The Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts: 2022 Guidelines

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform, images play a very pivotal role. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the most recent image size specifications for different social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

social media image sizes: You have all the amazing tools for creating the best and the most engaging images on your social media channels. You are familiar with the fact that we absolutely love images and visuals.

Also, you know how to create perfect images for impressing people. If that is the case then you are already on your way to create something great!!

Social Media Image Sizes in 2021

The Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts: 2021 Guidelines

The creation of images for social media has been a craze around people. So, you need to be a part of the game as well.

Did you know: About 74% of the marketers are using visual content on social media channels?

But one question still stands: how should you image look to fit the Timeline, News Feed, or Stream? This is an important question that you might have asked during the creation of images for social media.

About 30% of marketers create their own image for posting.

 If you are one of them then you need to have the best of ideas.

Selecting The Perfect Social Media Image Sizes

Perfect Size For Your Social Media Images

When it comes to image sizes, there is just so much that we can talk about.

The internet is filled with different images and all you have to do is select the right size and shape for them and you are all set. Yes, the size and shape is a very important factor that you need to consider. Why do you ask?

Let me share a personal experience of mine to answer your question: While posting a tweet, it didn’t pay attention to the size of the image that I was using and hence it got cropped up in the mobile feed. Now that is something you don’t want to face, right?

Fortunately for you, we are here to help you out with everything. There are some ideal images sizes that you need to know about and we are going to talk about that.

Now, one thing to remember here is that the ideal sizes of images of different types have different requirements. For example, the size of the image for Facebook ads might be different from the size of the image used for an Instagram Profile Picture.

So, if you want to know all about the ideal image sizes of different images on social media networks, here is a detailed post on it. We are covering the 7 major channels of social media to assist you in the best way.

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook Image Size

  • Profile image: ≥180 x 180
  • Cover image: 820 x 312 (minimum 400 x 150)
  • Shared link with preview image: 1200 x 628
  • Shared post image: 1200 x 630
  • Event image: 1920 x 1080

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social networking sites these days with about 2.38 billion users who are active every month, according to sources.

So, the images that you are using in here would be very crucial. Be careful that you don’t choose an image with low-quality because that could hamper your engagement with the people.

The profile picture of yours might appear about 170×170 on the desktop of yours but it will appear as 32×32 on the thumbnail which is associated with the Facebook posts of yours.

Twitter Image Sizes


  • Profile image: 400 x 400 with a maximum limit of 2 MB
  • Header image: 1500 x 500 with a maximum limit of 5 MB
  • In-stream image: 440 x 220

Twitter, on the other hand, is the social network option for those people who want to talk about pressing issues. If you want them to talk about, you, you need to give them something. How about an image, then?

Fun Fact: Tweets that have images in them have about 150% more retweets and 89% more likes than the ones that don’t.

With images, the customers will be able to ask questions, praise your work, and do so much more.

One important tip: Twitter keeps on changing the display and the format of the feed several times.

So, the image dimensions become a really important thing to know about. What if you posted a picture with wrong dimensions and it doesn’t properly fit in the feed? Surely you don’t want that to happen, right?

So, why not just go ahead and choose the dimension according to the info provided above?

Google+ Image Sizes


An Important Note: Google recently made an announcement of shutting down the Google+ platform. So, you might want to consider the dimensions for some potential platform which Google could launch.

Take note that the launch of any future Google platform is a possibility. In case there is a launch of any other platform by Google, you can come back and then check with us to get an updated list of image and visual dimensions to have the best results.

  • Profile image: 250 x 250 with a maximum limit of of100 MB
  • Shared video: ≥496 pixels wide
  • Cover image: 1080 x 608 (and minimum 480 x 270)
  • Shared image: 497 x 373
  • Shared link image thumbnail: 150 x 150

Google+ is another historic social networking site that is widely being used by people.

There are about 2.2 billion profiles on Google plus with a monthly user base of 440 million people. This is a tool that most businesses use to come up in the local searches on Google.

You might not get much attention from Google+ as you will from other social networking sites. However, the last thing that you want is some person to visit your profile and see distorted images. Wouldn’t you want to do something about it, then? Well, using these dimensions mentioned above is going to be a great help for sure.

Instagram Image Sizes


  • Image thumbnail: 161 x 161
  • Profile image: 110 x 110
  • Shared videos: 1080 pixels wide
  • Shared photos: 1080 x 1080
  • Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 (minimum 600 x 1067) With a maximum limit of 4 GB

We hope you know that the sole bread-and-butter for Instagram is visual content and most importantly, images.

Sure enough, you would want to have your mark on the channel. And in this quest, images are going to be a great help to you. With about 700 million monthly users watching, you want to look your best, right?

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of some super popular page on Instagram? With the right images, you can do that in the best way, people.

LinkedIn Image Sizes

LinkedIn Image Sizes

  • Profile image: 400 x 400 and a minimum 200 x 200 with a maximum limit of 10 MB
  • Banner image: 1584 x 396with a maximum limit of 4 MB
  • Shared image: 350 pixels wide
  • Cover image of Company: 1536 x 768
  • Shared link preview: 180 x 110
  • Company logo image: 300 x 300 with a maximum limit of 4 MB
  • Company banner image: 646 x 220with a maximum limit of2 MB
  • Square logo (which often appears in the company searches): 60 x 60with a maximum limit of 2 MB

Whether you like it or not, LinkedIn is one of the popular social media channels. However, it is a bit different from the rest because it is all professional and can be used for marketing.

Depending solely on the industry of yours, this site is one of the best for discovery and traffic. This is especially the case in the B2B sector here. Not just that people but LinkedIn can help your company recruit people as well.

So, there is no doubt that you need to present your company properly for people to see. When your company features in the job listings, you need to have an attractive profile.

YouTube Media & Image Sizes


  • Channel icon: 800 x 800
  • Channel cover images: 2560 x 1440with a maximum limit of 4 MB
  • Video thumbnail: 1280 x 720

Who doesn’t love YouTube, right? We all do!!!

This is another one of the networks where visual content rules every single part of the channels.

There are about 1.9 billion monthly active users of YouTube.

So, you would want to make sure that your visual assets are matching with the philosophy and purpose.

We are not just talking about the videos but the overall profile presence that you have.

An Important Tip: Remember, YouTube can be used in different devices and your cover images might have a different appearance in these devices. Images that have a size of 2560 x 1440 would be perfect for TV screens and the mobile versions will have a size of 1546 x 423.

Tumblr Image Sizes


  • Profile image: 128 x 128
  • Images as posts: 500 x 750 and the maximum size is 1280 x 1920 with a maximum limit of 10 MB

When it comes to Tumblr, there are so many different names. It is a social network, blogging platform and so much more. With about 430 blogs posted on the site currently, having the right kind of images for the blog posts is important.

A Hint for Beginners: In case you upload GIFs, the restrictions and sizes will be different from static ones.


In the end, we hand the baton over to you now. The above image size guide will help you in posting images on social media sites. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start posting.

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