7 Methods to use Google My Business to attract customers

Do you know that getting your business listed on Google My Business can not only increase the credibility of your business but it also helps your potential customers in discovering your brand? Here in this article, we have discussed some very effective methods of using Google My Business to attract customers, Dive in to know more.

Google my Business:-The Google search engine is without a doubt one of the best! It can display billions and thousands of results for every search you make. Within minutes it can list down a variety of local restaurants, clothing stores, hairdressers, hotels, etc. near you.

This should remind you that you should be where your customer is, i.e ONLINE and right in front of their face. The best way to do so is by creating a Google My Business profile.

What is Google My Business? How does it work?

Google My Business is a platform that helps you create a Google business listing. On this listing, you upload basic current information connected with the business. This includes the phone number, category, name, hours, and website. 

What is Google My Business

Add customer reviews, images, popular times your business is responsive/ remains. Also, add frequently asked questions to the google listing. It is a sure-shot way of keeping your customers updated, don’t you agree?

Fun fact– Over 88% of people search for reviews a business provides before making up their minds about it. ( as per data collected by Think with Google) 

envy salon and spa

You can sign in with your business email and add your website to the Google business listing. This allows the 2 to be connected with google. 

What benefits does it offer?

If your business has been struggling to gain the much-needed momentum, then you must test it out and add digital marketing to your marketing strategies. Why, do you wonder? Read the benefits a google listing profile provides you below-

(1) It is completely free for use whether you access it via your desktops/ laptops or the mobile app.

(2) A google listing can add credibility to a business! Your increased online presence allows trust-building with new clients. 

(3) Your customers can discover you easily when they search for directories online.

(4) You can gain access to insights that help you better understand their searching habits.

(5) Presence of an Insight feature. It lets you discover the total number of customers that called you through the profile.

(6) An increase in online mentions of your business will lead to an increase in online rankings as well as superior mentions of your business website.

(7) You have the option to link your social media accounts to the google listing. 

Given in the image below, it displays a google listing. All the information you see is what your customer would see when they search for you. So, keep in mind that the information you upload must be authentic and current. Be sure to keep updating it as and when the need arises. 

google listing

How to get more customers using Google my Business?

To reap the best benefits of Google My Business you must understand how to optimize it. Here’s how you can do it without much hassle- 



Standing out in the market amongst the crowd of similar businesses is the goal. To pull that off, you must provide the viewers of your Google My Business profiles with images. Treat this profile a lot like your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media handles.

The idea is to ensure customers can recognize your brand. Doing so without images could be very difficult. You could upload images of your 

–  logo

– recently completed job works

– range of products you have to offer 

– customers adorning your products, etc. 

For example– You can upload images of your menu, best-selling beverages, the day-to-day deals, or inside of your dining/ seating area if you are a local brewery or coffee shop. 

upload images of your menu

In short, you must SHOW OFF and brag about your business. All the images you upload 

– must look appetizing

– be of high resolution 

– professional clicked images 

It is necessary to take these steps as they can add a charm. So, don’t skip out on that.


Businesses get ranked higher in the search results when the uploaded details are thorough. These details that you may not have missed are 

– Name 

– Phone number 

– Website link 

– Address 

– Hours your business functions 

Now let’s check out the time-consuming sections that business owners tend to skip out- 

– Question and answers 

– Products and services offered 

– Category and attributes

– From the business 

Be sure to add necessary keywords wherever possible!! Why is it important? because the right keywords have the power to refine relevance. The Google listing you see below is that of a 90’s themed clothing store. Their details are COMPLETE and would paint a clear picture of what they offer to a new customer. 

annex vintage


Launching something new? Offering a massive discount? Planning an exciting event? These are the types of posts that you must inform your customers about. These posts can help drive more sales to your Google My Business profiles! They also stir up a need in the customer to make physical or digital visits to your stores. 

You can create an informatory post on your profile by clicking on ‘Post’ from the menu section. A list of options will pop up in front of you, click on the type of post you wish to generate. Ensure your posts are short and concise before sharing. Hit publish once you are satisfied with the post.

It will be displayed on your profile like in the image below- 

remarkable cafe


About 84% of the views on business profiles arise from discovery searches. To optimize it for your Google business profile, add or select a category. This will work in the favor of your business especially if the name does not specify your services. 

Once you have selected a category and added it then it will be displayed as you see in the image below. 

selected a category and added it

While filling out your categories be sure to factor in some points like- 

– Choose the category and be clear about the service you provide! For example- You must write ‘Indian clothing store’ or a ‘Chinese Restaurant’ instead of ‘store’ or ‘restaurant’ from the list of categories provided from the options. (there are over 3000 categories provided). 

– Select additional categories! This will allow you to mention various other services you provide. You could add ‘grocery delivery service’ or ‘meat delivery store.’ 

– Select categories that best fit your business and don’t overdo it. If you are offering only ‘Appliance repair’ services, then don’t add ‘Appliance parts services’ as this could be misleading. 


This step is usually performed after you’ve selected a category. The attributes feature is a ‘special’ feature that customers tend to look for. These could be ‘Free wifi offered’, ‘wheelchair access ’ or ‘outdoor seating’ if you are a restaurant or/ café.

nicks pizza

Check out these category-specific attributes- 

RESTAURANTS: add best-selling dishes/ drinks, menus, and also a link for your customers to make online reservations or orders. 

HOTELS: can add class ratings as well as the amenities you offer 

SERVICE-ORIENTED BUSINESS: can add booking buttons or display service menus 

Can add product catalogs if you have a small or medium-sized business

If you are not able to see these features, then you may have clicked on a different category. (you get an option to choose from 10 different categories)


Customer reviews have grown to be a deciding factor in influencing customers to work with you. They help in building trust with customers and can also sway the google rankings in your favor! 

It is a known fact that the top 3 results for searches on google are the ones with the most reviews and top ratings. 

most reviews and top ratings

Google’s search results highlight keywords. So, use that to your advantage by adding certain keywords to the reviews. The highlighted keywords would appear like something you see in the image below. 

highlighted keywords

Who can help you get the reviews?

– Talk to your long-time customers 

You can create custom short links to make the process of leaving reviews much easier. Once created it would look like: g.page/[yourcustomname].

As per studies, 62% of customers share reviews if asked so ask your customers politely. This could be done online or even in-store! 

Google provides free marketing kits that are filled with social posts, stickers, and printable posters, click to download them. 


Customers explore the commonly asked questions and their subsequent answers before choosing your business.

This feature is known as the ‘Question and Answer’ section and shares similarities with that of Amazon. The Q&A section is a good way to provide users with precise information about our business. 

Filling out the details in this section is beneficial for your customers as anyone can ask a question on the business profile. Along with that anybody can respond to these questions which may not work in your favor. To stay on top of the responses you can- 

– Set up alerts so you can respond to the questions and answers posted. 

Set up alerts– Gather the most asked questions, then gather their answers and then upvote the answer to your business profile. 

– Always use your keywords so you can maintain or reach higher in Google’s search rankings.


Keep in mind that the strategies you follow for your Google My Business profile must cater to providing wholesome information. It is the best way to ensure your customer makes the decision of reaching out to you to buy your services or products.

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