Top 23 Safe Instagram Bots to Gain Fast Followers in 2024

Instagram is a most used image-centric platform with 500+ daily active users. This makes a powerful tool for marketing. In this blog, we have mentioned five Instagram bots that can help you gain more instagram followers and are completely safe to use.

Instagram bots:- You have been living under a rock if you haven’t yet heard about Instagram. After all, it is one of the most popular social media platforms for people these days.

From people who are using it just for fun to the people who want to have their business set up, everyone is using Instagram for it. So, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this amazing family of Instagram, right?

Did you know? Instagram has about 1 billion monthly active users, 25 million of which are business accounts.

Instagram Tools for Gaining Real Followers

Instagram Tools for Gaining Real Followers

The craze for Instagram is nowhere near stopping. So, having an account on Instagram won’t be such a bad idea for you, to be honest.

However, getting followers on Instagram isn’t an easy task. In case you don’t have enough participation, you will not be able to win the channel for sure. Posting comments on people’s Instagram posts, like pictures and so many things, need to be done.

Also, you need to make sure that your account has all the engagement too.

There is no doubt that this market will keep on increasing with time. Since people want more and more engagement in their accounts, these bots are going to be the best help.

Here is a video that proves our point:

Instagram has about 58% more engagement per user than Facebook.

But how does one do that?

Well, there is one thing that you can do. Automating followers is one of the best ways to get people to follow you. For that, you can use the amazing Instagram automation bots. These bots will definitely be able to do whatever you want them to.

For example, I didn’t get many comments on my posts which resulted in lesser engagement. However, after using Instagram bots for making comments, the engagement rates have increased.

This is due to the fact that your Instagram bots will work as real account holders. There is just so much that they can do. These bots will be able to perform every single repetitive task that you want them to do.

Some of These Tasks Include

  • Posting comments
  • Giving likes on pictures
  • Following as well as unfollowing the Instagram accounts

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Reasons To Use Instagram Bots

Instagram bots are truly a life savior when it comes to a series of tasks.

A fun fact for readers: There are about 95 million Instagram bots in the market.

That is quite a big number, don’t you think? But have you ever wondered why people use such bots in the first place?


To answer your question, these bots help in bloating the vanity metrics of accounts. Apart from that, these also help in automating several tedious tasks which take more time. In a way, your Instagram bots would function as some manmade robots.

These will carry out some repetitive tasks such as commenting, liking and so much more. Wouldn’t you want that to be a part of your account?

List of The Best Instagram Bots For You

Here we present some amazing Instagram bots that you can use.

SocialMeep (The Best One)


SocialMeep is the best of the lot and is famous for generating organic, authentic growth. 

Here, you need to choose a plan that will set up your audience settings that target a particular genre which can be anything like fitness, business, fashion etc. 

This tool performs various types of small interactions such as viewing stories, liking and commenting on posts of users that fit your niche. 

Basically, these users don’t follow, unfollow or post on your behalf so it is pretty safe and doesn’t violate the community guidelines of Instagram. 



Long-term growth requires quality posts and consistency for an extended period of time. This is the reason behind the content strategy and growth strategy going hand-in-hand with each other. 

You can manage your Instagram posts easily with the Instagram bot PlanMyPost. It is more of automated software that acts as a personal assistant to manage your posts. 

Also, this tool is very time-saving. It provides constant support to edit images and also has a dashboard that is simple yet unique with customizable settings.

Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram bot is more of a program that has been designed to automate your Instagram engagements. 

Moreover, it also handles your engagements across other social media networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and so on. 

If you also wish to synchronise other engagements then this is the right program for you. 



Now if you like Media Mister then you should also give Followersup a shot. It is another great service that focuses more on automating engagement and growth across various platforms. 

If you use various social media platforms then this will be the best manager for all of them. 



This Instagram Bot is highly popular for its integrated content planning and marketing tools. 

It completely understands the combined power of scheduled posts to achieve the target growth. 

Combin also allows you to interact with your audience directly and also sets reminders for future communications. 

It is the best platform for both detailed progress tracking and adjustments in growth strategies. 



FollowingLike turns out to be a great choice for people who have multiple social media accounts. 

It is more of an organizational tool that you can also use to make sure that all your social content has been shared across multiple platforms. 

However, you should be aware of the fact that this is a pretty expensive service with absolutely no trial option. 

But then, large businesses share a huge benefit if they use this for their growth on social media.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy

Social Buddy perfectly balances all your aspects combining both automated service as well as a manual one.

This will automatically recommend your profile to the followers’ network. But then only the ones who resonate with your niche will contribute to the growth of your site. 

Social Captain

Social Captain

Social Captain will increase your Instagram engagements both naturally and artificially. 

You can use this program for your Instagram growth as they offer trial and demo versions to all their users. 

The best part is that social Captain exempts itself from using spam accounts to generate followers and likes. So it’s a safe one. 

Social Follow

Social Follow

Social Follow is for all the users who are completely new to any Instagram growth services that too with a minimum budget. 

The best part is that you can sign up for the free version of this service. This will give you a quick glimpse of how these services work. 

Now if you wish to dive in then they also offer paid plans to you. 

Insta Promoter

Insta Promoter

Insta Promoter alleges to be the fastest in the industry to provide new Instagram followers and likes of your choice. 

Moreover, they also furnish you with simple reports that can boost your Instagram engagement within a short span of time.



Kenji is known for automating engagements that lead to real growth. 

Moreover, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee and comprise of features that are optimized for the specific needs of every customer. 

In fact, Kenji can also help you with your targets and can be used on almost any device.



Buzzoid is another cost-effective mechanization service. 

It not only restricts but also evenly distributes all the likes, views, and follows you purchased in a pretty balanced way so that your account doesn’t get languished. 

It is pretty easy to set up this on your account and also offers top-quality customer service.



SimplyGram is one of the best companies to automate interactions and promote organic growth. 

It also claims to furnish you with 5,000 new followers almost every month. They provide advanced filters that you can use to define goals for other accounts and competitors. 

A free trial version is provided, so you can directly understand whether SimplyGram is right for you.

Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social focuses on generating simple yet organic growth. It is trusted by major organizations such as MTV, Food Network, Sony Music, and the National Football League. 

However, they also welcome the opportunity to help individual artists and many other influencers.  

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for new followers, thousands of likes or long-term fans because Treefrog’s manual control system will assist you with everything. 



Upleap combines the best robotic capabilities and human guidance support in its layered approach to help you achieve maximum growth.  

Human team – A member of a human-controlled team follows you, reacts to your stories, and interacts with you during your live sessions.  

Personal support – Second, your personal account manager will provide unique feedback to help you develop your specific brand growth.  

Index – Upleap accesses your personal data from the outside so that search engines can index it, leading to more growth. 

Lastly, Upleap also offers a three-day free trial for new customers and does not collect any sort of payment information in advance.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is just another service that also uses artificial intelligence to drive organic growth.  

Mass Story Engager is its flagship technology that allows users to easily select target accounts. 

After choosing these accounts they define their types on the basis of responses they usually give in surveys and comments.  

With a series of pre-selected autoresponders, Stellation Media’s Mass Story Engager also expresses your appreciation on your behalf by directing messages, likes, follows, and unfollows.  

They give you the freedom to change your participation rate at any time, and view and update the type of response Stellation has always been giving to you.

Storm likes

Storm likes

StormLikes also depend on speed. Its trademark is to quickly generate multiple views of your work. 

The idea is that views automatically lead to likes and followers. However, if you only wish to focus on one of these areas, please don’t go for this one. 

StormLikes provides independent plans that focus on generating only the likes or followers you choose. 

All new interactions come from real accounts of real people on the StormLikes network.

Social Viral

Social Viral

If you are on a tight budget and are in search of  a very basic yet reliable service provider then Social Viral is your best choice.  

This Instagram bot will boost your followers, likes, and views by using real user profiles. 

The tempo, efficiency, and expense of Social Viral render an excellent choice for the safe and effective growth of your audience.

Sara Agency


This name is often on the top of the list for most Instagram bots because of the amazing ease of use, and other great benefits that it offers the users. For example, you will get some precise targeting options for your audience. Also, there are real experts provided here for helping to optimize the account that you have.

You will get the choice to choose from 3 different plans that they have. Now, these plans are created keeping in mind the needs and requirements of bot beginners as well as the experienced users too. So, why wouldn’t you want to use it?

It was very easy to complete the process of initial set up. Plus, Sara Agency also made it a bit easier by providing an actual video as well. So, I got more control over the choice of targeting.

With the help of this software, you can easily narrow down your audience based on gender and so much more.

Fun Fact: There are about 28% users on Instagram that are male and 38% are female.

So, using an option to classify them according to gender can be useful, right? What works here is that you will be able to use the fake user filtration method for sure.

Not just that but you can also use some locations, hashtags, usernames for adjusting their speed of the actions which are performed in the best way.

After using Sara Agency for some time, you can check the analytics and see whether there is an increase in engagement or not.



Here is another one of the names in the industry which would actually make your Instagram follower count increase.

Ingramer is an amazing Instagram bot that you can use due to the easy GUI. Perfect for the beginners out there, this will really be a help to you if you are just starting out.

Setting up the Instagram bot is also very easy and not to mention, it has easy targeting features. What we love about the bot is that there is a superb analytics view which makes it a suitable option for you.

Just after using it for some time, you will find that there are many aspects which others don’t provide. You will be able to view your hashtags easily. Also, there is an easy view of the followers’ count and how much you have gained.

Not just that but this software also helps in optimizing your conversions rates. This is done with the help of hashtag targeting and some other features. All in all, it is a very reliable software that you can use.



Here we have another one of the cost-efficient and powerful Instagram bots that you can use to gain followers.

With a very budget-friendly plan, you can get your hold in some analytics tools and some other targeting options. With about 64% of users being in the age group of 18-34, you need to have a superfast filtering system. This is exactly what Instavast is for you.

One of the best things that I liked about the bot is that it has some amazing targeting options.

For example, if you want to auto-like some pictures based on the criteria that you set, then you just have to choose the hashtag. You are all set after that.

Now, who wouldn’t want to have this particular bot on their list, right? This is one of the best things that we could find about the bot.

Apart from this feature, you will be able to schedule the particular first comment on the post of your choice. Does it sound a bit weird to you? However, when you handle the hashtags correctly, then you will definitely get what we are talking about in here.



When you want to make a Big Bang in the world of Instagram, this is it, people. With growth and rapid expansions, this is a very useful tool for you. There are so many different reasons for that. For example, there are some defining features that you would love such as the proxy setup and other automation functions.

You can easily choose the setup from which you would want the automation to run accordingly. This will also reduce the chances that your account gets banned. While you might find that automation bots have risks, with Bigbangram, there are fewer of these.

Do you think we are done? With the help of this bot, you can actually target the potential customers with real Instagram accounts.

There are no bot networks and certainly not fake account holders as well. Also, you can easily track the comments that are being constantly made. With this analytics platform, you won’t have to ask for more.



Who doesn’t love Jarvee, right? Well, it is one of the best Instagram bots that you can use. We love this software because you can actually hold up to 10 different accounts here. Not just that but it is not really limited to your Instagram.

You can get access to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so much more. With amazing features such as Post Scheduling, auto-reply and reposting, this software is a visionary when it comes to the Instagram bots.

Why don’t you go ahead and use it to know what we are talking about?

How To Use These Instagram Bots?

Although it may seem tempting to maximize the performance of the bot, it is usually a red flag and may cause your account to languish. 

It is wiser to use bots behind the scenes and focus on sustainable growth rather than volatile growth. 

Limit the number of new followers and daily interactions, and plan for these numbers to change over time.  

It is also important to remember that some tasks seem to be more automated than others. 

For example, strange, inappropriate, or repetitive comments are often obviously the job of a robot. The above statement is also true for various forms of direct messages. 

It is now more difficult to determine whether likes and followers are related to any bot activity or something else.  

Therefore, if you consistently publish high-quality content and set actual limits on bot activity, you are less likely to get outlawed for using bots to get likes and followers.

Therefore, we recommend mainly using bots to gain likes, followers, and views. 

When used for comments, polls, and private messages, we recommend you to be extra careful because they can easily fall into the spam domain. 

If you are familiar with the bot, please check the settings in the control panel and start it slowly, not all at once.

Why Do People Invest In Bots For Their Instagram Growth?

As with hiring a marketing team, using bots is usually worthwhile. More than 200 million people use Instagram every day. 

Robots enable experienced professionals and creatives to advertise for themselves and reach a mass audience beyond any individual. You can reach yourself. 

The fact is that humans rarely have enough time in a day to achieve the performance of artificial intelligence. 

However, artificial intelligence has not replaced real human communication in addition to its marketing and communication strategies. 

It is a good thing to invest in robots as an integral part of a dynamic marketing plan.

The Ultimate Key to Interactions is Content Creation

Bots can certainly help increase and sustain your followers, but the content is essential to get them actively involved. 

The first step in creating great content for your audience is to have a very clear idea about your audience.  

You may think that you are persuading a particular category of followers. However, various Bots also provide data that will also show various other types of people that are more into natural work.

You can use this information to generate content that better suits the demands of your real audience. 

In addition, you can change the type of content you create to make it more attractive for your target audience.  

Either way, bots can help you improve your content. But it’s your content that will help bots increase audience growth and create brand insights. 


Instagram Bots are currently ruling the market right now.

We bet you didn’t know that there has been an increase in the search interest rate for fake IG accounts which went up to 71%

So, if you want to be a part of the game too, then using these bots is the only option for you. Why don’t you go ahead and get started with it?

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