How to Use Facebook Notes for Marketing?

Facebook note app is Facebook’s new product where you can publish text content. Develop understanding with our tips that exactly what Facebook note app is and how to boost your marketing effort with Facebook’s new application.

Facebook Notes for Marketing: In the era of videos, reading long blogposts sounds boring when seen from the eyes of the audience. To make it exciting, Facebook Notes are the best way for promoting informative stuff.

Facebook Notes is a public post that will appear on your timeline and News Feed. Once uploaded, all the fans and customers can see this post and anyone who is tagged in the post will be notified.

The feature is particularly useful to publish a really long post. You can add a note, title it, and upload a photo along with tagging people and pages to increase traffic.

 Facebook Notes for Marketing

facebook notes for marketing

Notes app is useful when you are creating a blog to get some additional posting space. Adding notes on your newsfeed will not only help you to increase activity on your page but will also initiate conversations on topics liked by your followers.

For this to happen it is important to use notes app efficiently. The feature will help you to increase traffic on your Facebook business page.

In this post, you will learn about 10 ways to Use Facebook Notes for Marketing. By this, you can build a deeper and meaningful relationship with your fans, and at the same time, you will drive more readers to your Facebook page.

More visitors, the better will be your product branding, promotion, and the audience will get to learn more about your products and services.

10 Tips to Use Facebook Notes for Marketing


1. Creating Blogs

A business owner will always want to market his/her product by using ample internet space. Engaging yourself in writing blogs for your readers will take your Facebook marketing to a completely new level.

Anytime you create a new Facebook note on your page this will help you to engage with your readers.


2. Engagement with other Bloggers and Readers

In Facebook Notes app, you can tag other people by typing @ and their name. This will help you to create a better space for discussion by inclusion of other prominent bloggers of your field. This ultimately will help you to market your products better and create awareness about the business.

Apart from this, you can also spread awareness on any social cause by engaging more people. Customers always support business entities that are socially conscious.

3. Create Notes and Blogs about your Products and Services

facebook page for product sale

You can publicize your products and services through Facebook notes. By this, you can describe in detail about your individual product and service. In addition, you can add individual images to capture their attention.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to add hyperlinks to your individual products and services available on your website. This will direct the customers to your website and ultimately increase sales and awareness about your product.

Inserting a hyperlink to facebook notes

4. Insert Post Summary

Facebook Notes app allows you to create a brief summary of the post you have already shared. Be sure to add a line in your Facebook post directing the readers to the notes.

5. Detailed Instructions for your Product and Services

There may be times when you get a lot of repeated questions about your offerings. In that case, you can create a Frequently Asked Question Note and answer all the questions at once.

Every time you add a note it gets stored to note archive, this will help to quickly resolve all the queries of your readers.

6. Pin Feature

The “pin to top” feature will enable you to put the desired notes at the top of your page always.

Although you can only pin one note at a time, this feature is a great way to always keep your latest Facebook post or the most trending post on the top.


7. Facebook Ads to Promote Facebook Notes

Facebook Ads have taken product marketing to all new level. These ads also allow you to choose your target audience based on their interests and the pages that they have already liked.

You can also create a Facebook ad to promote your published note. This will help you to gain many new visitors and leads on your page.

8. Share Notes with Friends

share Facebook notes with friends

Facebook notes not only gives you a free space to write about your products but also allows you to share this with your friends through your Facebook profile. This means that instead of directing your readers to Facebook page notes you can share notes on the Facebook profile as well.

Make sure that while creating your notes, you also add hyperlinks within your Facebook notes to related products on your website or any other website. Also, you must include links about other top products to make the readers aware. But yes do ensure that you don’t do over promotions.

9. Embed Facebook Notes

Embed Facebook Notes


You can also use the “Embed Note” feature to link your note with your blog post. If you are already publishing blogs, it can be a great way to incorporate your Facebook note from your Facebook page.

By using this you can encourage the readers to like, share and comment on a Facebook note through Facebook and use a blog post to inform them about the product.

10. Summary

You can create a weekly or monthly summary of your Facebook posts by creating a Facebook Note. Simply, take what you have written for the past week or month and create one Facebook note for the same.

Alternatively, you can create a separate Facebook note that will link other notes written by you on the same topic.

Such note will include the title of the note referred, 2-3 sentences about the note and link to read the full post. This will make it easy for your readers to search for any specific note.

The Last Note

Facebook Notes and ads are becoming altogether a new social media management tools for powerful business marketing. This will solve all your objectives like create better content, connect with fans and readers, and get more audience for your products.

I hope that you find these tips on Facebook notes useful and utilize it in your business marketing.

Let us know what strategy worked for you?

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