100 Instagram Story Quiz Question Ideas (Personal, Travel, and business)

Looking for Instagram Story Quiz question ideas? Check out all these quiz questions you can ask your followers using the Instagram Story .Here we have shared Instagram quiz questions about personal, business and travel. Let's go through the blog to know more!

Instagram keeps on experimenting with its Story feature. Recently, it added the instagram story quiz option where you can test the knowledge of your followers in a different genre.

And not just that, an Instagram story is a fun way to interact with your audience, thereby enabling them to engage more with your content, ultimately increasing your reach.

However, at times it can become tedious to write creative and unique questions for the Quiz feature. That is why we came up with this article to help you with 100+ Instagram questions for Quiz and everything else you need to know about the same. Keep reading to find out more.

How To Create Instagram Story Quiz?

Create Instagram Story Quiz


Follow these quick steps to create Quiz for Instagram:

Instagram account

Step 1. Open your Instagram account.

Instagram story option

Step 2. Tap on the Instagram story option on the top left corner of your account.

choose an image from your gallery

Step 3. Slide up to choose an image from your gallery or take a picture right at the moment.


Step 4. Once you have chosen the image, look for the “Sticker” option on the upper side of your screen.

Quiz instagram


Step 5. Tap on the sticker option and scroll down a bit to find the “Quiz” sticker.

write the question

Step 6. When you would tap on the quiz sticker, you will be shown spaces to write the question and relevant options for the same.

question and the option

Step 7. Write your question and the option.

it would appear green

Step 8. Click the option that is right and it would appear green.

Step 9. Click done and post your story, however, the answer won’t appear green after posting.

Note: You can also change the color of your Instagram quiz by clicking on the color edit option just above your quiz.


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How does the Instagram Quiz feature work?

How does the Instagram Quiz feature work

The Quiz feature allows you to write a question with a few potential answers and only one correct answer. The user will take a guess to choose the right answer and the moment he/she taps the answer, they would immediately get to know whether they are wrong or right.

If the user makes the right guess, the screen will show flying confetti with the answer highlighted in green while for the wrong answer, the screen will shake and the option would be highlighted with red color.

Now, let’s see what questions you can ask your followers?

Personal Instagram Quiz Questions

Personal Instagram Quiz Questions

Ready? Here you go:

  1. Which year I was born?
  2. I am in what profession?
  3. What do you think is my favorite hobby?
  4. Do I like cooking?
  5. Rain makes me feel?
  6. My favorite movie is?
  7. Do I like horror movies?
  8. If I could be one celebrity for a day, I would be?
  9. My favorite food is?
  10. I am allergic to?
  11. What turns me off instantly?
  12. My favorite color is?
  13. How many piercings do I have?
  14. How many tattoos do I have?
  15. I did graduation in?
  16. My graduation course was?
  17. My favorite song is?
  18. The best gift I got to date?
  19. What’s the scariest thing I have done in my life?
  20. My hidden talent is?
  21. My spirit animal is?

Apart from asking direct questions, you can also try the “Never have I ever’ game. 

For example, 

Never have I ever:

Never have I ever

  1. dyed my hair in crazy color
  2. Tried to cut my own hair
  3. Caught cheating
  4. Gate crashed someone’s party
  5. Ate a whole pizza by myself
  6. Stayed outside the entire night
  7. Bunked classes
  8. Went to movies without asking my parents
  9. Been to jail
  10. Dropped my phone in the toilet
  11. Stayed up for more than 24 hours
  12. Binge watched the entire web series
  13. Been on solo trip
  14. Bungee jumped
  15. Tried smoking/drinking
  16. Broken my gadgets
  17. Thrown my phone in anger
  18. Did embarrassing stuff in public
  19. Shouted back at my elders

You can also try Guess questions about your Instagram account. For example:

  1. Guess when I made this account
  2. Guess if I have other accounts as well
  3. Guess what would be the next color theme
  4. Guess the next topic photo that would be sharing
  5. Guess my favorite Instagrammer
  6. Guess how much time I spend on Instagram

Business Instagram Quiz Questions

Business Instagram Quiz Questions

When it comes to business, you need to create questions that would give your audience insight into your business and make them feel more connected with your business at the same time.

  1. When was [your business’s name] launched?
  2. What is [business name] about?
  3. How many people work at our company?
  4. Our best-selling product is?
  5. Our most-loved product is?
  6. Guess our next [product/content]?
  7. What would be the topic for our next blog?
  8. Guess how long it takes to [fill as per your product’s nature]
  9. Guess how many products we created this month?
  10. How do we like to spend our weekends?
  11. The color of the next product would be?
  12. When will we launch our next product?
  13. What do we offer?
  14. What makes us unique?
  15. How many clients can we handle at a time?
  16. Our business is based in?

Instagram Quiz Questions about Travel

Instagram Quiz Questions about Travel

These are the questions you can ask related to traveling:

  1. Which is my favorite country in the world?
  2. My next adventure is to:
  3. The next destination on my list is:
  4. My most favorite holiday destination is:
  5. My least favorite holiday destination is:
  6. Which of these places I have never visited?
  7. Which of these places I am most likely to not visit?
  8. My dream destination is?
  9. My favorite beach is?
  10. My favorite food is?
  11. Where did I do [any adventure] for the first time?
  12. How many times did I travel to [country]?
  13. Guess how long the flight will take?
  14. Which is my most memorable road trip?
  15. What snacks do I prefer during traveling?
  16. Do I pack light or heavy?
  17. The best thing I brought back from my travel?
  18. Strange tourist attraction I have been to?
  19. A travel-related film that I enjoy?
  20. My favorite hotel chains to stay?
  21. When was my last trip?
  22. Where was my last trip?
  23. Did I celebrate [holiday name] in which country?
  24. The most dangerous adventure sport I did was?
  25. I travel with?
  26. In what place have I seen the best night sky?
  27. I prefer road trips or public transports?
  28. My favorite travel gadget is?
  29. The most interesting food I have tried is?
  30. The most strange food I have tried is?
  31. What did my last trip teach me?
  32. The best sunset I have seen is of where?
  33. My favorite airline is?
  34. Which tour company do I use for travel?
  35. If I could visit just one country, it would be?
  36. If I could cut one country from my list to travel, it would be?
  37. If I could choose one medium of traveling, it would be?
  38. I am most likely to travel during?

To Conclude

The Instagram story offers you multiple options to build relations with your followers. You just need to utilise this feature carefully to get back the proper engagement on your stories. Put as many stories as you can but make sure you are not irritating your audience with the same.

We hope our question ideas would help you put your next creative story for your Instagram account.

Do you have any other questions to add to our list? Drop them in the comments box below.

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