7 Key Ingredients for a Best Twitter Bio

Your bio is on the key factors channeling your brand reputation. So in order to build a good online reputation on Twitter you need a good bio. In this blog we have enlisted seven key features of creating an appealing Twitter Bio for your brand.

Best Twitter Bio Ideas: Twitter is another social media platform along with other platforms that are quite popular and active too. Roughly 320 million people use Twitter daily. On Twitter, messages are called tweets. On Twitter, the length of each tweet is up to 270 characters only.

Many people share concern over the issues and happening around the world by tweeting, re-tweeting, and commenting on their reactions to the scenario.

Know-How to Write Perfect Twitter Bio

Many Businessmen and Entrepreneurs consider their Twitter accounts as their professional ones. As they share business strategies, plans which also include tips and tricks for young and new entrepreneurs so that they to learn and focus on it.


A perfect Twitter account for a businessman includes the following necessary details with it

  • Twitter handle
  • Username
  • Bio 
  • Profile picture
  • Header Image
  • Pinned tweet

Bio: An Important Feature

For a Businessman, the bio of a Twitter account is an important feature. As any new follower or a business client who wish to seek more information about him would look in his Bio.

If a Bio imparts a good impression about the person he would surely give you follow. Otherwise, he won’t follow and can be misleading to others.

What Perfect Twitter Bio Needs?

Twitter Bio needs

A perfect Twitter bio should be creative and in such a way that it outlooks another bio available there.

Along with impressiveness, it should also show the quality and key skills of the individual. One should not boast too much and write irrelevant things which are not required and also not to look cool and be professional in a Bio.

Following are the key feature which a Bio needs to have in order to make it perfect from scratch.

Include Your Taste of Personality With the Profession

add personality to Twitter Bio

When we talk about Bio, we have to be strict with our profession and detail our key skills which can make you worth following. Although personality is another thing which we need to include inside a Bio.

Make space also for your personality along with your profession. This can be very easy by giving your touch-up lines by being funny or to the point. Hence, adding flavours of personality and professionalism can make your Bio even better.

60 Character Bio Template to Describe Yourself

60 character Twitter bio template

Yes, there are only 160 characters or can say only 60 words to summarise yourself. In which you need to include details regarding your professional career, key skills, hobbies, your motto (if an organisation) and can include another thing if there is more space left or wish to.

60 words are enough to describe yourself. If not, try to shorten your summary and rephrase it. Try not to include points such as: “I like to eat pizza” etc.

Don’t Try to Be Funny

Dont be funny on Twitter bio

It is seen that people try to be funny at the Bio and expect have everyone to have the same sense of humour as there, but it is not the case. By doing so they are just mixing up with their professional life and destroying their image in front of the potential clients and expected new followers.

It is highly suggested to the not people, that they do not include exempt topics with their professional bio examples. Which in turn is not less than creating a big blunder over their image.

Be Ready to Face the World

The Bio of your Twitter account is not only restricted to Twitter itself but is also visible to the people who search you by entering your name, name of the organization. 

Add skills in Twitter bio

The search result showing your Bio is at third or fourth place of the search engine console. That is the reason it is important to make your Bio updated with recent qualifications and the skills gained, to let the people know more about in you in fewer words, and don’t mix it up with unnecessary words and characters.

Bring Followers From Different Social Handles

Bring Twitter followers from different social handles

When you are new to a social handle or become active after a very long time, it is obvious the nobody knows your there and many followers have unfollowed you.

Let them know about your existence and also invite new followers from different media handles such as Instagram, Facebook and many more to go, to follow you and know more about you there.

The link to your perfect Twitter profile can be copied and placed to the stories of other platforms through which they are redirected to your profile. Make sure to have a perfect twitter Bio so that they really love it at first sight and give you follow.

Include Keywords and Hashtags in Twitter Bio

Hashtags are one of the important features of Twitter. Using a Twitter Hashtag, one can follow a trend and can even make one. In order to do so make your own hashtag and let people and your followers know about it and let them to follow it.

hashtags in Twitter Bio

Keywords are the words that are used in your Bio to make it SEO optimized and have its own benefits. Optimised Bio with a keyword can rank your business to higher levels over an average Bio.

As your best Twitter Bio can rise up in the search results of Twitter and also of the search engine which will eventually make your brand quality improved.

Let People Know About Your Winnings

It is common to understand that when a brand is new it doesn’t have enough followers since it is unknown to all. Although, the business has excelled up and won many prizes and worthy medals in respective fields.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let people know and feel amazed about your winnings and trophies your brand has won in recent years and let them share with their circle. Which will make you new followers and increase the quality of the product/service you offer.

twitter for business


Twitter is a web-based social media platforms that invites people around the globe to give their concerns over the happenings. There are many features that an account possesses. Bio is such another feature.

In order to have a professional attitude at Twitter, it is suggested to have the best twitter Bio which is just as professional as the profession. A Bio should not be humorous as it can be messy from a professional point of view and also it can let people trust you less than others.

A bio must be unique and also to the point describing career, profession, hobbies and should not contain irrelevant words. All should be under 160 characters of 60 words.

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