Kinds Of Facebook Posts That Get Crazy Likes And Comments

One great way to increase reach and engagement is to post about trending topics people are talking about. Do you want more Likes & Comments on your Facebook posts? Here, in this blog we will share 3 kinds of Facebook posts that will surely increase engagement to your account. Let's go through the article to read more !

Kinds Of Facebook Posts:- Creating content is difficult. Business owners feel constant pressure to come up with exceptional ideas for social media. This pressure forces business owners to stop creating content. 

If you are facing this problem, then you are at the right place. This blog post will help you in creating exemplary Facebook posts. It will enable you to increase likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook page

Three Kinds Of Facebook Posts For Improved Engagement

Kinds Of Facebook Posts

Before deciding on content pillars for your Facebook posts, you should know the possible kinds of Facebook posts. You can categorize them into three types:- 

  1. Images 
  2. Text 
  3. Videos 

Now we will discuss the three famous posts that bring maximum attention on Facebook and provide some illustrations. 



Images are a crucial part of the entire content strategy. According to Facebook publishing statistics, out of all the posts on Facebook, 55.6% are photos. 

Nowadays, each one of us is facing data overload. We naturally gravitate towards eye-catching and easy-to-understand data. We can find both features in an image.

If you post eye-catching content intending to help your audience, you will acquire an increased number of likes and comments. In a few days, you will build awe-inspiring brand authority in your industry.

  • Playful Images

Playful Images

We know that everyone loves funny content, which can take your stress away for a moment. As a business owner, you should pay attention to the needs of your audience. Don’t fill your Facebook page with countless funny images.

Bombardment of humorous illustrations provides the wrong message to your audience and your audience will hate it. It may fetch you viral sharing of your content. But this strategy will be up to no good in your brand’s content marketing efforts. 

Memes are the best tools to add a humorous element. Keep that in mind memes are the next best thing on the internet. According to reports by pulse, 75 % of people in the age group of 13 to 36-year-olds (and 79% of 13 -17 year-olds) share memes.

Memes can be a massive opportunity for business owners to convey the brand message on Facebook

The best way to incorporate memes in your content pillars is to use them in moderate numbers. It would be best if you create a perfect balance between educational and funny content around your brand. 

When you are posting Memes keep one thing in mind: it should be correlated with your brand message. It will deliver desirable results in massive likes, comments, and shares if it is executed properly.

]You will create astonishing brand authority and a huge following on your Facebook page. Start posting memes in a subtle and witty manner. 

Pro-tip:You can download memes from apps like meme generator on android.  

  • Striking Images With The Clear Brand Message

Brand Message

According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, average people’s attention span had decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. We need to step up our Facebook posts with stunning images to garner enough attention from the audience. 

Your audience’s attention has the potential to contribute to your increased revenue and leads for your business.

Businesses should cooperate with graphic designers to design the best creatives to catch the audience’s attention. Another noteworthy source to find inspiration for eye-catching Facebook posts is to scroll through Pinterest.

Pinterest is the best social media platform to learn unique ideas and force your audience to notice your Facebook post. For example, below, we have added a magnificent image that was on Pinterest.

pinterest image

The best part about the image is that it will compel your audience to like, share, and comment on your Facebook post. It’s a fabulous post idea that will inspire your audience to share it with family, friends, and relatives. 

As a business owner, your primary goal should be to increase your number of likes, comments, and shares. A higher number of likes, shares, and comments is the ideal Key Performance Indicator (K.P.I.) that needs to be considered. 

Word-of-caution – Don’t post pictures based on its eye-catching factor. You should post attractive pictures which correlate with your brand message. Without this element, it can destroy your brand image, and the audience may unfollow you as well. Be cautious while posting pictures to save yourself from future difficulties.


  • Image With Some Valuable Tips And Tricks

Valuable Tips And Tricks

Here we have provided a picture that is an amazing example of helpful content for the audience. 

In these kinds of images, don’t forget to add your brand logo. It will help people recognize your brand and increase your brand authority in the market. It is an effortless task to create tips and tricks for Facebook posts related to your niche.

Follow the following steps to design impressive Facebook posts  

  1. Do a Google search for the latest information and tricks related to your niche. 
  2. Select any suitable tips.
  3. Create images that will help your audience. 

We would highly recommend you hire a graphic designer to create wonderful posts for you. We understand business owners find it difficult to manage their Facebook page. Hiring a graphic designer will save your time and energy. 

  • Image With Quotes


Nowadays, you can find images with inspirational quotes on Facebook. It is a part of every business content strategy. Motivational quotes are viral on Facebook. You will see pictures like waterfalls or sunsets in the background with text like “you can’t have a rainbow without the rain.” You might find these quotes creepy. 

Currently, inspirational quotes are a massive industry due to their higher number of likes, shares, and monetization ability. When you post an image with inspirational quotes, you should ensure it should be related to your niche. It must resonate with your audience to create an instant connection with your audience. 

The advantage of inspirational quotes is that it is a fantastic tool for marketing purposes of your brands. This particular format is created for its high shareability factor, and it’s pretty appealing to your audience. You can find these types of quotes by doing a simple Google search.

But to create authority in your niche, you can hire a copywriter to write it. After that, with the help of your graphic designer, create a stunning image for posting on your Facebook page. 

We have attached a motivational quote image to provide you with a crystal clear idea regarding the Facebook post.  

  • Official Or Business-Related Pictures

employees related images

As you are a business owner, you must have some pictures of your office location. Have you ever posted these pictures? You can post pictures of your employees, office interiors, and your clients as well. Also, post your client’s testimonials concerned about your business. Testimonials will create trust, the authority of your brand.

Say you work in the hospitality domain. Let’s discuss what type of post restaurant can post:

  1. Businesses can post related to the offers running in the restaurant.
  2. Post images on your customer’s experience in the restaurant.
  3. Also, a post concerning the sanitation and hygiene standards of the restaurant.

You should follow these steps so that customers can trust your business in these Covid-19 times. Suppose you are in a competitive industry like real estate, interiors, or the medical industry. In that case, you need to post pictures around your business to showcase all the details of your business to gain the trust of your customers. 

  • Infographics Marketing

Infographics marketing

There is increasing demand for quick and small size data with visual appeal. Infographic marketing serves this purpose well. Infographics are getting popular in the content marketing strategy of every brand. According to research, 65% of B2B marketing is incorporating infographics in content marketing. It is part of the top five most popular content types on social media

In the recent infographic world survey, 84% of respondents believe infographics are a superb tool for effective marketing.

If you want to have higher brand authority, your content marketing strategy should include infographics. But creating infographics takes a good chunk of your time and energy if you do not have an effective plan in place. 

Now let’s understand how to do infographic marketing effectively

infographic marketing effectively

1.Choose the right topic – If you start with the right topic for your infographic, it will ensure its effectiveness. It would be best to start with a narrow issue as it is simple to narrow down your infographic content. For example, if you have to create an infographic on “tips on Facebook,” you should be specific with a checklist on tips to improve engagement on your Facebook page and more. 

2.Follow a logical timeline – In infographics, data should be organized logically so that your audience can understand the information clearly. It would be best to create content based on step-by-step processes, information collected chronologically, number data, etc.

Before starting the work, you should have a visual idea regarding the flow of the storyline and create the post sensibly.



3.Select a suitable colour scheme – We need to focus on the infographics’ colour scheme for marketing purposes. Select colours that will complement your brand colours. 

4.Select correct fonts for visual appeal – Selecting the suitable fonts makes your content creation process a little easier. It is a crucial part of which will play a significant role in the success of infographic posts. It is recommended that you should create your infographic posts with easy-to-read fonts. 

5.Use the white space effectively- White space is another essential element of the infographic posts. It would be best to aim for an infographic filled with the right amount of visual elements, which will augment its visual appeal.

If you bombard your infographic with graphic elements, you will face difficulty in converting your brand message. So, use white space to create space for points, visual elements, and parts of knowledge. 

6.Branding is necessary – We create infographics to educate our audience. If you aim for brand authority and trustworthiness in your brand, you should apply brand colours and fonts to every infographic you create. 

7.Mention your sources – To increase the credibility and reliability of your content, you should cite references in the caption of your posts. 



  • Questions

Questions are one of the best tools to increase engagement on your Facebook page. 

Let me help you with some ideas. You can ask questions like 

  1. Facebook or Instagram 
  2. fiction or nonfiction
  3. Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? 
  4. Hollywood or Bollywood movies 

Multiple choice is a fantastic method as it takes the minimum time of your audience. And it is also fun to answer multiple-choice questions instead of lengthy questions. 

  • Quotes

quotes in facebook post


All of us need a little dose of motivation in our life. We want to learn about inspirational quotes. Quotes are an outstanding tool to motivate your audience. 

You can find new quotes from several places such as Google, quote apps on your phone, etc. 

  • Testimonials

If you want to gain trust and build authority, you should post testimonials, success stories of your business and the impact it has created in your life. It provides admirable social proof to your brand.


Videos content

Videos are a splendid tool to build trust with your audience. It is a bizarre fact that still now, businesses are not leveraging the power of video. We should understand different topics on which you should create videos 

  • Testimonials of your customers 
  • Educational video 
  • Stories related to your business 
  • Promoting your products 

Concluding Remarks

Creating content for Facebook Marketing can be an easy process if you incorporate the right strategy. After a period of consistent hard work, you will drive massive likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook page. 

We hope this blog will assist you in streamlining your content creation process. Please share your opinions and ideas in the comments section down below. 

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