How to Use Twitter Hashtags Effectively?

Hashtags are like oar for Twitter, it allows you to navigate efficiently but only when you swift it in the right direction. In this article we guide you to find the right hashtags for your twitter audience and use it the right method to gain maximum brand exposure.

Twitter Hashtags: Twitter is one of the best Social media channels, where there are 330 million monthly users. You can get recent updates about brands, businesses, and the latest news. So, you need to be active on Twitter to follow these leads. Twitter becomes important if you are using it for professional use. This will certainly promote your business/brand.

How To Use Twitter Hashtags?

How To Use Twitter Hashtags

It has been observed that many brands just keep on tweeting about themselves, their products and services, etc. But that is not all! Twitter is not just about tweeting! If you do not know how to use Twitter hashtags effectively, then your business or brand cannot grow.

You are lost in this vast social media tool, only by scheduling tweets and use some popular Twitter hashtag with every post. You need to master and use the real potential of this popular platform.

1 – Twitter Strategy is Important for the Start

Without any plans, how can you achieve your goal? So, a strategy which includes your time and money activities is indeed very important. This will help you in accomplishing your goals and will succeed in any social media platform.

Twitter Strategy is Important for the Start

Make your direction clear for your Twitter account, which includes –

a – New leads and sales.

b – Customer cost must be decreased.

c – Improve your product awareness.

d – Customer loyalty is important.

Make sure your goals are specific and reflecting your targeted result. This will help you to develop more actionable targets for your social account.  While deciding your goals, always make sure what your audience wants from you, what is their interest and then implement it accordingly.

2 – Create Your Twitter Profile

Create Your Twitter Profile


This will create the right image for your business/ brand. Through your profile, you can very well build trust with your audience and also project your ability and skills.

There are certain points which must be followed to proceed further –

a – It is necessary to complete your Twitter profile. For this, you can choose a branded image and write some professional lines in your bio to describe what you do. This will give a clear picture to your viewers and they will get to know about you and your work.

b – It will be worthy if you are considered a credible company. This will give you your customer’s trust. Getting the blue ‘verified’ badge on Twitter is an excellent place to start.

c – Always link your profile on your other social accounts. This will give the needed engagements and views.

3 – Know How to Use Hashtags

Know How to Use Hashtags

Social media hashtags were generated in Twitter itself. Hashtags group your content according to the existing categories and therefore, makes your brand can be found easily online. Surveys have shown that tweets with hashtags improve engagements by 50% and can be used as an advantageous resource.

Below are some of the basic tips to boost your hashtag strategy on Twitter –

a – Twitter suggests to use a couple of hashtags per tweet. You cannot use too many.

b – Spaces and punctuations must be avoided in hashtags. Everything must be linked together.

c – Twitter also provides trending hashtags for you to use it. These are related to your profile and can be applied along with initial tags.

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4 – It is Necessary to Know When to Post on Twitter

It is Necessary to Know When to Post on Twitter

Abundant tweets are sent every minute, every second. Therefore, it becomes difficult to get real engagement from your Twitter followers. Twitter can be used effectively if you know when to post so it reaches your audience. These small points will increase your viewers and thus your followers.

a – The best time is to post is between 9 am to 10 am.

b – Friday is the best day to post on Twitter.

c – Sunday mornings must be avoided to post.

d – Twitter Analytics can be used to know the timings about your audience and their requirements.

e – Make it a point to tweet at least once a day. Experiment with your postings will surely increase the level of engagement with your followers.

5 – Engage Your Audience

The most important thing to track on Twitter is your engagement levels. It is necessary to have followers to increase your social account popularity.

a – Read your follower’s tweets to know about their preferences, emerging trends. In this way, you can keep track of your network.

b – Customers expect brands to be responsive on Twitter. If you care about your customers, then you need to fast in responding.

c – You can also retweet and follow your audience. This will show that you value them.

follow your audience

d – Interacting is very important to your audience. Ask questions, host polls, ask for their opinions on certain topics and organize competitions for them. This will make them visit your account again and again.

e – Tag your followers and influencers – Involve with your network, by tagging them in your posts. Your followers and influencers will promote you and your business brand through their posts. You need to have appropriate tagging strategies.

View Your Like’s Tweets

When reviewing your Twitter account, you will notice that your audience will like or click on the links in your tweets. This will assure the level of engagement of your needed audience. You can also show your reciprocate love by clicking their tweets, clicking the heart icon or sending positive messages on Twitter.

6 – Human Voice Will Help Out

In Twitter, it is important to develop a human tone for your related brand. This means that having regular conversations between people. It is necessary to know about your audience, their likes, and dislikes, then you can easily provide the needed marketing content to your followers. This is the key to success on Twitter.

Secondly, you need to choose what kind of personality you want for your business. This will make your face value consistent on Twitter. Informative, informal or sophisticated, whatever you choose will be there forever. Make sure to respond to the comments of your audiences. This will show them that you value them. Conversations help out!

7 – Multimedia is Essential for Boosting Engagements

Surveys on Twitter have mentioned that multimedia is valuable and useful in engaging more and more people. Users have responded that they would prefer to see more videos from the people they follow.

Multimedia is Essential for Boosting Engagements

Certain pointers will help out in driving engagements from your followers –

a – Share videos of your organization to help build your credibility and authenticity as a brand.

b – Post images and pictures on your Twitter feed. You can easily tag 10 people if you want.

c – Try GIFs. It will also show the funny side of your brand/business.

8 – Monitor Your Performance

Monitoring your brand means to watch what your followers are saying and paying attention to your Twitter performance. Follow the below pointers to target your needed performance –

 Monitor Your Performance

a – Keep track of your competitors. This will help you to know what other people are saying about competing brands and how they compare to you. It also gives an inspiration regarding your own Twitter posts.

b – Listen to your followers. The more you know about your brand reputation, it will help you more to make the required positive changes.

c – Use Twitter Analytics to measure your marketing strategy. This will help out in customer engagement.

9 – Use New Tactics For the Experiment

Explore different options with advanced content formats. This will help you in promoting specific posts and target different audiences.

a – You can use Twitter cards for your blog posts on social media. It will stand out among your target audience.

target audience

b – Customer Service on Twitter. It will show your audience that you are always there for them. Generally, customers turn to social media for brand support.


Twitter hashtags do help in using social media to connect with their customers. The more you use Twitter and learn its value, it will be easier to grow your brand online. It is all about engaging with your followers and having the right presence on your profile.

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