. 

Use Emoji to Build Interaction on your Social Media Posts

use emojis on social media posts

Social media sites are flooded with emojis, people massively use emojis in the comment section, in their stories and of course posts. They use emoji to make messaging and post more appealing. Emojis display the emotion and context of messages. You can do exactly the same for your brand. While using emoji on social posts keep in mind the emotion you want to convey to your audience. 

By using the right emojis you can give your post and stories the correct context it needs. Boost engagement with your audience by asking them to interact with your post using emojis. You can ask them any question like what is their favorite flower or season and more. You can ask a simple question of true or false or like or like to which they can respond with the thumb emoji “👍🏼 👎🏼”.

This strategy works well with mobile-oriented social apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc, as here the audience can quickly access their emoji keyboard. Facebook comprehends the true potential of emoji marketing and has utilized it by creating its own emoji system known as reactions for promoting engagement. It is better and easiest than the emojis on the keyboard, all you have to do is tap in the icon.

Use Emoji in Email Marketing

Use Emoji in Email Marketing


Although emojis is a blast on social media platforms it is not limited to it, you can indulge in email marketing. By using emojis on your emails you can increase its open rates and boost engagement.

Using emojis on emails is different from social media sites. Here you can’t replace words with emojis, instead, use it for emphasizing a particular point. In cases, different email providers display the same emoji differently, also emoji support differs with different email providers. 

It’s possible that the emoji you end is not supported by the email provider of receivers. Hence, you should avoid replying to emails only with emojis, use them along with meaningful text.

Note that if your emails largely depend on emojis, the message you want to convey can lose its translation. Before you send your emails with emoji make sure to check how they appear on different browsers and different email providers. 

Use Emoji in Ad-Campaigns

Emoji in Ad-Campaigns

Like said earlier, the use of emoji is limitless, you can use it anywhere whether it is social media posts or Ads. According to a test done by Adespresso ads consisting of emoji in the headline, received 241% higher click-through rate compared to ads with no emojis. 

Several businesses have found positive results by using emojis on their LinkedIn profiles. Another effective way of using emojis on ad campaigns is to build an association between your brand and a particular emojis.

There are several brands that use this strategy; one of the best examples is Dominos. In the year 2015, the giant food chain company created a campaign on Twitter that gave users the chance to order pizza just by sending a pizza emoji. Dominos will then call the user for their order and address. 

You might not be a food company but you can still think of unique and effective ways to market your products using emojis. Mind map ideas and make team effort to publish best emoji ad campaigns.

Choose and Stick with Emoji that Best Related to your Brand

One of the most important things in emoji marketing is to find and stick with emoji that best relates to your brand. Currently, there are plenty of emoji options available for almost every item,  You just have to search for a bit and you will find a best-suited emoji for your company. 

You need to make sure that the emoji you choose to match your business. Different emojis have different vibes like funny emojis which are post specific then you will find neutral emojis suited for all or major businesses irrespective of the niche they have. 

pizza emoji

You can use vector emojis for specifying a direction to your audience. Along with this, you also need to have a clear idea about your target audience, this helps you determine the right emojis for your posts and ad campaigns.

The usage of emoji depends on the business type, for example, Food and clothing industry has the benefits to select from a wide range of emojis while industries like banking and insurance have a limited range. 

Every business strategizes emoji marketing differently some play safe using only smiley faces and vectors, while others experiment with different emojis and use emoji combinations. You should strategize emoji marketing as per the message you want to convey in your posts and headlines.

Be Inclusive with the Emojis You Use

A lot has changed since emoji was first introduced i.e. 1990 on computer and 1997 on mobile. Emojis now have a lot better appearance, skin tone variations, also and there is a constant edition of new emojis. Hence people have now more emoji choices than ever, there are emoji to represent almost every emotion.

humanized emoji

Nowadays you will also find humanized emojis with which you can associate your content or yourself better.  Hence it’s best for your business to incorporate all types of emojis available out there. 

For example, if you’re using humanized emoji or handshake emoji try different skin color variations instead of using one color every time, also if you need to use family or couple emojis representing both straight and gay people will be best appreciated by users.

Get Creative and Create Your Own Brand Emoji

Create Your Own Brand Emoji

The above points are beneficiary, however, it’s not a compulsion to use the existing emojis for your brand. You can leverage some creativity and create emoji for your business. It’s up to you what kind of emoji you will like to create. 

You can either create a completely new emoji or use the custom version of existing emoji. To do so make use of different online tools or apps. For instance, if you sell animal products, you can create emojis of different animals and their breeds or create emoji that resemble your selling products. 

Things to Avoid When Using Emojis as a Business

Use the Right Context

Business often makes the mistake of going for the popular emojis even if it doesn’t match the context of the content. Now using popular emojis only help when it is relevant to your content or your brand image, if not it is a waste. Also, note emojis are meant to be fun and entertaining so it’s better to avoid them for serious topics.

Do Not Overdo It with Emojis

There are tons and tons of emojis out there, but this doesn’t mean you use it too much. Overuse of emojis in your content and stories can reduce brand relevancy and professionalism. It can distance you from the target audience. For great user engagement, it’s best to use emoji moderately.

Use emoji for Enhancing Content, not as an Essence

When you incorporate emoji marketing it is important for you to understand that emojis are the elements used for making your content more impactful. Emojis should not be the base of your ad campaign. Be as creative as you can when you use emoji, but don’t make it a center point of your content. 

overuse of emojis

For example, if you substitute words with emojis or add more emojis than words in a sentence, your content will lose its context. Use emoji subtly and 

Instead, you need to subtly enhance your post with emojis. Just think of them as of accessories. Unless otherwise is stated by your particular campaign. 

Top Emojis Used On Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram

As the usage of social media platforms is blazing, the daily upload of content on the internet is also increasing rapidly. Emojis make your content appealing for your audience and generate more response. With emojis, your audience can share their feelings quicker.

One of the important factors which help better emoji marketing is to be aware of the popular emojis on different social platforms. So here are some of the popular emojis on their most-used social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter. There are several free social media tools that will enable you to post emoji on different social media platforms at once.

The Top Popular Emojis Used On Twitter

The Top Popular Emojis Used On Twitter

Using only text in your tweets? It’s time you should make some chances. Because of the strict character limit, using emojis on twitter is most required. With emojis you can add expressions to your tweets and make it catchy.

As per emojipedia analysis below are some most popular emoji on Twitter in the year 2019:

  1. 😂 Face with Tears of Joy
  2. 😭 Loudly Crying Face
  3. 🥺 Pleading Face
  4. 🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  5. ❤️ Red Heart
  6. ✨ Sparkles
  7. 😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes
  8. 🙏 Folded Hands
  9. 😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes
  10. 🥰 Smiling Face with Hearts
  11. 👍 Thumbs Up
  12. 💕 Two Hearts
  13. 🤔 Thinking Face

The Top Popular Emojis Used On Facebook

The Top Popular Emojis Used On Facebook

The social media giant, Facebook, recently introduced its fans with six more emoticons. This is in addition to the like button to react and interact with the posts. 

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As per emojipedia analysis below are some most popular emoji on Facebook in the year 2019:

  1. 👍 Like — Thumbs Up
  2. ❤️ Love — Beating Heart
  3. 😂 Haha — Laughing Face
  4. 😯 Wow — Surprised Face
  5. 😢 Sad — Crying Face, showing an animated tear
  6. 😡 Angry — Red / Angry / Pouting Face

The top popular Emojis used on Instagram

The Top Popular Emojis Used On Instagram

Now here comes the showstopper! Instagram is one of the best places for emoji marketing. Instagram is loaded with emojis from comments to stories you will find emojis everywhere.

Instagram is the most famous song Gen Z crowd, who love using the new hash-tag emoji feature, which allows users to hashtag their favorite emojis. 

As per emojipedia analysis below are some most popular emoji on Instagram in the year 2019:

  1. ❤️ The heavy black heart (red heart)
  2. 😍The smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
  3. 😘The face throwing a kiss
  4. 😂The face with tears of joy
  5. 😊The smiling face with smiling eyes
  6. 😎The smiling face with sunglasses
  7. 💕The two hearts
  8. 😉The winking face
  9. 💋The kiss mark
  10. 👍The thumbs up sign


These are some effective emoji marketing strategies from our end. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these methods as there is no bound to creativity. There are endless ways to use emojis for your business and attract your target audience. 

Not only that will attract your target audience’s attention but it will also be an easy and cheap way of raising your brand awareness since people that use your brand emojis will be spreading them for you!

According to emoji consumer science, team users choose emoji for cognitive reasons and not for emotional reasons. Emoji marketing is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to generate brand awareness. So what are you waiting for? Make emoji marketing a part of your business marketing. 

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