Instagram Business Profiles: How to set up and analyze your activities

If you want to make success with Instagram for your business, you have to have an Instagram business account. Explore step by step guide to set up an Instagram business account and check insights in our article.

Are you planning to set up Instagram business profiles? There are many features you get as soon as you make your account a business account. These features are fairly important too. So, in this article, we will show you how to set up an Instagram business account and then go over everything you need to know about that profile.

1. Access the Instagram Business Profiles

Before starting, make sure that your Instagram app is up to date. Then access the application, at the bottom right, tap on your profile photo.

This will open your profile page, on this page tap on the three horizontal lines and then click on settings.

Now from the list of options, select the ‘Accounts’ tab, and then click on the ‘switch to business account’ button.

Instagram Business Profiles

As soon as you tap on that option, you will be taken to a different page that would welcome you to Instagram’s business tools.

2. Set up your Instagram Business Profile

As soon as you reach the welcome page, press the button ‘continue’. Before pressing this button, however, you can swipe and see all the features you would get after making your account business.


For example,

–  you get to learn about your followers and how your posts are performing,

–  you can create promotions and use those promotions to reach out to more people on Instagram,

–  and you can add contact buttons to your profile that will make it easier for the people to reach you, this is possible by adding an email or a call button.

Now, as soon as you click on the continue button, you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to choose the category for your business profile. You can either choose the category from the list that is given or you can search a category too.

When you finish choosing the category, click on the next button and move to the next page.

On the next page, you will be asked to choose your contact options. If you already have given your contact information to Instagram then that information would be listed there, or you can always add a new one or edit the older one. There is an option called ‘change contact options’ if you want to change it.

Now from this step, as soon as you press next, you will be shown a dialog box asking if you are sure you want to switch to a business account, press ‘OK’ and move on.

Now, you will be taken to your profile which is very much ‘business-like.

3. Explore Instagram Insights

To access insights related to your account, you need to click on those three horizontal lines on the top right corner of your screen. When you do that, click on the very first option ‘insights’ and voila, there you are!


When your profile has a considerable number of posts, you can head over to this section and get details about the reach and impressions of your posts and the number of times your website was clicked.

There is also a screen dedicated specifically to your posts and when you will head to that you will see the detailed insights of the post you want to see. You can also tap on the impressions, engagements, or reach, tapping will bring up a filter from where you can analyse your posts based on some specific criterion.

Now, go back to the previous screen and tap on the option ‘see more’ to see your followers. This section will show you your followers based on their age, gender, location, range and the most popular time among them.

4. Promote posts with the Instagram App


Everyone wants to increase the reach on their posts, and now this is easier than ever to do that, given that you can afford the price.

Just like you can boost your posts from your Facebook wall, the same way, you can promote your posts on Instagram too.

Simply, open the post you plan to promote and tap on the promote link, every post has it.

When you do start the procedure of creating a promotion, the first step will be to choose the call to action button.

And then you will need to enter the link of the landing page, the page that you want the link to take your visitors to.

In the next step, you will select your budget, your audience and the duration of your promotion. Please note here that you can define the demography too. Instead of letting Instagram decide an audience for you. Now you can customize it yourself, based on their age, gender, and interests.

Now review your promotion settings again and add a payment method. Before you can start a promotion, however, you will need to submit your promotion for review.

As soon as your review is accepted, your promotion will be made life automatically. During the promotion or after the promotion, you can check the insights of the post like mentioned above.

If multiple promotions are running on the same account. You need to click on the heart icon on the bottom of your screen and access the promotion by clicking on a specific link.

After party stuff

After switching to the business account. You can still go to the settings and connect your Facebook page to your Instagram business account.

If you want, you can also switch back to your personal account, however, those are not available in certain cases.

Also, you can link your Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and many other social media with your Instagram business account. By connecting these accounts. Now you can share your posts across all these platforms at the same time you are sharing them on Instagram.

Please note here that your Facebook profile isn’t linked to your Instagram business account, but your Instagram page is, so your business needs to have a Facebook page too if it doesn’t already have one.

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