Marketers Guide To IGTV

Instagram has become the talk of the town, and IGTV is the latest reason for it. In this blog, we introduce the concept of IGTV to you, and what should you know about IGTV. We also present you a tutorial on how to create high-end IGTV videos and some IGTV best practises. At the end, we present you the 6 brands that are making best use of IGTV.

Marketers Guide To Instagram IGTV: Engagement rates on social media are going very low day by day. Don’t you feel so? I know many of you wish to god every day to get a sudden hike on your social media platforms.

Social media is a new and exquisite way to earn money and flaunt your passion admirably. Having said that you cannot pay for paid advertising every now and then. So, what’s the solution? Are you searching for the same?

Here’s a detailed guide that will make you go through the “A, B, C, D” of Instagram IGTV Video. The glory and attention of this platform have influenced so many people to create their channel/page. But, before jumping right on to the main thing you should know why is IGTV preferred nowadays.

You must also be aware of the difference between IGTV and a YouTube video, how they are different and how a user enjoys IGTV. There are many more things that a brand or influencer needs to know to cater their services and earn a decent amount of money from it.  So, here we go.

What is IGTV on Instagram?

IGTV on Instagram

Everyone might be aware of this but for the sake of knowledge; you must know that IGTV means Instagram TV. It is much like a TV which shows videos in a vertical form of about 5 minutes to 60 minutes long. A separate app for IGTV has been created for users to swipe through various videos in one go.

Instagram also has a tab that lets you watch all the IGTV videos which are trending by swiping right or left. IGTV is the new feature in the market and definitely the one which is going to be a boon for Influencers/Marketers on Instagram.

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How is IGTV Different from Other Apps for Marketing?

How is IGTV Different from Other Apps for Marketing

Aren’t you aware of YouTube and many other social media apps that let you watch videos? However, IGTV is very different from all of these. IGTV is a platform made specifically for users to watch videos in continuation. IGTV is a whole new world that is very unique and different from YouTube.

With YouTube, the creators are more professional except blogs and stuff. But, IGTV allows creators and marketers to flow the information socially by satiating the needs and demands of people.

The creation of IGTV is also very different from that of other apps. In IGTV you are supposed to watch videos vertically as per your mobile screen. So, IGTV videos are also shot vertically by a camera or phone.

Also, one thing that every creator/marketer must remember is that IGTV videos are recorded in advance. Any dilemma that you may have that IGTV goes live is absolutely incorrect. The videos must be recorded previously to add some edits and music to make it more creative and appealing.

Beginning your journey on IGTV? Here’s what you should know about how IGTV feels on a user’s end:


The kick starts to engage viewers and the audience on your video is definitely because of IGTV. On user’s end it is a whole new level of experience.

The system works differently and the browsing style is snappy and divergent to what you’re used to. Get the most insightful knowledge about IGTV if you are a user here.

In simple words or in one line you should know that “IGTV is one of the downiest, remarkable and unrivaled platforms amongst all the social media platforms”.

You will experience the smoothest ride while watching videos on IGTV instead of YouTube. The functions are very easy, accessible and smooth.

You can browse your favorite brand videos or the one which is trending just by swiping up. Is that possible anywhere else? Even YouTube makes your search for your favorite YouTuber and then play their videos.

But, IGTV is hands down creating its empire in the world of social media. If you think that watching videos is everything then you’re wrong my friends.

Engage on IGTV Videos

You can even engage beautifully on IGTV videos by your favourite content creator. You can like, comment, share, follow and copy the link of videos and share the same on any platform. One thing that is the most appealing about the IGTV videos is that they don’t contain ads or any sought of promotion.

It’s just you and your video and nothing else to disturb in between like YouTube which shows brand ads every now and then like you will not resist and immediately buy the stuff.

Everyone is now preparing to produce more IGTV videos on a daily basis because why not if Instagram monetizes the app anytime soon. It will not only be beneficial for a creator but will also make him feel the worth of uploading a new video at a certain time.

Having said that it is extremely important to note that if IGTV gets monetized there will be a huge downfall in users watching videos.

Advertisements are something users don’t prefer and that’s why IGTV has become a boon for everyone. So, if in case it gets monetized there are high chances that people will become resistible to the app.

The Insights to Create a Flourishing Channel with High Engagement


The awe-inspiring journey that IGTV makes you go through is worthy and exemplary. It’s like a journey to Kanyakumari without a break and experiencing virtuous and scrupulous views and sceneries.

If you are running late and you have only 5 minutes to go through your IGTV then it is going to show you the news of the entire world at once.

From makeup tutorials by esteemed bloggers to travel experiences of travel bloggers and DIY’s, Cooking Session, Politics and everything will be in front of your eyes in a period of 5 minutes.

Brands are finally taking a chance to create phenomenal videos on IGTV to engage their users in the most amusing manner. One thing that every creator or brand should keep in mind is the production of extremely high-quality videos.

There are a number of brands that are using IGTV and creating videos that entertain users the minute they start watching the clip. It is like not stopping the video anytime soon because it is so alluring and eye-catching.

Make sure to not create a dull moment or sad face while preparing an IGTV video. It hampers your audience and makes them feel bored. So, be an enthusiast and catch up on all the trending ideas to make your IGTV more engaging and captivating.

New to IGTV? Clutch perceptive knowledge about how to use Instagram IGTV:

The easiest of all is IGTV and using it is even more fun. Here is a guide for people who are absolutely new to this. By indulging yourself on IGTV I swear you people will not take the back road anytime soon.

Step 1: You have to download the app from the App store of Google play as per your mobile instructions.

Step 2: Now, when the app is downloaded it is important to log in through your IG account. Mentioned the ID and password and that’s it. You are done.

Step 3: The third step consciously asks for exploring and wandering around Instagram IGTV. All you have to do is explore content on IGTV. Roam around the app and find out what is trending and what’s going on. Feel the content and see how people are creating catchy videos which are enchanting and captivating your attention to a whole new level.

Creating your Channel:

Step 4: The fourth step is about creating your channel. Now, it is very obvious that your purpose on coming on this app was creating your own channel for your account or brand account. So, for that click on settings and there you will find an option which says “Create Your Channel”. Click on that option and complete all the steps. This way your channel gets created.

Step 5: After you’re done creating your channel it’s time for the real deal. Get set started to create your videos. Make sure to keep the frame vertical and flaunt your passion on IGTV.

Be sure to create small videos initially because you are a new user and people will watch you for a long time only if they find you interesting or a celebrity piece. So, keep it minimal yet swishy.

video where she showcases all the house designed by her virtually which is a task and content which everyone drools over.

A dedicated tutorial to create enchanting and high-end IGTV videos:

IGTV videos

Before jumping right on the tutorial, you must know that IGTV calls out for vertical format for all videos. This is a new concept for the suitability of the users and is not widely used. But, having said that it is definitely one of the easiest ways to produce quality content without many pieces of equipment.

So, here’s everything that you need to know to create high-quality, beautiful and expressive videos on IGTV. These are some technical requirements which you need to know.

  • Videos must be in vertical format with a minimum of 30 frames per second.
  • The size of the videos which are of 10 minutes must be less than 650 MB.
  • The videos which are above 10 minutes and less than 60 minutes must be less than 3.6 GB.
  • The minimum resolution of your video must be 720 pixels.
  • The cover photo should be around 420px to 654px. The format of the video must be MP4 which is indeed a high-quality one.
  • The last but not the least point that you should remember is making videos that do not exceed 10 minutes. If you aren’t verified on Instagram then producing videos of 60 minutes may turn off your audience. So, make sure to compile the best knowledge in your video and make it tad short and smart.

Here is the step-by-step guide to Producing IGTV videos

  • The first step in creating a video is filming. So, grab your camera and place it vertically. Vertical alignment is acceptable in IGTV videos. The editing is very minimal when you shoot vertically. However, if you try to shoot horizontally then there are chances to cut the sideways which will lead to a breakdown in the quality of videos. So, use the vertical method.
  • IGTV videos must be shot in the ratio of 9:6. Some apps that might help you to get the perfect Instagram IGTV videos are Tyler Stalman for iPhone users.
  • Spark Camera is another app which is free of cost and lets you record and edit the videos beautifully at the same time. Videoleap is another app that lets you shoot now and edit afterward. It is very straightforward to use and helps in creating subtle, engaging and wonderful videos.

Content Without Losing your Audience at Any Moment

audience at any moment

It is your duty to cut down the initial noises in your video. The answer is simple because it’s all autoplay and you cannot make your audience listen the stabbing and high-volume noises.

  • Add credible links in your description part.
  • Do not forget to use the main hashtags which will make your video viral.
  • Add IGTV video’s clips in your story so that users directly click and are redirected to the video gateway.
  • IGTV investigative system is a boon for you. Take full advantage of the same.

The last tip that is the most important one is to engage with your beautiful and supporting followers. Your audience is everything for you and it carries major importance in your social media career. So, reply to their comments with emojis filled with gratefulness, happiness and gratitude.

IGTV Best practices

If you are already on IGTV and want to learn the best tips and tricks then pay attention to the best practices mentioned below –

Silent viewing Optimization is a must for every IGTV video.

If you are a regular user then you must optimize your video in a way that it doesn’t play sound as soon as it plays. Instagram plays videos automatically without switching the sound off. So, it is your duty to optimize your video because if it plays out of nowhere then loud and high-decibel music may stab the user.

Double promotion of your videos

If you work or post videos on other channels then it is best for you to promote your videos through your stories so that people are aware of your presence on other channels. If you are a verified user then you can even link your IGTV video on your IG stories so that people can use swipe up feature and are directed directly to your video.

You can also make a point to share your IGTV videos on your Facebook page.

The preview of your IGTV video can be shared on your IG feed as well. So, upload a one-minute IGTV video on your feed and the audience will be automatically redirected to your IGTV video.

Promote your IGTV videos on top social media platforms like Twitter, email and Facebook.

Appropriate & pertinent hashtags

Instagram has recently altered its algorithm and if you are a regular user then you might know how severely the engagement rates have gone down. So, if you are uploading your IGTV videos ake sure to add relevant hashtags so that people may find you anyhow.

Post-in-depth content

Post in-depth content

IGTv isn’t only about making videos randomly and expecting people to follow you. If you want a good following make sure to create videos that have a long format. Posting some on stories and some on IGTV won’t work because people always look for new and appealing content.

So, in case you are creating skincare videos make sure to come up with new ideas which you aren’t posting on your stories or anywhere else. Make a series of videos that people enjoy and continue making it so that people can find new content in your series only.

Stick to your originality

After all the content and fame, it is important for you to stick to your originality to make sure that you aren’t observed as a changed person by our users who are just promoting brands for the sake of money and products.

Keep your tone and vibes as original and as authentic as possible. Users should feel that you are not promoting any brand and your content is genuine.

6 brands which are well-known and notorious on IGTV

You can learn from these brands how to give a best shot in IGTV.

1. Sephora

The first brand which has made its place on Instagram IGTV by creating commendable skincare videos is Sephora. Always remember that if you are beauty blogger then the chances of hiking your IGTV are more than what you assume it to be.

Sephora is a brand which has immense fan following because of the endless beauty, skincare, haircare tutorials that it uploads on IGTV.

Remember that people love Sephora because they do not promote or showcase their products in each of their videos. This has helped them to gain the ultimate public trust which not all brands can afford.

2. The Lily News

The Lily News is the viral junction which shares women news which is raw and unfiltered. It shares the series of Instagram IGTV which has conversations with well-known YouTubers.

The facts are totally unknown and hidden from the followers but that is the interesting part. The thought which no one is aware of is shared by “The Lily News”.

3. Netflix

The most raved platform around the world right now is none other than Netflix. Netflix has started creating amusing content on its IGTV.

It posts all the behind the scenes of interviews, forums, promos, trailers and new series. People who are constantly and consistently watch Netflix really enjoy watching behind the scenes of their favourite stars. Netflix IGTV is the next best thing the audience usually watch after Netflix.


NASA is the world’s leading source to show us surface on moon, earth and many more things. With the amount and quality of the content, it has they do not need any new things to show on IGTV.

But, the creativity within them can just not stop. The channel currently features tours of earth, view of the moon, space stations and any more things.

5. NatGeo

A brand which is not so focused on celebrities is National Geographic. They develop high-quality video content and often go live on their page. So, for IGTV they thought of making something unique and extraordinary.

These are the points that you have to catch. Make sure to create content which is entirely different from what people are creating. So, the IGTV of this page has a show named “One Strange Rock”. The show is narrated by Will Smith who comes up with diverse interviews with well-known astronauts.

6. Emily Henderson

Heard of Interior Design Blogger’s IGTV? Well, Emily is one of the finest Interior Designer and a blogger too who is also the author of “STYLED” which is one of the bestselling books. She prepares her IGTV content in the most unique manner.

Bottom Line

If you want your followers to follow you on your IGTV as well, ensure that they have a good reason to do so. You may know that early adopters of IGTV video platform are doing great. So, don’t get left behind and create your IGTV brand channel right away. Even you can start creating an entire IGTV series for your brand promotion.

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