How to Use Instagram Stories in your Sales Funnel

Do you have an Instagram business account? Are you wondering how to use it to boost your sales funnel? Well, Instagram stories can help you in doing so. In this article, you will learn how to use Instagram stories to attract and direct people to the sales funnel of your business.

Instagram stories can give a great deal of effect on your adherents and more leads that will build your business pipe. 

The following is the direction on the most proficient method to utilize Instagram stories to connect with and transform your customers into devotees: 

Instagram leads to the center of the channel

Instagram provides stories that assume an imperative job in focusing on adherents set in any business pipe. These accounts help the clients that are following and are taking part in your substance.

The substance that is steady, convincing arrives at connecting with adherents who are really intrigued by your business/image and are additionally from the center to the base of your business channel.

It is noticed that Instagram stories are fundamentally utilized for your present adherents and not for future devotees. The future adherents are ignorant about your image. 

Significance of Stories – Business makes a beeline for use Instagram Stories as their advertising system for their brands to keep their clients refreshed routinely with respect to their brands.

In this, they post stories and advise the adherents about what’s going on. This is likewise an approach to build the brand’s presentation, support intrigued possibilities, and furthermore genuinely append them.

Tips and Tricks Stories

Continuously give your supporters simple to follow tips and deceives, as they make extraordinary Instagram story content. These speedy and simple tips make the substance stories fascinating and furthermore request followers who are between the business pipe. These Instagram stories are best when they are utilized with clear, straightforward messages and models. 

The impact of these accounts is that your adherents can without much of a stretch comprehend the ideas shared and in this manner needn’t bother with any outside information or take any notes. They would select speedy and simple to process data. Clients additionally find better approaches to utilize your items or administrations. 

Best of all, such stories offer a chance to sustain a relationship and assemble trust with your supporters since when executed accurately, they are viewed as fair and accommodating. 

Teaching Stories

There are sure stories that show some essential significant viewpoints in your industry or related field. These are called Educational Stories. Such stories offer insights about your work environment that is trailed by point by point clarifications. 

In instructive stories, you can think about – how-to-do, notice about your item, and exhibit about your image’s data. This aids in talking about new patterns in the business that refreshes your adherents and builds your validity. 

These instructive Instagram stories offer incredible substance to your clients and accordingly holds them down the pipe. These instructive tips and deceives content must be clear, fast, material, and intriguing. On the off chance that the substance is in the address group, your clients will get exhausted and would want to move away.

Lifestyle branded related stories

You can share the lifestyle and brand-related content to your followers through Instagram. The contents can contain lifestyle tips that others can use in their everyday life and also benefit from it. These posts keep the followers attached to your Instagram stories.

To mention more, your followers will also be interested in your behind-the-scenes of your business and will keep them updated about the business details.

It is important to keep in mind that lifestyle stories will be effective if they provide entertainment to the viewers. This will offer value, guidance, and important tips to your followers.

Briefly, for impressive story content you can use tools like humor, inspirational quotes, and characters that will leave an impression on your followers.

You can include memes, and jokes that will keep them entertained. There are some followers who would be interested in your company’s growth and development and what your team has decided to do in the holiday season.

All the above options will connect your followers with your brand by adding value and promoting it everywhere. This will increase your sales funnel and also make them laugh with your humored story content.

1 – Dimensions for Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have dimensions that vary in regular posts and ads. In certain things, your entire smartphone screen can be used. This generally means that the content must be 1920 pixels high, 1080 pixels wide, having 9:16 ratio. These dimensions must be kept in mind while creating any sort of content so that it can be according to your audience requirement.

Due to the temporary and casual nature of stories, you can surely recycle Instagram posts as Instagram Stories. The most important aspect of Stories is capturing videos.

2 – Instagram drives convert through Stories

You can follow your client or adherent’s commitment through your substance. Toward the finish of the business pipe, it is smarter to realize who is viewing your accounts. There are numerous approaches to satisfy it – 

  • The initial step is to have a live online class for the new item or administration propelling. This can be promoted in your accounts and hence monitor your drawing in devotees/watchers. This will likewise give you a thought regarding who is intrigued and going to the related online class.
  • This all can be accomplished by making a greeting page or video that your supporters can use to find out about the related stories and data. The substance must be designed with the intended interest group in musings alongside the highlights. 

3 – Highlighted collections help both Instagram leads and supporters

Instagram stories are substantial for 24 hours, however we have to know how these accounts can offer long haul showcasing esteem much following 24 hours.

The Instagram stories vanish from the supporter’s feed, so it is noticeable to spare them in the featured collections so the clients can investigate them whenever from the client’s record or profile. 

This component permits you to spare the story substance for the future adherents and the current/future followers both can watch the necessary substance when required.

Group your Instagram Highlights
Group your Instagram Highlights

Viewers Can Watch Instagram stories that are in the center of the sales funnel. These stories are usually emphasized mostly for people who’re put at the top or bottom of the sales funnel.

It’s crucial to know exactly what type of stories should be stored for the followers which will certainly come back. For this particular, highlighted stories help your followers to analyze themselves where they lie in the funnel and also get the essential information. 

For names, go with brief and easily comprehensible titles that coordinate with each other. The names must be short that may be fully displayed on your profile account. It’ll be better to use keywords for clarity in your highlights album. 

Design Distinct Custom Covers for Instagram highlights. Your album can be designed in custom emphasized covers that have easy And clean pictures, mentioning the role of highlighting your Instagram brand account. 

To get Custom covers, you may use intentional color palettes and icons. Exactly like other Instagram content, you can delete or archive highlights when needed.

You may take advantage of this attribute whenever you feel it’s time to give your on-line branding a refreshing shift, a short-term purchase, or when an app has ended. Make it a point that your highlights must be relevant and up to date.

Design Different Custom Covers for Instagram highlights

Your album can be designed in custom highlighted covers that have simple and clean images, mentioning the purpose of highlighting your Instagram brand account. For Custom covers, you can use intentional color palettes, and simple icons.

Just like other Instagram content, you can archive or delete highlights when needed. You can use this feature when you feel it is time to give your online branding a refreshing change, a short-term sale, or when any program has ended. Make it a point that your highlights must always be relevant and up to date.

4 – Instagram Stories can be optimized by Analytics tools

Instagram is an excellent platform where tips are provided for business profiles that can track engagements and also determine the ways to harness the stories.

Instagram Stories can be optimized by Analytics tools

It is known as a powerful social media platform. The only way to measure engagement is through Metrics. Instagram insights lets you know which stories are great and which are not of quality ratio for your audience. This also updates about the viewers reviewing your stories.


Instagram’s social media site provides stories that help in keeping your brand at the top level. Through your stories, you can get a positive presence in your follower’s everyday lives. You need to be creative in applying it and also entertain with your stories.

This will result in providing engaging content that can be shared with your followers to grow your brand. In this way, you can also guide your followers that are in the middle/bottom of the sales funnel.

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