Instagram Location Stories – A Fun Way to get more Exposure

Everyone enjoys watching Instagram location stories but have you wondered what if a brand can use them too for their popularity. In this article, we are going to read about Instagram location stories and how they can be used by brands for their brand awareness, Dive in to know more!

Instagram is a great way to connect with people, share some stuff, and promote your businesses & services.

We can also say that Instagram is a fun way to promote any service or product due to its popularity and the features it provides us.

Instagram is improving and providing great features like there are more filters, layouts, and stickers to add to your stories so you won’t feel exhausted and can easily do your work.

One of its features is Instagram Location Stories. They are among the best ways to promote any brand, product, or business.

So, below you will get to know how you can use Instagram Location Stories and its features to get more exposure.

Why You Should Use Instagram Location Stories?

Why You Should Use Instagram Location Stories

Instagram location stories will help your brand or business get more exposure in many ways:

  • Instagram location stories are good for those businesses who have stories in different locations or want to target a specific location or area.
  • Your story will be discoverable in the location tag search to new users.
  • Your story might get visible in the search feed on Instagram where you will get a good amount of reach on Instagram stories.
  • Instagram location stories will help you build communities that will eventually attract customers. Suppose one of your customers posted a photo and tags your company or brand location, then you can repost their story on your story and tag them. This will help you make good connections with your customers and you will be able to make a strong network.
  • If you are using a business profile, then you have the data to analyze. Who has seen your story, when they swiped away (i.e. the number of times someone swipes your story to go to the next account’s story), when they visited your profile, etc. You can see all this data and can analyze it according to your strategy.

Tips and Trick for Instagram Location Stories

Tips and Trick for Instagram Location Stories

In the above section, you got the idea about how Instagram stories will help you get exposure for your brand and business. But there are certain tricks and tips you might look at, before posting any story. These tips and tricks might be useful and effective for your brand and business promotion.

Perfect Time for Instagram Location Stories

As we all know, Instagram stories are available for only 24 hours. If you upload a story with multiple posts, then at that time only all your posts will be seen and chances are your story might get even ignored.

So, one trick with Instagram location stories is here. If you are posting two or more than two stories, always upload in a 10-12 hours gap. With this, your story will be visible whenever your customer accesses the app. So, you have a fair bit of chance to get noticed.

Three Different Types for Instagram Location Stories

Instagram location stories can be used in three different ways. 

  • One is with the location sticker.
  • The second is the hashtag sticker. You can hashtag a particular location.

hashtag sticker

mention sticker

How to Use Instagram Location Stories

As mentioned above, Instagram location stories can be used in three different ways. But it won’t be a surprise if we see some more ways to add a location to Instagram stories.

Anyways, using location stickers on Instagram is super easy. Here’s how you should do it:

Step 1 – Go to your Instagram account.

Step 2 – Click on your photo icon available in the left corner. You will see a lot of options to create an Instagram story. You have to click on the Create option.

create option

Step 3 – Now you will again have lots of options like Poll, Ask a question, GIFs, Image, etc. According to your brand and promotion, select the appropriate option.

options for stories

Step 4 – After selecting an option, now it’s time to add a location to your story. At the top, you will find a sticker icon. Click on it and you will find many stickers. Click on either Location, #Hashtag or Mention sticker.

sticker option

Here are the three stickers available on Instagram:

three instagram stickers

Step 5 – Now type in the location or the brand’s account name to tag them on your story.

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Step 6 – Publish your story and your followers will be able to find that location or account you have tagged in your story.

Different Ways to Use Instagram Location Stories

Now that you are aware of what Instagram stories can do to you and how you should create them, it’s now time to see the different ways that we can use Instagram location stories to get more exposure for your brand and business.

Tag Your Location or Brand

While you are creating stories for different locations and brands, don’t forget to create an Instagram story for your own business. Use any of the stickers to tag your location or mention your business account.

Share Stories from an Event

Share Stories from an Event

If you are going for any business or industry event, then do share the Instagram location stories from that event location. You can share the behind-the-scenes content which will engage and keep your followers excited.

User Poll Stickers

Poll Stickers

Poll stickers are another fun way to interact with your audience. You can create a poll by asking about a specific location to keep your audience engaged with you.

Connect with Other Creators

Another fun way to use Instagram location stories is to watch the stories from other creators in your city. You can reply to their stories and if you like you can also share their story to your story and in the same way, they will also share your story as their story. In this way, you are promoting each other’s brand and business.


This was all about the Instagram location stories and how you can use them to gain more exposure for your brand and business.

So, what are you waiting for, start promoting your location business in a fun way and increase your chances to get noticed by your audience.

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