21 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Brand Inspiration

Getting inspired always helps us in getting more creative and experimenting with new ideas. When it comes to social media marketing, we can get some fresh ideas by observing what other brands are doing. Here in this blog, we are going to talk about 21 Instagram Accounts that can be followed for getting inspiration from them.

Instagram Accounts to Follow: Being a brand, you want attention for your product or service. Most importantly, you want your audience to come back to you. It is necessary to be one of the favorite Instagram account, where the audience would want to follow you and your brand.

Instagram is a network that is based on visual entertainment that creates endless possibilities to show about your brand, company, and your product. 

Social media management tools help out here as they use social media analytics and reporting features to showcase your brand or business. They do get inspiration from the viewers and brands which are present on the Instagram platform.

Always keep in mind that your social presence is very important. Most of the consumers or buyers would prefer to buy from brands they follow on social media platforms. But for this, you need people to come back to your Instagram account.

Instagram Accounts for Brand Inspiration

Instagram accounts to follow for brand inspitation

Therefore, to be successful it is necessary to make a strategy around creative, simple and interesting content. Make it a point that your content has to engage your followers, viewers anyhow. Many brands can give us inspiration for visuals, themes, colors, and posts.

Top Instagram Accounts to Follow for Brand Inspiration

1. Airbnb

It is one of the biggest accounts that catches the eye with beautiful Instagram content. If you are looking for a place to stay on vacation or at home, Airbnb is the best option to consider. You will get ideas in Airbnb’s Instagram account, which highlights most of the unique lodging sites across the world.

The brand also pushes a humanistic element that relates to Airbnb’s philosophy of meeting interesting and new people that stay in homes and cannot be experienced with any hotel.

If you see an Airbnb photo that you like, the company provides a link to all the locations relating to it. You will experience the same that is seen exactly on the Instagram photo.

2. Teslamotors

Tesla is a major company that stands out on Instagram, which is the electric auto manufacturer. It is visualized that their Instagram account is product heavy due to their product. The company performs a great job in highlighting the smallest details about their respective cars.

Those working in the industry will tell you every detail about choosing a car. If seen their account is full of amazing photography, which gives something visually appealing. This tempts the users to come back again.

3. Adobe


Adobe is famous due to its creative tools and so its Instagram appeals to those who are fond of it. It’s one of the best features is that the account has user-generated content. The users can do amazing things with their tools and that is the main highlighted part.

Adobe Instagram space is a source of inspiration for creative designers, photographers, illustrators, and others.

Have a look at Adobe’s Instagram account, where brands can use the related tools for their product use. The company successfully shows how you can use their products and also inspire users who regularly engage with their content.

4. Nike

The giant brand Nike has plenty of appeal on its main Instagram account. The company uses multiple Instagram accounts with more than 20 pages connected with this specific domain. Its account, Nike lab is simply the best and stands out.

This account explains in detail about the products, how their products perform, comfort and adaptability against different weather conditions.

Nike is one of the brands which can be looked for to get inspiration on setting up new opportunities that can be availed.

5. Reuters

It is an on-demand source for worldly news images that showcases current events, pop culture and also trends worldwide. Reuter’s photography does not promote its services but highlights its creative viewpoint through photography.

The company also provides links to photo that survey the world and picks the best, spectacular images for Instagram.

6. Vodka for Dog People

Vodka for Dog People

Vodka for Dog People highlights for adoption or adopted dogs from the brand Tito. The company shows a kind gesture of its humanity by creating awareness for pet adoption through promoting their brand ambassadors.

They run multiple accounts or hire a world-class design team for their brand. Tito’s handmade vodka does an amazing job by highlighting homelessness for pets besides good vodka.

7. Flowers for Dreams

Flowers for Dreams is a local florist that donates to neighboring charities for every bouquet sold. The company succeeds in promoting with their beautiful images. They have 32,000 followers and each post earns hundreds of likes, comments, and even shares.

Flower for Dreams also engages regularly with their followers to promote different charities and products. This company has its branding strategy which helps other companies to learn about simple marketing. This gives inspiration to other brands as well.

8. Playdoh

The company uses a lot of animated content that shows everything you can do with Playdoh. Their social media marketers make sure that each post shows a creative and fun way to use their products. Their Instagram account is one of the best accounts to follow for amazing crafted objects, animals, and shapes.

Playdoh targets their users and highlights events like school functions, and popular hashtag holidays. Most inspirational about this Instagram account is its bright colors.

9. Charity Water

Charity Water

Charity Water has an amazing service in action – to bring clean, drinkable water to places in need. Many brands take notes from Charity Water’s Instagram account because their captions attribute towards a well content.

Their content is inspiring and the feed does a great job. The organization highlights the success stories which show the people that are affected by this contribution and also keeps the users around. In this way, they spread the word about their generous brand.

10. David Chang

David Chang, a popular chef with award-winning restaurants brings spice to his Instagram account. The account is entertaining for foodies and chefs around the world, as the slow-motion video is accompanied by music.

Many brands learn a lot from influencers who are a major following of David Chang. He makes the content from his smartphone, but you will never have a dull moment. His videos can make you hungry as he is a master in that.

11. Glossier

Glossier has an amazing Instagram account that has a bio-skin first, makeup second!! This beauty-product specialist makes its statement known by doing work that puts this motto first. They provide bright, pink, and vibrant images to highlight the importance of skincare.

The company also posts engaging images of its products on Instagram by using promotional material in its feed. Their down-to-earth social media marketing approach works well on Instagram, which makes one feel that you are following a friend and not a brand!

12. Reynolds Kitchens

Reynolds Kitchens

Reynolds Kitchens has a beautiful Instagram feed which shows different products that can be used on your kitchen table. It shows how a simple idea can turn out to be a great marketing and also creative.

13. Bilt Well

Bilt Well is a motorcycle helmet and accessory manufacturer company that provides stunning user-generated content, with marketing images to show about the products and the related lifestyle. Most of the images are scenic landscapes from motorcyclists.

The account shows the product and where you could use it. Bilt well can market its product very well.

14. Coffee N Clothes

It is the content that includes coffee and clothes. This creative and inspirational Instagram feed is for brands that are looking to increase their visuals and brand productivity.

It has more than 266,000 followers and this account proves that why great photography and content perform well. It is a simple idea highlighting the beauty of everyday coffee and clothing.

15. Made Well

Madewell is a women’s clothing company that does an amazing job by turning its Instagram feed into an online store. They provide a link to their users where they can buy items in their feed.

They have great photography along with a consistent theme that works. The simple feed uses bright colors that match its brand.

16. Punch drink

Punch drink

It is an online site that provides cocktail recipes, city guides, and other related content through the Instagram account. Punch also has a link in its bio providing the recipe to each cocktail showcased on Instagram. Many brands take inspiration from Punch due to its creative images and vibrant cocktails.

Their audience gets what they need through the images.

17. Canva

Canva is the easy to use graphic design tool that highlights its user-generated content just like Adobe. It has different features and templates through amazing images on Instagram.

They showcase their artists as well on Instagram, along with benefitting its users.

18. Bark Box

Bark box keeps you involved with plenty of dog’s pictures and videos. This is the main reason it has more than 1.3 million followers. They provide discounts and coupons to those who follow them. 

The main objective of this brand is to entertain its followers first and then promote its brand later. The company posts funny dog content with some promotional images.

19. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a great resource of content. This brand showcases home improvement and interior design ideas to be followed. Brands do take inspiration from Apartment Therapy as it provides DIY tips that are extremely successful.

20. Wright Kitchen

This wonderful cook who is a freelance photographer too posts beautiful images on different foods and objects. Many brands take inspiration and easily learn from Wright Kitchen.

The fantastic images and culinary works get her 179,000 followers and likes for each post.

21. Vans

Vans continue to increase great content on Instagram. It is impressively artistic, while successfully showing its products. Instagram is a constant source of lifestyle and creativity tied to this brand. Therefore, each post drives tons of engagement and the brand engages with users by asking questions and commenting.


Every brand has its inspiration and looks out for such. By following or taking tips, help out to achieve your target audience. This also upgrades the brand’s follow-up and presence on social media.

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