How to Use Facebook Messenger For Your Business?

If you think Facebook Messenger is only for private conversations, you’re wrong! This blog will tell you how to use Facebook Messenger for businesses. Before that, we’ll discuss how Messenger is useful for business and how you can take advantage of its features, and ultimately increase your business.

Connecting with your customers and targeted audiences on Facebook has become very easy. It can be done through Facebook Messenger! Facebook Messenger for business prospects makes it easy by offering one-on-one customer service and also keeping a record of the conversation. This provides clear communication between both parties.

Is Facebook Messenger useful for Business?

There are millions of people on various platforms of social media who use Facebook Messenger for their personal as well as for professional use. This instant messaging is available to anyone and can benefit from it in all ways. Facebook Messenger provides quick information to make decisions.

Facebook Messenger for Business

Features introduced in Facebook Messenger are:-

1 – Messenger Platform

2 – Send and Receive Money

3 – Video Calling

4 – Businesses on Messenger

5 – Faster Speed

6 – Message Requests

7 – Photo Magic

8 – Updated location sharing

9 – Transportation Platform

10 – Virtual Business Card

Facebook Messenger became available for personal and professional use as well. Due to this, Facebook users messaged page owners relating to their official requirements. The page owners can reply privately or publicly accordingly.

It helps emerge business prospects in all fields. Direct message to your audience is extremely powerful since Facebook prefers its users to stay on their platform, instead of using email facility.

When your company starts conversations with users, customers are the type of making them your close friend on that level. In this way, business relationships change to personal ones.

What is the Importance of Private Messages?

Private Messages on facebook

The biggest benefits of sending private messages to your customers are – social customer care! Customers who are looking to make a purchase would prefer to ask questions privately according to their requirements.

In this way, the prospects are encouraged to message your business to get the needed information. Facebook Messenger is an immediate way to assist them. You can send them – order confirmations, shipping info, check other related products. This will help them to purchase accordingly. 

Another aspect of private message/support is certain topics cannot be discussed publicly. This mainly relates to industries like Finance and Insurance. Out here, Facebook Messenger becomes helpful where customers give you their private information to resolve an issue.

Lastly, to handle complaints Messenger can take the conversation or comments offline regarding negative feedback from the customer.

How to use Facebook Messenger for your business?

Importance of Private Messages

1 – Facebook Messenger will be active if messages are enabled on your Page

You can accept or send messages only if Messenger is active on your page. To turn the Messenger on, go to Messages under General settings and then click edit!

If you are getting more messages than you can handle, then there are various options for this too. You can turn the feature off, and find more moderators. Secondly, use the setting ‘Away’.

2- Configure your Message Settings

Configure your Message Settings: For your Business Messenger, it can be adjusted through two settingsresponse time and instant replies!

Response Time

Response Time

How long you take to reply to any message is considered as response time. It appears in the About box. If you visit your page at least once a week and also answer 90% of your messages, then the response time will be visual.

Instant Replies

Instant Replies

It can be activated, by writing a message of up to 250 characters and then click Instant Replies. This will set Instant Replies and will go to people the first time they message your page. This feature is located below Response Time under the Messaging section.

3- Create Saved Replies

Create Saved Replies

This is a time-saver option for you and your team, as replies can be easily and quickly sent to anyone who contacts your business/brand. By writing messages ahead of time, will make you look professional and efficient.

Facebook gives you two default saved replies – ‘I can’t chat right now and ‘How can I help you?

Your Facebook communication can be increased by writing and saving several replies, so when you are busy you can click and send these messages quickly.

A form of response can also be created in case of answering the same questions again and again. To create multiple saved reply – click on Manage Replies

To personalize your messages automatically – place the cursor to the user’s name, admin’s name, or the website URL. Click Personalize.

4- Know about your Users who message you

Users who message you

Facebook connects you to the people who message you by displaying their details and linking their profiles. This personalizes your communication and also tells you if the person has liked your page, any previous communication, where they work, their school, and other details.

You can also look through their profile and wish them their milestones and achievements. This will make an extra connection with them and generate a warm place in their hearts.

5 – Add Keywords and Notes

Add Keywords and Notes

To manage conversations well, Messenger allows you to add certain keywords and notes. Add your keywords as identifiers. By adding notes, you can easily keep a track of details about your interactions. It will show up in the section.

Adding notes is also important if there is some troubleshooting issue for a customer. Secondly, if there are multiple admins managing customer care on your page, then out here notes become valuable for the customer.

6 – We can add Messenger box to our website

add Messenger box

New and improved Page Plugin on Facebook encourage your website visitors to contact you. Add a box to your website which shows the page’s timeline, upcoming events, and also to message privately. This feature is possible only by adding the Plugin by Message tab.

Tips to Increase your Business on Messenger

improve your business on Messenger! Get amazing proposals on Messenger! Avail customer service on Messenger!

Facebook Messenger has offered integration with websites to allow companies to get better customer service. When people check out your website, they can connect with you through Messenger. Then you can send them personalized updates.

Increase your Business on Messenger

This will enhance how people and businesses communicate with each other. The possibility of instant communication for any purchase is achieved on your website. Customers will also be able to one-click purchase right from Messenger.


Messenger can achieve the goal of increasing your Business. It is an excellent tool for instant contact and connection with prospects and customers.

You can also comment on the new Comment tab that may need follow-up via message. The more you know about Facebook Messenger, the better you will be able to use it for your business.

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