21 Instagram Theme Ideas using Preview App and Editing Tips

An Instagram theme is a visual aesthetic created by individuals and brands to achieve a cohesive look on their Instagram feeds. Here, in this blog we will share 21 best Instagram theme ideas. These ideas are perfect when you want to find the right concept that's going to help you showcase your brand's personality. Let's go through the blog to learn more!

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”- Dave Willis.

Today, social media has become the only place that gives us our daily dose of entertainment and impacts our lives on a deeper level. Whether it is just that story on Facebook, that short video on Snapchat or that reel on Instagram, social media has undoubtedly become a part of who we are today. 

While Facebook is the flagbearer for social media phenomenon with over 2.85 billion users, platforms like Twitter are not far behind. It is because brands and individuals are going out of their way to create a brand identity for themselves, whether by the kind of content being published or by the overall vibe of the channel. 

Because of this small tactic of establishing a brand identity, many influencers have cropped up across the world in different niches. And Instagram has been at the forefront of epitomizing the use of themes. So, if you want to join the bandwagon of adding a theme to your Instagram, then this guide is for you. Read on!

Top 21 Instagram Theme Ideas

Top 21 Instagram Theme Ideas

When Instagram began, it was simply a photo-sharing platform through which people could interact with other accounts worldwide. Fast forward to the present day, and every different Instagram account has a specific type of theme going around it. So, here are the top 21 Instagram Themes that influencers and brands are using:

Line In The Middle

Line In The Middle

One of the most common and the most used themes out there is the line in the middle. In this theme, every row’s first and third posts are an image, while the one in the middle of the second post in the row is a quote or anything else that you fancy. 

It breaks the monotony of continuous posts and yet adds that extra bit of spice to the story of that row. These are usually kept in a white background, but you have the creative freedom to choose any color that contrasts with the color of all of the other images in your feed.



The row theme has become very popular now, and almost every second person on the ‘gram has tried it out at least once. If you haven’t, well, good for you, you are a rare one. In this arrangement, a row of three images is used to tell the story that usually one post would. 

These come in handy when you build a certain kind of hype around an idea, object, product, or anything else. The only prerequisite is that one post should lead into the next, and you should bind the entire row together for the full context.


Tiles themes

The tile layout has come into use a lot now. This arrangement usually alternates between an image and a post of any other kind like a blank image, a quote, or anything else that is not a stock photo. This type of arrangement does not require much effort and is certainly easy to pull off. The only thing to keep in mind is the vibe you want the feed to have, and that is pretty much it.


Rainbow themes

A rainbow theme, like the name suggests, is a play on colors. So it uses a three in a row approach while changing the color scheme after every three images. So, as the viewer scrolls down your Instagram feed, they will see the colors changing and a burst of colors coming their way.

Finding a rainbow theme is a rarity these days due to the sheer effort it requires to be pulled off. However, if you manage to pull it off, you can rest assured that you will be regarded as a unicorn in many circles.


puzzle theme

A puzzle theme is similar to a photo-split theme wherein you split the image into several parts and then post them in chronological order. However, since it is a puzzle, you can add other elements to make the feed look vibrant, unique, and fun. 

The only catch is that every image should stand on its own while working with the more significant part of the picture. Otherwise, you might lose a lot of traction on your page if there is any disconnection. 

White Border

white border theme instagram

Almost every brand or influencer at some point has used this kind of image, the white border image. It is because it makes the image look classic and retro vibed due to that polaroid illusion. Go into the Preview app, and you can add the white border very quickly to any and every image you want to work with. 

Additionally, it adds a little extra space on all sides of the preview image, which makes it seem unique to any user despite being a “cliche” sort of thing. However, that extra space allows any viewer to identify your image from the crowd more quickly.

Black Border

Black Border instagram theme

If you are not a white person, something on the lines of a dark theme might appease you. The black border theme is all about adding a black border around your photographs which makes them unique, especially in 2021. And thankfully, you can quickly get the black border theme from the various options available in the Preview app. 

The Black border theme is not used as much as the white border theme, so it packs a punch to stand out from the crowd; however, it is equally challenging to pull off as well. Because not every pick would work, and the black theme is a powerful theme that needs images that can offset that bold outline. 


Rectangle instagram theme

This theme was first made famous by panoramic shots and wide-angle shots by photographers as they added borders above and below the image to make it into a square.

Now, it has blown up into a world of its own where people add that bit of cinematic effect by clicking rectangular images and then adding borders around it to streamline the channel.

The most significant benefit of this theme is that it adds that extra bit of white space between adjacent images so that the user can adequately appreciate each image’s content. It highlights the subject without coming off as an anomaly in the world of Instagram themes.

Mixed White Border

Mixed White Border theme instagram

Taking the torch forward from the white border filter, you can even experiment with different types of white borders. It could be square, rectangle, oval, or circle, depending on your image type and the vibe you want it to convey.

Just make sure that the borders line up with the adjacent images, and you will have a photo collage or polaroid-based Instagram page.

Same Filter

Same Filter theme instagram

We all have that favorite filter on Instagram. For some, it is Clarendon, and for some, it is Mayfair, depending on what your images are.

So, instead of applying it to some pics, you can start a whole idea of using the same filter on every image that you post. Just make sure that the image is ready to work with the filter; otherwise, it would all be for nothing.

White Background

White Background theme instagram

The White background theme might sound like an easy job but is quite tricky to work with.

Here, you need to make sure that all the images have a white background, ample natural white light available, and the space available where no shadows of the equipment or any other thing will interfere with the image. 

If you already have white walls in your home, then it might be easy to work with, but in other cases, it can leave you in a bit of soup without any planning. It is because the white background puts the subject deep into focus, so every detail is visible. So, make sure to plan before executing correctly.  

Bright And White

Bright And White

The Bright and White theme is all about turning the lights on in every image. If you have a white background, great, otherwise, just increase the exposure and brightness, reduce the shadows, improve the highlights, and the Preview app will automatically bring to life a bright and white image for your Instagram page.


Dark instagram theme

As opposed to bright and white, if you want to carry that mysterious vibe into your Instagram, the dark theme is the one to pick. Currently one of the hottest themes on Instagram, the dark theme is all about reducing the amount of light and brightness and adding that extra bit of eeriness and darkness to keep the mysterious vibe going.

So, if you have a picture that you want to experiment on, just use the Preview app to reduce the exposure and increase the shadows, and you will have a dark-themed post to work with.

Black and White

Black and White instagram theme

If you have ever seen Apple’s annual iPhone launch event, you might have noticed that they always use black and white images to show the camera’s natural strengths.

It is because black and white themes eliminate color and let the subject do the talking. It might seem tedious, but it is a powerful theme and puts your subject into the entire limelight.

With the Preview app, you can choose different monochrome filters or even play around with textures if you feel adventurous. However, make sure to retain the sanctity and the very identity of the image. Otherwise, it can all go south in no time. 

Color Coordinated

Color Coordinated

Like a ceremony, a color-coordinated theme is going to be the canvas through which your Instagram will come alive. In this theme, one or a few colors will always be present in every image you share.

These will serve as the springboard for every photo you post and bind the whole feed together. Depending on your taste, it could be subtle or bold, but those colors must be in every post. 

Color Block

Color Block

A color block theme is a colorful theme. The background will have to be a bold and loud color like strawberry red, sunshine yellow, or bright orange as in these pictures. Then, in front of those, you can have the main object of attention you want to show.

The color block theme makes the Instagram feed look very vibrant and eye-catching, but be sure to balance the colors, or it might make your feed look a little too loud for taste.



As the name suggests, in the minimalist theme, all emotions are conveyed via a minimal number of details or things. So, essentially, one detail or something out of balance in that picture is what will do the work.

A minimalist theme is best for an artistic setting where you want the finer or smaller details to convey the idea or emotions. It is difficult to achieve but is certainly spectacular to look at.



Mono is short for monotheme or monochrome, which is just another name for monotone. As the theme name suggests, this type of theme concentrates on one topic or thing exclusively and only has posts of that particular topic or theme. In these pages, the same object is captured in various scenarios. 

E.g., dog or cat pages like barked by 9gag. 



Taking every image from a top view instead of varying angles is called a Flatlay angle.

It is because it makes everything seem like it is lying flat somewhere. Flatlay theme is an excellent gift for bloggers, vloggers, and influencers who post a couple of updates a day about their whereabouts or daily workings. 

It was born out of convenience since it is easy to put things under the cam and then click a picture but now has spun off into a whole theme of its own. 



Ever drew a picture while sending it to someone just to make it more funny or exciting? Well, guess what? You can do the same for your Instagram channel as well.

Choose the image you want to post, and you can draw something as small as a smile just to make that photo pop out from the crowd. 

Creativity goes a long way on Instagram, and using the Preview app for making drawings is just one of those ways that make your account just pop.




You might have come across those images where the entire image is in monochrome, and just one part of the image might be in color. This theme is all the rage nowadays and is undoubtedly here for the long haul.

Using the Preview app, you can just pick the Colorsplash filter and then select the part that you want the color to be displayed for.

This kind of theme gives your Instagram account that artistic vibe without making a lot of effort and yet looks supremely cool at the same time.

Verdict: Should you use an Instagram Theme?

It depends. While many use Instagram as a photo dump or a memory log, most people use it to build a brand image. So what kind of image you want to develop will be decided on the type of content you put onto the platform. Using a theme has many benefits, but if you can get the same kind of traction without one, that works. 

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