Instagram Slang: Complete Guide to be Instagram Lingo NINJA

Using the language used by the audience is very important on social media for reaching the desired audiences. Here in this blog, we are sharing some cool and most used slang on Instagram, that a brand can use to bring in more likes and views.

Let’s make it clear; you won’t reach your Instagram audience unless you speak their language. Whether you are running an online business or just a general gram user, adapting the Instagram slang will make you mix up with the audience. 

The use of hashtags, acronyms, and some slang is one of the best ways to connect with followers and increase your likes.

Some of the common Instagram slang or terms are TBT, WCW, and MCM, which can be quite confusing in the initial period, but once you adopt them, you can easily use them for marketing purposes on Instagram.

This new internet generation is creative and looks for a shortcut when it comes to communication. No matter where you stand in the internet business, adapting to new changes matters the most. Creative people always look for new ideas that spread quickly within the internet communities. 

These slangs push the meme era further and help in engaging with the audience. Having a handy guide on lingo is always a great way to stay updated with the latest Instagram slang.

Let us take you on the tour of Instagram Slangs and how you can become an Instagram Lingo NINJA:

1) #TBT: Throwback Thursday

TBT: Instagram Slang

If you have come across Instagram stories or feeds where users post an old memory picture with the caption of #TBT, it means Throwback Thursday.

Maybe the image of last Thursday’s trip to Disneyland or a friend’s reunion. Even businesses use #TBT to bring back memories of the event held on Thursday earlier. You can mention #ThrowbackThursday or just #TBT.

2) AMA: Ask Me Anything


The most recent Instagram story fun activity is where users can post Ask Me Anything to followers who can ask personal or professional questions. The user, without naming, will then reply to every question asked. The Instagram slang for this is AMA and is widely used by users to connect with followers to give away some information.

3) #OOTD: Outfit of the Day


If you are among those who like to flaunt new outfits even while being at home, then use OOTD, which means Outfit of the Day. You can share your new outfit with a new look that would create interest among your followers and like your post.

This will also bring in brands to promote their products on your page. The best is to tag different brands along with using this Instagram slang.

4) Foodporn: Share your Meals Picture

food porn

People love sharing pictures of their meals. So, if you love sharing different pictures of your meal, use #Foodporn slang in your post. It will invite more likes and follows from whoever searches for posts using this slang.

5) Regram: to Reshare Your Post


Just like the Retweet, Regram works in the same way. In this, you reshare the post which you find interesting. You can even use this slang on your post, so people reshare your post.

6) WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

You must have come across this slang but in a rare post. WCW means Woman Crush Wednesday, where gram users share photos of the women they admire the most. So, if you respect your mother, wife, sister, or any woman in your life, post the picture and use WCW to get viewed.

7) MCM: Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday

Like WCW, Man Crush Monday is slang when you share the pics of your favorite guy on Monday. Like women, you too can share an image of whom you admire.

8) POTD: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day is a slang used mainly by photographers. Using this Instagram slang helps them to get more likes and views.

9) GF: Gang Family

Gang Family

Gang Family refers to the huge community of talented photographers around the world. If you are a photographer and have a group of friends with the same profession, you can post an image with this slang.

10) Fitspo: Healthy Lifestyle


If you are among those who live an active, healthy lifestyle, use Fitspo slang to show how you live a healthy lifestyle. You can even check the other people who use this slang and live a healthy lifestyle that can inspire you.

11) FAF: Follow for a Follow

Follow for Follow

This slang, which means Follow for Follow is the key to increase more followers to your page. If you are among those who run a page, use this FAF as hashtags so people who search the content using this slang will visit your page.

12) S4S: Shoutout for Shoutout


Shoutout for Shoutout is when you ask people to follow in exchange for something. For instance, if any of your followers ask you to post their stories on yours in exchange for the same on their account, use S4S. This is to increase the engagement in both accounts.

13) Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

Most of the fitness-related accounts run by healthcare businesses use this slang to motivate people on Tuesday. If you love working out, the best is to show your transformation pic or video on a Tuesday.

14) FBF: Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Just like Throwback Thursday, the FBF (Flashback Friday) is when you end up sharing old photos on Fridays. It can be anything from a party to a wedding or travel.

15) LMAO: Laughing my a** off


It is the most common Instagram slang used on the internet, especially on Instagram. LMAO means Laughing my a** off is used when there is a funny post on the feed.

16) YOLO: You Only Live Once


YOLO means You Only Live Once. This slang is a kind of inspiration used by people who post inspirational videos and text.

If you are running an inspirational quote page, use this slang to gain more likes and followers. Many inspirational speakers use this slang that helps to create interest and bring some positivity among followers.

17) Instamood: Show your Current Mood


It is to show your current mood. You can use Instamood slang to make it more interesting.

18) NoFilter: for Raw Images


Many Instagram selfies or other images are coated with filters to make them more interesting. No Filter slang is used when the image is raw and contains no filter. Be it the morning selfie or group picture, adding No Filter slang makes it more interesting.

19) Petstagram: for Pets


There are many pet-related pages on Instagram where they use this slang. If you have a pet and like to keep posting pet videos, use this slang to garner more likes and views.

20) SelfieSunday: Describe Your Sunday


If there is nothing to do and feel like just chilling on Sunday, then click and post a selfie to add SelfieSunday. You can use this slang even if you are partying or travelling on a Sunday.

21) GOTD: Gram of the Day

A Gram of the Day is to make your post unique and visible. Many top Instagram pages look for the best posts to promote. Be it the quote or any image, using Gram of the Day will bring more likes and views to your post.


Like these, Instagram users come up with new slangs that make posts look great. Remember, using these slangs in the right way will bring in more likes and views. So, you need to stay updated with new Instagram slangs to use.

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