16 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

Every Instagram user wishes to increase his followers. In this blog, we are going to share some very interesting tips and story ideas that will not only help you in gaining more followers but will also help you in creating stories for your Instagram page. Read on to learn more.

Instagram Stories Ideas: It would be great – if you get more engagements on Instagram story!! This can happen if you apply all the required features, stickers, etc. to make it fun-filled, interesting and effective for your audience. Over 500 million people watch Instagram stories every day, so you would want them to get involved with your brand/business!

Perform some hard work initially to raise the level of your Stories by creating your social media strategy. It is rightly said – Your brand’s Instagram Story is the perfect place to engage followers, promote new products, and increase your brand’s awareness.

Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

Instagram Stories Ideas Get More Followers on Instagram

Below are Some Instagram Story Ideas to Get More Followers to Boost Your Brand/Business:

1 – Promote Blog Posts

You can promote your blog’s latest article through your Instagram Story. Here, you can send users straight to post, instead of referring them to the link in your bio. It will great for generating leads with a brand new avenue of traffic to your blog posts.

2 – Promote Instagram Story


You can share your posts with all through Instagram Story. Though you may not be sure what posts your followers will see or like on their feed, you can be sure that all your Story followers will see about your new post. Get your followers informed about your Instagram post or feed by sending them a screenshot.

3 – Story Takeover

On the Instagram Story Ideas list, Story Takeover is the best way to promote your brand, provide some good content for your audience. A story takeover can be defined as when you allow someone to post on Instagram for a day who is not accessed to your account. They can be co-workers, an employer or even an influencer who is hired to promote your brand.

Another way is – You can also promote your brand and products if you partner with an influencer.

4 – Go Live

instagram live

Instagram Live videos help in engaging directly with your audience. They allow users to ask questions, give comments on your video, and provide multiple engagements. Your users will also get notifications when you start broadcasting live.

When you are finished with the live video, it will appear on your Instagram Story. This will allow your users to check the video later if in case they missed it.

5 – Promote Products

Instagram Story is the perfect place for launching your product or brand. In this way, you can create more engagements and users around. You need to announce a product or brand launch, get the feedback and promote accordingly. It will also increase product sales.

6 – Use IGTV


Instagram IGTV was launched in June 2018, a video app that allows creators to create long-form video channels. Here, the creators can connect their IGTV profiles to their normal profiles on Instagram and give the audience a preview of their channel. It is a great way to share longer-form video content for your audience. Verified users can enjoy videos for one hour, while unverified users can post videos only for 10 mins.

7 – Conduct a Poll

Polls are a great way to engage with your audience and also build your brand. There are many ways you can approach your poll.

Instagram offers a poll sticker for their users to be used on their Stories. Here, you can ask your followers a question with a choice of two responses.

8 – Use the Question Sticker

Use the Question Sticker


This is also another way to get engaged with your followers. It allows you to post a question to your followers but they can answer according to their wishes. Later, you can share the answer on your Story.

This will build engagement and your followers will also enjoy while having some fun. Options are that you can put in new ideas for your social media content, quiz your readers on different topics and consider their request if any.

9 – Share follower DMs

This is a great way to get good testimonials for your product or brand, service or any business in general. You can take a screenshot of your followers DMs and share that on your Instagram Story.

This also gives the related brand social proof and also encourages other followers to follow the same process.

10 – Contests and Giveaways

You can hold a giveaway or contest for your readers to increase the engagement numbers. Allot a prize, which can be anything from a free trial of your service, some sample of your products or an hour-long consultation from you. This all depends on the products you have. 

Contests and Giveaways


For giveaways and contests, you can suggest your followers do something for taking part. It can be – 

  • Share your Instagram Story/post.
  • Tag someone.
  • DM someone your Instagram Story/post.
  • Use hashtag on Instagram
  • Like your post.

11 – Before and After

A before and after post shows the changes in what it will look before and after. This can cover a wide range including your business, the number of employees and how your products have changed over the years. For service-related, you can show how your service changed your client over time.

12 – Share a Quote

You can share a quote with your Instagram Story. This can be motivational, funny or a combination of all these things. It must fit your brand as well, as your followers will appreciate it and your Story. It will be great if you post a motivational quote in the morning with a hashtag.

13 – Countdown to an Event

This is one of the most effective stickers which can be customized with a title.

Some ideas on what to count down to:

  • The release of a new product.
  • An upcoming sale.
  • New store openings.
  • New employees starting.
  • Contest close dates.
  • Your brand’s anniversary.
  • Reminder about the holidays.

Countdown to an Event

Your followers can tap the sticker on your Story and set an alert for themselves. They can even share the countdown with their followers. 

14 – Ask for Donations

This is an easy way to both support your favorite non-profit and build engagement with your followers. This donation sticker allows your followers to donate to a charity from your Instagram Story. In this, you can search through various non-profits and the users can also customize the name of their fundraiser.

15 – Interview an Employee

Informing your readers about the behind the scenes of your business is a fantastic way to build trust and transparency. Now take a step further by interviewing your employees about their role, their work, and what they think about working with your brand.

E.g. – Mail chimp excels in this, where they showcase their employees on Instagram. 

This gives their followers a fun opportunity to view the inner workings and the strong personalities in the office. 

16 – TBT or Throw Back Thursday

TBT or Throw Back Thursday


This is an incredibly popular hashtag about ‘throwing back’ to past memories. It makes Instagram Story exceptional for your followers. It is very simple. You need to take a photo from your brand’s past and share it on Instagram Story with the hashtag TBT or Throw Back Thursday. This will show how your brand has grown over the coming years.

Some Examples

  • Milestones
  • Physical location
  • Your logo
  • Your products
  • Number of employees


The above ideas will indeed help you out at the start. You can manage your Instagram Story alongside with other social channels. In this way, you can also schedule and publish posts, engage the audience and measure your performance.

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