9 Hashtag Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

Using hashtag for your online marketing does not only mean to # symbol to your keywords. In order to target your consumer the right way, you need to use the right hashtags. This is what the blog is all about, we have curated a list of 9 hashtag tactics you should use for your business.

Hashtag Marketing: Social media networks and brands go hand in hand. Main goal – to target your influential audience, promote your brand, increase the reach internationally. For this, you need Hashtags for marketing. But you cannot rely on popular hashtags, but must be aware of emerging trends among consumers and influencers. This will optimize your hashtag usage so that your audience does not miss any of your posts.

For raising brand awareness, adding hashtags to your target keywords is not enough. Many brands use the free Instagram Analytics tool to change the # hashtags marketing strategy. Most important is to know how to market these hashtags and get the most out of them.

What is Hashtag Marketing Strategy?


Tips to use Hashtags for Marketing

Below are important pointers to apply for how to use hashtags for marketing:

1. Survey Your # Hashtag/ Keywords Usage

Before using any hashtag for your brand or business, do research and find out the volume and frequency of posts related to your chosen hashtags. You can get to know, different variations of your hashtags and where it is mostly used.

You can also find top trending hashtags # through the tools in your social network. In this way, you can find out which hashtags your fans are using and also join them in conversations by using the same keywords. Target markets can be easily searched by tagging their usernames!

2. Branded Hashtags Usage


Many use their brand name as a hashtag, but it does not work out every time. There are different ways to create a crowd around your brand or account. You can also use slogans or keywords which are designed around a specific marketing campaign. It does create a new visual look for your company or brand!

3. Celebrate Special Days and Seasons

You can customize your hashtags to suit your brand. There are themed hashtags for holidays and seasons. So you can use hashtags according to your brand or company.

In social media, it is also seen hashtags relating to holidays, causes, and occasions. These hashtags can be used for your marketing campaign so that users can see and follow your posts easily.

4. Promote Giveaways and Branded Hashtags for Marketing


There is a long list of hashtag themes and occasions. These branded hashtags must be promoted as products or prize giveaways. Since events and cultural happenings are also connected with hashtags, these posts get plenty of views. Many branded hashtags get millions of views and connections.

5. Listen to What Users are Saying

It is extremely important to listen to what users are saying. This helps in building content and campaigns around this conversation, and also respond to them regarding their target topic. It is a good opportunity to interact with fans and encourage a positive experience with followers.

6. Influencers in Your Industry

You can partner with your audience well and create a branded hashtag to go along for campaigns. Your audience will guide you well by letting you know which influencers they follow. This will be easier to track the performance and increase brand awareness.

7. Performance Becomes Better With Competitive Analysis

It is worth checking out what exactly your competition is doing, though you are aware of the trends in your industry. This will help you in knowing – the exact hashtags they use, campaigns associated with them, follower engagements around these posts, and the outcomes.

You can use all the information and finally create content ideas which you did not use. In this way, you can use new hashtag campaigns for your brand. Use Instagram Analytics tools too for improved social media posts, blogs, etc.

8. Use Twitter Chats Hashtags for Marketing

Use Twitter Chats Hashtags for Marketing


Hashtags can be used with Twitter chats to increase the conversation flow between the users to know more about your brand. There are Credit chats, generic hashtags, and many more to avail and increase the conversation with your followers. Make questions about your chosen topic and let your followers know about it, in this way you will get responses to your discussion.

9. Measure the Reach of Your Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns


Monitor the results of your hashtag campaigns on your followers and business pages. This will certainly impact the success now and in future marketing efforts. Try out the below points to measure the reach –

a – Visualize the mentioned hashtags on your brand, and determine whether followers think your brand is memorable or not. Inspire your followers to interact with your brand by inserting the hashtags in posts.


b – Compare your related hashtagged posts, business page, or content videos before launching a hashtag campaign to get to know if you have achieved your goal. More views indicate that there is a crowd surrounding your brand as many users are sharing posts with your hashtags.

c – You should see your follower numbers growing after a successful hashtag campaign.


Hashtag marketing strategies show the number of followers and how to improve your future campaigns. Optimizing your hashtags for marketing strategy will help in enhancing your brand and have more interactions with your consumers on a social media platform.

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