23 Ways to Easily Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022

Want to increase the engagements on your Instagram post, But don't know from where to start? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, in this blog, we have curated a list of some very interesting and actionable ways that you can use to increase the engagements on your band's Instagram account.

While stepping into the world of electronic networks and virtuality you can get dazzled by the innumerous choices you have to stay connected. Social media is one such enormously evolving electronic communication forum. Opting for the right medium and surfing for ways to actually do well in it can really be tricky!

Instagram has been exceptionally adored ever since its evolution. Instagram is always known for its easy usability, mobile-friendliness, and convenient application for all its users.

Gaining popularity as a brand or influencer on Instagram can make you relish your efforts while growing. It is not just about accelerating your revenue through social media indulgence but is also concerned with procuring a good number of followers.

After all, who doesn’t want to connect with more followers? It assists you in gaining more personal connections along with enhancing your knowledge about your business.

Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Increase Instagram Engagement

Learn about Your Audience

The first and foremost step towards Instagram engagement involves identifying your viewers. Once you know what type of viewers visit your profile mostly, you can cater to their demand and taste, and be more reliable. This can also help you in carving out the right way to make your posts more authentic to your followers. 

Be Consistent in Posting

Be Consistent in Posting

To be known and recognized you need to be consistent with whatever you do. If you are a blogger, influencer, or brand trying to drive traffic you have to be regular and active.

Keep your feed fresh. This indicates that you are pretty willing to engage with your viewers. This way you can increase the relevance of your posts and attract more viewers. By posting frequently you can opt for the best way to stay in tune with Instagram’s algorithmic timeline.

Choose the Apt Time to Post

Apt Time to Post


You should know when to post your content for ensuring optimal usage of your traffic. You can do so by using the insight attributes of Instagram. Your Instagram business account can let you know when most of your followers stay active and you can schedule your post accordingly. 

Strategically planning the time for posting can help your posts stay on the top of your viewer’s feed. It increases the chances of broadening your follower’s field of vision. 

Tell Stories of Your Deeds

Let your followers know your part of the story. If they ever land up in some kind of confusion about your recent posts, clarify their respective doubts as fast as possible.

Often overlooking the current scenario of your feed may land up in creating bigger controversial circumstances, which can, in turn, sink your post.

In the case of a business, keep posting about your new releases, modifications, or up-gradation of products or services. If you are a blogger or an influencer try to keep your target audiences updated on your new projects. This helps in creating an air of zeal amongst them and lets them be in touch. 

Boost Your Brand

Boost Your Brand

To create a base of engagement your prime area of work should be boosting your enterprise. This doesn’t mean you have to exaggerate how good your brand is and it’s working. Instead, you have to be relevant, clarified, and creative about constructing your brand awareness. 

By identifying and designing the process of branding you can successfully reach out to your audience. 

Be Creatively Experimental

Every social media platforms, especially Instagram gives you ample opportunity to thrive for the best strategy that works for you. Be creative while searching for the right technique or your forte in the quest of success.  

Keep looking for the best measure or technique that supports your campaign for bewitching audiences. If you go wrong with your strategy you can learn a lesson. Or on incorporating the right master plan for you, you can witness a rapid hike in your follower count within a brief tenure. Experimentation helps you to find out what works best for you. 

Give Reasons to Follow You

Give Reasons to Follow You

This goes with close connections on how you boost your brand and talk about it. Your audiences should find it worthy being a part of your Instagram family. 

Remember, Instagram encourages a two-way process of “showing and seeing”. When you are hell bent on intriguing people to go through your posts, you should make sure that the viewers are feeling a sense of necessity while doing so. They should have a reason for following your account. 

Focus on Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Instagram is the second most favorite application used for socialization after Facebook. Instagram is a visually engaging platform. You must certainly ingrain this feature while designing your content.

A picture speaks a thousand words. But a video speaks a million! Try to engross your audience by frequently posting pictures and videos related to your brand. 

For example– an online fashion brand named Fashion Nova posts almost 30 videos a day. It does so to ensure that its viewers watch at least a few of the videos among the pool. By picturizing its products so frequently it stays in close contact with its followers. 

Fashion Nova posts

Engage Your Content with Users

Keep your content crisp, creative, fresh, and user-centered. For a brand promoting its product, it should focus on creating posts that call for association with the viewers.

For example– Organising contests for sharing pictures with the brand products or services using proper hashtags, which in turn can make them win the contest. Or by asking your followers to share short videos centering on a proposed topic which you would conglomerate and present in your feed.

Organising contests

This technique will fire the enthusiasm within your target audience and can benefit you for increasing the engagement.

Look for Quality Content

You are not the only one striving to gain followers through virtual means. Instagram is used by several brands for marketing. There are many bloggers and influencers posting on the same trendy topics.

Try to be unique and relevant with your content. While reviewing a product or writing a blog search for new points to introduce in your content. Try your best to stand out from your competition. Use understandable words that increase the readability of your content. Run after quality, not quantity. 

Repost Other’s Post

Repost Other's Post

If you like a post that has surfed high viewer counts, repost it through your account. You can open up to a new range of traffic by doing so.

You call for viewers from others accounts who come to explore the reposted content and in the flow explore your feed as well. This way you can gather more followers. 

Although reposting isn’t an official feature offered by Instagram, many brands and users have started using it as a means of spreading awareness. Be careful to avoid getting in trouble with copyright violation, comply with the other users and seek permission if necessary for reposting their contents. 

Talk to Your Audience

Talk to Your Audience

Instagram is a well-known medium of electronic communication. Communicate and connect with your viewers frequently to instill a notion of responsibility and affection within them.

For example– Influencers often sit for live sessions to talk about their personal experiences and frequently asked questions by their followers. This way they make sure of bridging a two-way route of conversation. You can know what is liked and accepted and what needs to be modified according to your viewers’ demand. 

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram inhibits the feature of releasing stories or short clip videos. You can captivate your audience by releasing short clips of your current project. 

short clip videos in instagram stories

Give a shout-out about your upcoming products and your expectations on how well they should do in the market. Use Instagram stories as an extension of your feed. 

You can post numerous videos and clips without actually affecting your feed. You can show a glimpse of the teamwork associated with the production. Insta stories are more interactive and engaging in nature. 

Incorporate Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are of longer duration than the stories. You can record a video of 30 seconds and post it. Reels allow you to add up to 30 hashtags and long captions which are otherwise missing in the feature of Instagram stories

Reels do not disappear after 24 hours, they get stored in a particular reel tab of your profile. This is very helpful for people visiting your account. They might sneak into your reels and get a quick snap of your business. 

Allow Your Contents to be Saved

Allow Your Contents to be Saved

Creating savable content encourages more visits to your profile. You can use prompting posts to gather more attention. Once your audiences like your post they can save it for later references or come back to your feed when they want to act upon it. 

Savable contents can be anything. Starting from infographic images to memes. Sharing savable mini blog posts can also intrigue your audience to come back to the post.

Use Hashtags

Be wise in choosing the appropriate hashtags for your posts. Don’t go for common hashtags like #happiness, #festival, etc. These will lead you to encounter huge competitions and can even make your posts go unnoticed despite being better than others. 

brand hashtags for instagram

Look for creating your own brand hashtags. Use it while boosting your brand or brand products and asking for reviews by your followers on using them. Justify and validate the hashtags you are incorporating in your posts. Don’t just use them when your post has nothing to do with it. Doing this mistake can lead you to embarrassment and even make your feed trivial. 

Comment on Other’s Post

Appreciate the efforts other users put into their content. This fellowship can be very fruitful in long run.

Your humbleness and sense of teamwork can attract more viewers to your feed. Liking, sharing, and commenting on others’ posts show how actively involved you are in this social platform. Moreover, these three are the building blocks of engagement in any medium of communication. 

Look for Collaborations

Look for Collaborations

Gathering the first 10,000 followers can really be a hard task. But, once you climb up to a certain position, look for collaborations with your fellow workers.

Getting featured in others’ videos or vice versa can allure more followers. You can benefit in two ways, one by building a strong bond within your work field and by gathering more traffic to your site. Collaborations can also be helpful in terms of bringing in qualified leads and conversions. 

Be Honest

Be Honest

In this era, where almost everybody has access to the internet and can gather information from different sources, the most important key to your success is honesty. 

Authentication is better than perfection. Your followers would be more pleased to see you strive to be authentic and honest rather than being polished.

Whether you are writing on a theme or branding your business try to be true to your words. Be genuine about your vocation. Your consistency in your business fundamentals can encourage engrossment. 

Use Great Pictures

Captivating larger traffic becomes easier with colors. Several studies have backed the fact that colors have a significant effect on the human mind and behavior. 

decorate your post on instagram

Use great pictures with colorful appearances to decorate your posts. You can either be colorful or monochromatic while choosing the theme of your posts. Try to be consistent with your post style. 

For example– Travel bloggers post mini-blogs with appealing pictures of their visited destinations. This can excite the viewers planning to visit the place to get an idea of how peaceful and splendid their tour could be. 

Use Strong Captions

Using longer and powerful captions can speak volumes for your posts. Rubrics can have a great influence on your followers. Let your captions be informative and funny alternatively. This can trigger a bunch of excitement for your followers. 

Fitness Blogger captions on instagram

Try to make your captions relevant and penetrable among your folks. If you know your audience pretty well, then creating an impactful caption should not be a strenuous. 

For example– If you are a Fitness Blogger, along with promoting fitness tips and advice you can speak of “body positivity” by sharing images of different body types and appreciating their ideal shape, size, and appearance in forms of powerful captions.

Slip Into the Trend

Squeeze yourself in a trend that is making a huge gaga around! Trends are a great way to grab more eyeballs for your profile. 

Rhyming with the mega releases lets you stay in pace with the dynamical algorithm of Instagram’s timeline. This gives an opportunity to establish your content as best that fits the trend. Don’t forget to use the right hashtags. You never know you can be leading the trend soon!

Give Strong Call-to-action

call to action instagram

Your followers must not only be reading and enjoying your posts. Let them know the next step after going through the display. 

Provide a strong call to action, this not only ensures the effectiveness of your posts but also gives way for the exploration of your business.

For example– After writing and featuring your products say that they are of limited edition and can go out of stock in a very short period. Ask for ordering as quickly as possible to grab the products with an offer. 


In 2021 when the world is engrossing more into the digital world, never stay back in having sound knowledge of digital literacy. Digital measures implemented to accentuate communicable pathways are mostly driven by social media. Instagram is one such enormously successful medium used for sharing photos and videos.

Digital knowledge can help you in making the most out of the widely appreciated platform, Instagram, just by clicking buttons and virtually framing your ideologies. Go ahead and dive in to explore this article assiduously to certainly succeed in bonding with your folks!

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