How to Write Press Release: 21 Examples and 7 Templates

Being in the marketing field it becomes very important for marketers to have the minimum notion of how to write a useful Press Release. Press Release ensures that the media and public are aware of your latest news. In this blog, we have shared some useful examples and templates that can be used by a brand. Let's begin!

Every marketer should have the minimum notion of how to write a useful Press Release report. The Press Release reports play a major role in helping the media deliver the latest news stories to the audience or viewers.

Nowadays, Journalists are very preoccupied with their job that they only respond to the best angles. Any poor writings might get eliminated, so you need to make sure that you integrate your article with appropriate information. 

When concentrating on writing an article you should first specify all the angles in a news story that might interest the audience. 

To make sure that your story comes to be a hit and there is no scrap in your writeup, and it’s informational in every sense to its readers.

What is a Press Release?

What is a Press Release

News releases or Press Releases are similar concepts: either a one or two-page document sharing the latest news stories. Renowned journalists usually read these breaking news stories but at times, they might be directly read by the general audience.

These Press Releases have a very typical news format that sticks to the reverse pyramid style of providing information. It is also popular as a news release that shares information that is worthy of being defined as News. Journalists and editors use this general information to write my college paper for me.

Here are certain reasons why you would like to send a Press Release in a very sophisticated way: 

  1. Journalists and media outlets can build the business all alone, making sense sense to use a Press Release to gain more attention and create awareness among people. 
  2. Building relationships is very easy with the help of journalists and media outlets that make a good reach for the business alone. Moreover, journalists need stories, and if you can help them with these stories, it would turn out to be a good relationship with the media industry. 
  3. The incorporation of productive keywords can be highly beneficial for your company’s website. Those rank for your keywords on search engines can contribute for any article or blog to a journalist. These offerings will help you get some backlinks for your company’s website. 
  4. An effective Press Release can help establish the brand image of your business. It is a better way to control your business viewpoint to help build the brand image and help shape public awareness with some official statement. 
  5. The Press Release is more like a feasible outlet that allows you to share content worthy of news and public attention.

Types of Press Release

There are a total of five different types of Press Release that have already nailed the market: 

1. Product Launch Press Release

Product Launch Press Release

For this Press Release, you need to look at the product launch PR Release from Apple. Below mentioned are few elements that made a good Press Release for the giant company Apple

  • Apple gave a Headline that clearly states it’s a point that was kept very simple and concise. It grabbed the attention of many consumers as well as reporters who went through this report. 
  • Apple gave a location just before introducing their first para or lead of the report where the news took place initially. In this context, the location example is New York. 
  • Apple led to their Press Release which was exactly on point and made every journalist aware that this is a new product release. The lead clearly explained all the various features that make this laptop more appealing to its consumers. 
  • Apple gave a body that followed the style of providing information in an inverted pyramid. Moreover, this helped them establish a human element that eventually had a good reach among the audience. 
  • Apple also has a boilerplate, which is used frequently as an example of what it might look like in marketing circles. The boilerplate is very clear and avoids any jargon that lists out what they are offering along with data and notes on what they want to achieve. 
  • Apple also clarifies the media contacts that are its PR agents and the media helpline number of the company.

2. New Research Findings Press Release

Research Findings Press Release

This Press Release has also done a great job in terms of title, lead, and quotations. The main point is that this Press Release also follows the inverted pyramid style of depicting information. It makes its intentions very clear right from the beginning in very clarified terms. 

The end of the article goes into detail about the technical facts and details after it has clarified it’s an idea to the audience. 

3. Emergency Announcement Press Release

Emergency Announcement Press Release

The most significant point about this Press Release is how it exemplifies the urgency of something going on in the present situation. The focus of this Press Release also aims at touching the emotional and social sentiments of a reader.

The whole body of this Press Release follows the inverted pyramid style and some quotes that are relevant to the information. 

However, unlike all other Press Releases, the contact details of the official statement have been clearly stated in the body.

The break-in structure might not go well with other topics, but with this one, it fits just right and presents all the necessary information on top of the Press Release report. 

4. New Hire Press Release

New Hire Press Release

A New Hire Press Release needs to be created in a very patient way; that is, you need to mention the name of the individual and their designation in the title.

The reason being is that it helps in having a clear idea that who is being hired? And what is going to be their role after hiring? You should make effective use of the lead to jot down the qualifications and the achievements of that individual in his past. 

All this information will help the reporters or journalists get a better idea of that individual’s background. 

5. Award Announcement Press Release

Award Announcement Press Release

When writing a Press Release for any Award Announcement, you need to take care of these three aspects:

  • Who won the award?
  • What was the award earned by that individual?
  • Who gave the award to that individual?

You should keep these aspects in the front and center when writing a Press Release for an Award Announcement. Make sure to answer all these three aspects within the lead, as is the case with the event Press Release.

Guidelines to Write A Press Release

Guidelines to Write A Press Release

Now you are all prepared to write your own Press Release for your company. Just follow the steps given below to get your job done right. Check them out:

Step 1: You need to find your own angle to write a Press Release

The key to great news stories lies in the beauty of finding good news that has a significant angle. An angle clearly means the perspective or lead that the story is supposed to take when it gets evolved. Some of the common angles include:

  • Impact on local people that will have a clear impact on the local people who will read the story.
  • Conflict would be another common angle that might give a turning point to your story. 
  • Progress is also another common yet significant angle in a story for the familiar readers.
  • Drama is also a common angle because you need to make a Press Release that might evoke an emotional response from the readers. 

Make sure to remember the 5 W’s when writing a story that is:

  • Whose story is it?
  • What’s going on in the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • When will the story happen?
  • Why is the story important to the readers?
  • Make sure to follow the angles along with the 5 W’s model to define your story in the best possible way. 

Step 2: Write a suitable headline

Write a suitable headline

You should give a suitable headline to your Press Release in order to grab the attention of your audience. Headline will help your story grow amongst the readers because that is the first thing that any reader notices before reading any story or Press Release.

In order to write good headlines that are relevant to your information, make use of CoSchedule Title Analyser.

Step 3: Write Your Review

Write Your Review

The title of your Press Release is always written in the first para and that also makes an appearance under your summary bullets.

Writing the main information in the first para is the basic way of including information from a particular angle or perspective. This angle or perspective should be interesting to your audience or readers. 

The 5Ws are also a great practice that will ensure release of good information. This good information might sound relevant to a journalist or editor as they receive various reports every day. Make sure to put the locations and topic of interest that will sound relevant and interesting to them. 

Template: Follow Bobcat Company

Step 4: Write two or five Paras that are Strong enough with the necessary details.

The two or five strong paras should precisely narrate the whole story and also include necessary support details. 

Template: Médecins sans Frontières

Médecins sans Frontières

Step 5: Do Include Quotations

The best way to increase the depth of your article or news report is by incorporating some relevant quotations in it. Quotations should not be complicated and hard to understand but should be perfect and relevant to the Press Release. 

Template: Example of target boilerplate

Step 6: Include Contact Details

Include Contact Details

The most important step that should be followed is inclusion of contact details when writing a Press Release. The reason why you should include the contact details is for the reader to know where to contact and to whom to contact for this information. 

Template: Example of a theatre baking tray B

Step 7: Boiler Copy Should be Included

Boiler Copy

The Master key should be included and visible in every version of the Press Release sent by you. Make sure to include all the necessary information such as:

  • Organization Name
  • Mission Statement given by you
  • Date of creation
  • Company strength or size
  • A brief statement of your organization and its aim in future

21 Best Examples of Press Releases

Below are some of the best examples of Press Releases from the web that will help you better understand the concept. Check them out:

  • Apple: ” Apple Add donations from Earth Day to the exchange and recycling program
  • Associated Press: AP and Red Bull Media Collaborate to Provide Premium Content on Sports, Music & Lifestyle
  • Starbucks: Veterans, caregivers find a new direction at the Dog Tag Bakery
  • Fender: Fender celebrates 60 years Jazz master Innovation ears
  • Modcloth: Modcloth Breaks Up with Black Friday
  • Vans: Vans joins forces with the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation to help educate youth communities around the world
  • Amazon: Buckle Up, Prime Members: Amazon launches in-car delivery
  • Barkbox: New Barkbox study reveals that humans rely on their little ones to spend the holidays
  • Goal: ten marks of Emerging Beauty Launch This Year’s Target Takeoff Accelerator Program in Minneapolis
  • New York Public Library: the New York Public Library Announces 2018 Young Lions Fiction Award Finalists
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Build highlights evidence of a new opportunity for Developers, at the edge and in the cloud
  • Adobe: Adobe launches Spark with premium features for every student, free
  • Major League Baseball: MLB Announces ‘Honorary Bat Girls ‘ For All 30 MLB Clubs in Advance of Mother’s Day
  • Salesforce: Dropbox and Salesforce Announce Strategic Partnership
  • Home Depot: Home Depot to hire 1,000 tech professionals
  • NBC Universal: NBC’s Breakout Summer Sensation ‘ World of Dance ‘Glides to a Season 3 Renewal
  • Twitter: Letter to shareholders for the first quarter of 2018
  • United Way: United Way has helped over 2 million young people to prepare for college, Work, Life
  • Electronic Arts: EA and Maxis invite players to play with life in The Sims Mobile
  • Wistia: Wistia Launches Soapbox to facilitate professional communications through video
  • Canva: Canva Raises $ 40 Million Round to Win Unicorn Title


Now you have all the tools and information that will help you in writing an effective Press Release report. This Press Release report will not only give your company better recognition in the market but will also help improve its image. You are now filled and armed with the complete knowledge to guide you in crafting an effective Press Release report. 

The step-by-step guidelines will help you create a better Press Release report that will be interesting for both journalists and readers. Make sure to follow the steps and get your company as well as your Press Release the coverage that they deserve in this market.

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