Nextdoor App: A Guide to Using the Neighbourhood Social Network

Have you heard about Nextdoor app? Want to explore about it? If yes, then this blog is made for you. Here in this blog we are going to read about Nextdoor in detail. We will be reading about the uses of it, how to post on it, and many more. Read on to learn more about it.

Neighbourhood Social Network: Nextdoor App is used to connect with neighbors and engage with their nearby areas or community. For brands, business owners and organizations can offer their services to their local neighborhoods. Out here, word-of-mouth helps a lot and Nextdoor can become a source of increased sales and profit.

Below are the detailed information on what Nextdoor neighborhood app does, how it can be used, and tips to optimize your presence on social media network.

What is Nextdoor?


The Nextdoor App is a Neighbourhood Social Network platform that is used for local areas and neighborhoods. It connects your network to those in your surrounding areas.

The main aspect of this network is that more than 180,000 neighborhoods are connected. They have a mission that directs – a trusted platform where neighbors can work together to build a safe, happy and strong community wherever you reside.

Users can interact and communicate with each other regarding community news, any services, or even businesses that are in need.

Neighbourhood App is Used For?

Users can do anything and everything on this app, be it gossiping about neighbors or even discuss some business deals, etc.

The Nextdoor app is used for three things:

Selling and Buying

Selling and Buying on Nextdoor


Nextdoor App is used to sell or purchase items that are displayed on the app itself. Listings also appear on the neighborhood feed, so that users can see new items regularly. Many things can be visualized on the app like clothing, useful items, real estate listings, and many more.

Organizing Events

Users can very well use Next door App to host and organize parties or events. Through this app, any nearby clubs can also be booked for the regarding the occasion.

Get Recommendations

The users can get reviews of local businesses like restaurants or any nearby outlets. This helps a lot and unnecessary time is saved.

Well, the highlighted point in the Nextdoor network is that neighbors engage with each other and build a sense of community that binds them together.

How to Use Nextdoor App?

Nextdoor networks can be used for businesses or organizations. Besides personal use, you can use this app for your professional use as well. This will guide you to the local networks nearby and you can easily connect with them.

Follow the 4 steps below

Download the App

Download nextdoor app


Go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the Nextdoor app. It just hardly takes some time. When done, you can move on…

Create a User Profile

The next important step is to create your user profile. This will allow you to communicate with other members, and also take part in the features of the Nextdoor app. After completing your user profile, you can put your business in the app.

When you open your Nextdoor for the first time, click on – Find your neighborhood. On the next page, you will enter your address which is very important to connect with your local community.

Well, providing your address is vital as it creates a level of transparency. This will help you out in 2 things –


Nextdoor uses your information to share with the community. In this way, the members treat each other with respect.

Create More Than Just an Online Community

Nextdoor wants to encourage real-life communities by encouraging face to face conversations and meetings. They also assure you that your information is not public and is visible among the community people only.

After updating your address, now register your email address and password. Done! Great! Now as a user on the Nextdoor app, you can go straight to the neighborhood feed and view the latest updates, events, and listings from your community. The next step is to register your business or any organization if you have one.

Add your Business to the Nextdoor app

Add your Business to Nextdoor app

Follow the link and head towards – Create a Business page.

There are two options for your business or organization:

  • Business: Choose this option if there is any business name.
  • Individual: Choose this option if you are working alone or under your name.

After choosing the needed option for your business, Nextdoor will ask you to fill in other basic details about the page. Click on the – Add your page, and your business profile will be registered with Nextdoor.

Now you can view your business page and engage with your audience. Share it among your neighbors and other related sources nearby.

Share your Profile

Scroll to the middle of your business page for options and share your page (Profile) to get more recommendations. It is important for the performance of your business on the app and the related reach you need.

Your business page will get likes, comments, and shares which will be beneficial.

How to Track it?

Like top social media platforms, you need to know the performance level of your business or organization page.

For Nextdoor, your performance level can be divided into 4 areas: You will be able to track and optimize your presence on the Nextdoor app.

  • Recommendations: These are considered as the positive reviews which you get for your business page. The result of the higher number of recommendations is social proof in your community.
  • Neighborhoods: They are your main target audience in terms of neighborhoods and communities. The greater number of networks your business gets is all due to a higher number in your audience.
  • Neighbors: They are your Nextdoor users. The higher the number, the more Nextdoor users you can connect with.
  • Comments: They actively engage with your community by leaving comments on your page. Their comments can be feedbacks, any concerns or engaging back with your community.

The Nextdoor Basics

There are tons of different ways to engage with your communities. It can be from creating and hosting events to selling your items through listings. Below are some pointers on how to accomplish your goals –

How to Post?

It functions just like other social media platforms. Postings get your advice and suggestions from your neighbors. To make a post:

  • Go to your Newsfeed.
  • Click on Post a message, event, or any urgent alert for neighbors at the top of your feed.
  • Choose the type of post.
  • Craft your post accordingly.
  • Tap Post

It can be visualized on your community feed.

How to create an event?

add event on nextdoor


Create an event to gather together for a birthday bash or a community meeting.

Following are the pointers:

  • Go to Newsfeed.
  • Click on the Event on the left.
  • Click on Add event on the right.
  • Choose your event’s privacy, along with date and time.
  • Choose a Photo
  • Post your Event.

The event will appear on the newsfeed and your neighbors can visualize it on their feed.

How to Create a Group?

It would be great to communicate and meet with like-minded neighbors. This will help you to the group along with other members of the same group.

Follow the below steps for creating a group:

  • Go to your Newsfeed.
  • Click on Browse for all groups.
  • Click on Create Group.
  • Fill all the group information.
  • Click on Create Group.

Now your neighbors can join in as your group, where you can discuss anything you want, or even promote your business.

How to Sell an Item?

  • Make some money by selling items on Nextdoor. Follow the below steps –
  • Click on your Newsfeed.
  • Click on For Sale and Free.
  • Then click on Post an Item.
  • Fill all the details and your listings along with a photo.
  • Click post.

It will post on the community feed. Those in your network will see and place their orders accordingly.

Nextdoor Tips for Businesses and Organizations

Businesses and Organizations can get a lot of help and engagements through the Neighbourhood Social Network. Even local governments use this app to interact with their citizens and learn about the issues existing in their community.

Below are some tips for businesses and organizations to use Nextdoor for their neighborhoods:

Talk to your Neighbours

Talk to your Neighbours


With this Neighbourhood Social Network, the organizations allow to directly engage with their community. Local Governments benefit by speaking with community leaders, citizens, and neighborhood groups. In this way, they come to know about their concerns.

Business owners get an opportunity to listen to their clients. They come to know about their struggles, issues, and other related problems.

Announce Major Changes

Through Nextdoor, you can announce any major changes you need to do or is important for the community. It can be any cleanliness issue or anything. Regarding business, you can inform your neighborhood contacts about relocation or any changes in opening hours.

Prevent Crime

Nextdoor helps the neighbors to keep their communities safe by keeping an eye on any suspicious activities. Local governments can use Nextdoor to announce any advice or notices to the citizens.

Engage your Community

Nextdoor allows you to connect and engage with your community, providing all the valuable updates to help your business or organization. You can also gather prospective clients for things like live workshops and meetups. Similarly, local governments can gather volunteers for important Neighbourhood Social Network issues.


Nextdoor app is helpful like other social media platforms but this is applicable for your Neighbourhood Social Network community and local areas. Your business or organization can also improve and grow through Nextdoor App.

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