11 Instagram Post and Story Ideas to Spice up Your Account

With the increase in the popularity of Instagram, it has become a goldmine for businesses who want to grow on social media platforms. But every time coming up with a new post or story idea is not a cushy job to do. Through this article, you will learn about the 11 most useful and beneficial ideas that are surely going to help you in growing your business on Instagram.

Instagram Post and Story Ideas: You need great content for your social media account that deserves more engagements, views, and active users. This is the actual key to your social media success. On Instagram, creativity and variety will boost your account. 

Best Instagram Post and Story Ideas

Importance of Instagram Posts


It is generally seen that we are out of ideas, lack of imagination or due to limited time we do not spend much time to post on social media. This leads to fewer post ideas. To be successful, find an audience, engage with followers and grow your account.

Instagram asks for new content ideas that will help you in growing and increasing your audience.

Instagram Ideas to Upgrade Your Account

Below are Some Instagram Ideas to Upgrade Your Account and Get Optimal Success:

1 – News and Posts on Current Events

Instagram Posts on national holidays


Comments on events and national holidays serve well on your Instagram feed. For this, you can certainly check out your Yearly calendar. This keeps your audience updated and known about such events, which they may find interesting. In this way, you will get more views or comments.

2 – Behind the Scenes

Show people what is going on behind your door. It can be in the form of a blog, or any amazing video relating to your product. Show images about a nice business lunch or chill out a corner in your office.

This will build a connection and relationship with your audience. Post it as an Instagram story on the feed to show more of your personality. This will be beneficial for your brand, business or your blog.

This will give a clear picture of you, your brand and your team. It is one of the ways to gear up your account.

3 – Daily Hashtag Challenge

 Daily Hashtag Challenge

There are hashtags that can be used to add some fresh ideas to your Instagram feed. They will give you some additional exposure and can be used to spice up your account.

Below are Some Daily Hashtag Examples

  • #MondayBlues
  • #MotivationMonday
  • #TipTuesday
  • #WonderfulWednesday
  • #ThrowbackThursday
  • #FridayFun
  • #SelfieSunday



This will promote your content and the users can easily view them. It helps in getting your content idea to the regarded categories.

4 – Promote Content

To make your post interesting, add some funny images or videos. Try to relate it with your brand or business. This will make your viewers entertained and they too can share it on their feeds.

For content marketing and promoting your blog posts, you can post an image to promote and get the required audience. To keep in mind, you cannot share links to your content with every post, therefore for promotion, the best way is to post amazing images relating to your brand or business.

5 – How to Have

Instagram video feature

Instagram video feature and slideshow options are an excellent way to promote your products. In this way, you can give your audience the required knowledge and information about your brand and product. Through the Instagram post, you can answer the customer questions and clear their doubts.

This will boost your account, as customers prefer quick responses to their questions. It all depends on how fast you respond.

6 – Product Features & Promotions

You can promote your products and if you provide your audience with some offers, they will indeed appreciate it. The best promotion must be creative, witty and entertaining. 

7 – Tag a Friend Posts

tag a friend

Why will people tag or why will you tag a friend? You need to provide a good reason for it. Tagging will spread the word about Instagram and will upgrade your account.

8 – Repost

For reposting, you must have the permission of the regarded person. You can repost your customers, your employees, your partners, and also your followers to get more of your target audience.

Following are Some Ideas Which Will Be Helpful in Reposting on Your Instagram Account:

  • Browse pictures that mention your account.
  • Invite your fans to subscribe.
  • Request your followers to send an image that you can repost via a hashtag.
  • The Instagram photo contest will be helpful.

9 – Contests or Giveaways

Make your rules clear for the contests. You can offer something for free. People can comment on your post to enter the contest. Choose from the comments and have your audience follow the link to the related contest.

10 – Ask Questions in Story

Tell a Story Ask Questions

Have a sequence of updates to tell a story. It is also observed that questions are a great way to inspire engagements on your images and connect the audience. Join the discussions and answer their questions.

11 – Use Account Takeovers

Your influencers or experts can take over your account to improve or upgrade it. But assure that the topics or posts must target your audience.


There are endless ideas to post on Instagram and thus keep your mind open. You need to browse around and keep your imagination intact for the required content. 

Check out other stories too on Instagram to get inspiration. This will certainly help you out with more creative ideas.

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