9 Brilliant Instagram Feed Ideas That Can Make Your Profile Stand Out

As Instagram has gained immense popularity with time among the other social media platforms, it has become a great platform for companies and individuals to reach their target audience. Here, in this blog, you will discover a variety of innovative Instagram feed ideas that will your company's account to stand out attract more business.

Instagram Feed Ideas: Instagram has gained immense popularity over the years, helping companies and individuals to reach their target audience and bring their message to the forefront.

In fact, the platform had reached 1 billion active users monthly in 2018, up from the 800 million users recorded in 2017. And these figures have only grown ever since. 

Due to its visual character and most of the users being youngsters or millennials, Instagram is believed to make a significant impact on the audience and is regarded as an effective marketing tool.

However, with such a large audience base, it has become challenging to stand out and grab the attention of hundreds of active Instagram users. 

Hence, here are 9 brilliant Instagram feed tips or ideas to help you attract the correct audience and make your profile shine. 

Identify your Instagram aesthetic

Identify your Instagram aesthetic

All successful Instagram feeds share one common element- consistent filters and themes.

Winning influencers and brands use 1-2 filters and edit the images accordingly. They put in the same level of contrast, exposure, saturation, and brightness. 

However, these edits are not random. They first visualize the look of their Instagram feed and then choose colors and filters that match best with their brand’s ethics. That is particularly beneficial for a brand that is known and identified by the color scheme it uses. 

While it could be challenging to choose a core color, but when you identify what color suits you best, it’ll help your audience to differentiate you from the rest. Besides, even if you aren’t using a core color, just ensure that you use consistent colored filters to help bring together the feel and look of your feed. 

Here are two Instagram aesthetics that you can try out:


monochrome: Instagram Feed Ideas


If you fall under the category of people who don’t like sticking to consistent colors, an easy thing you can do here is to opt for monochrome as the theme. 

Bonus point: Monochrome feeds aren’t that popular on Instagram at present, and it is a theme that can never go out of fashion. As such, your feed is bound to stand out. 

Monochrome can work wonders for brands that bear classic personalities and individuals who love taking portrait images or pictures of animals or people in action. The contrast in colors can also show more details in the photos. 



An incredible yet simple Instagram feed idea is to be a minimalist. Being minimalist is not only a popular feed idea these days but is also highly utilized in the world of designing. The theme helps present your content in an organized and polished manner. 

This Instagram feed idea is well-suited for the designers who plan on showing aesthetically pleasing designs and clean, simple lines that stand out and look neat when viewed together.    

Highlight your brand’s product/identity

brand's product/identity

Your brand identity is another way to step up your Instagram feed. 

Know the characteristics and qualities that best represent your services and products. Define the personality of your brand and develop Instagram posts that match best with it. 

This feed idea works for people in adventure sports or the travel sector. If you can’t post similar pictures from a specific place consistently, you could instead use objects or props that can showcase your brand and put up artistic pictures of them on your feed. 

So, don’t forget to consider your brand identity. And then, think about how you could make this identity shine out.  

Vertical Lines Theme

Vertical Lines Theme

Vertical lines theme can drastically help in making your Instagram handle standout.  

As the name suggests, the trick to getting this theme right is by making your center feed distinct from both the left and right side grids. The idea mainly is to make vertical lines using your posts, which would make the entire feed appear clean and organized. 

The trick needs you to put up content aligned with your brand’s identity while ensuring that the center picture stands out from the remaining two. For example, you can post inspirational quotes in the center feed, but make sure that the images on either side associate with each other as well as the quote. 

Furthermore, it’s essential to use a consistent color scheme for the center feed, either white or any other color.

The theme works for all Instagram feeds, be it a photographer who likes to express his/her art by bringing focus upon his/her primary photograph or an influencer who likes to display his/her work on Instagram. 

With the help of this theme, it becomes easy to draw the viewer’s attention naturally towards the center of your feed. They are also likely to enjoy scrolling through the entire feed due to its unique aesthetic. 

Checkerboard/Tiles Theme


The checkerboard also referred to as the tiles theme, is a pretty fantastic grid that you can take advantage of, using the same color palette or background for every other image in your feed

A few people alternate between darker and lighter backgrounds, while others alternate using the usual images with quotes. It looks extremely chic if you do it correctly while maintaining a constant color theme. 

A checkerboard theme is ideal for those who love writing small poems or quotes and like adding them to their Instagram posts. 

Use Good Fonts and Typography

Good Fonts and Typography

Having a feed that contains great fonts is significant if you want to post inspirational quotes often. That can prove to be a good idea, especially if you are a design company that wants to create an impression before clients. 

Choose a font that matches the work you do. For instance, it won’t seem nice if you used a Serif font style in a post that caters to baby products. Here, it’s best to use a font style that feels friendly and sweet, like rounded fonts.  

Select a border

Select a border

If you hold varied interests and are confused about which theme would best suit your feed, then the ideal option is to add a border around every image you post.

However, ensure that you stick to the border you choose (light or dark) for all your posts.

That will make your feed appear neat and also helps space out your images. Bordering an image is relatively an easy-to-follow trend than any other feed idea and enables you to grab the viewers’ attention. 

Want to keep your posts simple? Try white or black borders themes. Despite posting images with an array of color schemes, your Instagram feed will look consistent when you use a white or black border theme.  

Rectangular pictures

Rectangular pictures

Ideally, using rectangular pictures is more or less the same as using a dark or light border; however, Instagram feeds featuring rectangular pictures aren’t so common and would, therefore, stand out. 

Such pictures are perfect for those who want to make their feed appear sophisticated and elegant. They not only make your Instagram feed seem uncluttered but also showcase specific details that one may otherwise not notice in a regular post. 

Moreover, try to incorporate a white rectangular border instead of a dark one. The white space helps enhance the viewer experience and makes the images easy on a viewer’s eyes. 

This theme is ideal for adventure sports lovers, travelers, and photographers, and is among the most preferred feed ideas. 

Use Illustrations to spice things up

Use Illustrations to spice things up

If you are tired of publishing product images and want to spice up your feed, you can create product illustrations with a twist. A good example here is Mailchimp’s illustrations, which garnered much attention partly because of the bright yellow shade they adopted along with the quirky, sketchy images. 

The vibrant, hand-drawn images showcase a sense of speed, which goes well with Mailchimp’s mission of making email marketing easy and quick for its users. 

Make videos that tell a story

Make videos that tell a story

While many people love posting images, a few are taking their Instagram game to a new level with innovative and witty short videos. That is the latest kind of content strategy to earn a place in your followers’ hearts. 

Instagram short videos or reels hold the power of bringing stories to life. In fact, a study suggests that the engagement level for videos is more than that for images. Additionally, while comments brought more likes for a post, videos brought more comments in the post on average.      

However, to make out-of-the-box and exciting videos, it’s crucial to know your brand’s personality and voice. And then, try to make storylines that have a surprising and unexpected twist. 


Making an account on Instagram is a great way to bring your brand under the limelight by being creative. With a proper strategy and a bit of hard work, you can witness the expected results.

It is often not only about what content you post, but also the strategic and aesthetics aspects behind it. 

When a person views your profile, they first see your Instagram feed instead of individual posts. Hence, it’s essential to focus on the appearance of your feed, apart from the appearance of each post.  

We hope that this article will help you get inspired to create a stunning Instagram feed and grow your brand. 

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