Line Breaks Tool For Instagram Posts, Captions, And Bios

In this article, you are going to read about the interesting tools that you can use for adding line breaks and spaces into your Instagram posts and captions. Want to learn more, read on!

Instagram, one of the most popular social networking platforms, can be used to write short blog posts, a maximum of 2200 characters in length. A short blog post, if you have the knack for writing, can be managed within such a character limitation poised by Instagram.

In case you don’t have many words to play with, and you intend to fill up the space, simply break the line and use a new paragraph. The line breaks tool for Instagram allows you to do so.  

Adding line breaks in Instagram Bios and Captions

Adding line breaks in Instagram Bios and Captions

If you want to highlight the points or captions in an Instagram post, it is necessary to add line breaks and spaces. But the question that remains: How to do so? 

There are a couple of ways available to add line breaks in your Instagram bios and captions. Have a look below to learn about the ways to add line-breaks and spaces on Instagram Captions:  

  • You can use the Notes App to introduce Invisible Line Breaks 
  • You can use emojis and symbols   
  • You can consider using Line Break Generator – a very effective app 

Choose from these methods to add line breaks to your Instagram captions for video and photo posts. Now, we must consider options that best meet your purpose when it comes to the addition of line breaks for your Instagram Bio and posts.  

Using the Note app for adding invisible spaces in your Instagram post captions

Do you find it difficult to match any emojis or symbols in the captions as line breaks? Well, there is a solution to the problem. You can easily create invisible space in the post captions using the Note app. 

post captions using the Note app

Here is the detailed guide on how to manage the invisible line breaks using the Note app:  

  • Install the Note App on your PC or Mobile phone from Play Store.  
  • Once installed, you can type your bio or long caption in this app with the addition of line breaks anywhere you find suitable. At the same time, you can even copy the same with spaces.  

copy the same with spaces.

  • Then, you need to redirect towards the bio or caption tab in Instagram and then paste the same.  

redirect towards the bio or caption tab

  • It’s done! You have included the invisible line breaks into your IG bios and captions using the Note app.

 invisible line breaks into your IG bios and captions

Using emojis and symbols

Using emojis and symbols, it is possible to add line breaks ad space in your IG post captions. The steps are simple. Have a look: 

  • First of all, you need to upload the video or image that you want to post on Instagram. Once done, go to the caption tag for writing the caption for the image or video. 
  • Next, write the caption as per your post on the video or photo.  
  • Now, the important part – while writing the caption, include dashes and periods in between to create line breaks or spaces.  
  • You can even use emojis as bullet points instead of using symbols to create line spaces.  

use emojis as bullet points

This is often considered an extremely useful method for adding line breaks in captions used for Instagram posts. However, the line breaks will be visible in the caption.  

Using Line Break Generator

Line Break Generator app can also be used to add spaces and line breaks into your Instagram bios and captions. There are different platforms available that offer the support to convert your IG caption into line-break-based captions and without taking much time.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to use the most suitable option that fits the photo description, and accordingly, you can include the line breaks to the IG caption.

Using Line Break Generator

Have a look at the steps:  

  • Pick a suitable Line Break Generator app and then accordingly, type the Instagram caption. You can also copy from the Notes app and paste it accordingly.  
  • Once the line breaks are added, simply copy the desired text from the Line Break Generator app.  
  • Finally, visit the IG Scheduler or the captions tab and then paste the caption you have selected into the IG post by additional spaces or line breaks between the captions.

Adding paragraph spaces to Instagram bio and captions

It is not difficult to add paragraph spaces to IG bio and captions. The following steps will help you with the part:  

  • At first, you need to copy the caption and paste it accordingly. 
  • Once you end the paragraph, tap the Enter.  
  • You can use the Notes app to copy and paste the blank spaces. 
  • Once done, press Enter.  
  • You have a new next line to start your new paragraph  
  • This method also allows you the option to divide your IG bio content and captions into several paragraphs.  

How to add spaces in IG post captions using simple and easy ways?

There are quite a few easy ways to add spaces in the IG post captions. Some of these are listed below:  

  • You can use 3rd party apps and tools like InstaSpacer and GramSpacer
  • You can add symbols like periods and hyphens  
  • You can copy and paste the blank spaces from the Notes app 

Is it possible to put line breaks in the IG bio with the help of any mobile app?

Well, it’s much possible. You have the Notes app on your smartphone. Simply copy the content from Notes and paste it on the Instagrams bio section for putting line breaks into your IG bio.  It’s no rocket science and quite simple to implement. 

3rd Party Line Breaks tool for Instagram posts and bios

This online IG line break app is available for free and easy to use. However, this tool lags the options to italicize or bold a word or line. For creating line breaks, simply write on IG and then add line breaks. Once done, paste it to the app and press the ‘Generate & Copy Caption’ button. Then, paste the same to your IG post.

seekmetrics is again another line break tool for IG bio and posts. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. You can either type or paste something. This tool offers the option to italicize and bold the words.

However, you cannot use both these options for a single word. Either you can bold a word or italicize it.

apps4lifehost online tool allows the option to include unlimited numbers of line breaks into an IG post. You can use both italic and bold options for the text.

Once you have done with the drafting and formatting, simply click on the Convert and Copy to the Clipboard button to paste it to IG. It’s simple and easy to use.

Text spacer is another excellent choice if you are looking for a line break generator tool for Instagram captions, posts, and bios. However, you cannot exceed the word limit of over 2200 characters.

There are four different formatting options available, be it Double Struck, Cursive, Italics, or Bold. Simply tap to publish the content and there is also the option to erase the words by clicking Clear.

yaytext is a very effective online portal for adding line breaks to your Instagram posts.

Simply type anything on your text box, edit the paragraphs, and then paste them on your IG bios, FB posts, etc. This is free to use and comes with several free features.  


So, you have learned how to add line breaks and spaces into your IG post and captions in this blog. There are numerous tools available that can help you with the part. Try them, the ones we have mentioned, and see the magic.  

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