20 Most Liked U.S. Facebook Pages

We know that getting more and more engagement on Facebook is a very strenuous job for a business page. But how do popular brands like ETSY, Funko, and CrossFit, etc. do that so easily? In this article, we have curated a list of 20 Most Liked U.S Facebook Pages. Let's have a look and try to understand their Facebook strategy.

U.S. Facebook Pages: Facebook has been revolutionary ever since its inception. Despite being tainted through spam, propaganda campaigns, etc., the platform has been still quite significant for the brands powered by its immense popularity. It is not just about the brands; rather the success of a Facebook page depends on relevant and interestingly creative content. This claim can be realized through the following massively popular brands.    

Look at Fastest-Growing U.S. Facebook Pages

U.S. Facebook Pages

1. National Geographic travel

The page is liked by as many as 5,933,550 people and is followed by 6,100,106 people. This page has been liked by those genuinely enthusiastic about National Geography. However, the page is much more than just getting updates about its shows. It can be a great place to get an insight of the editors, thus to find captivating photography and thoroughly engaging storytelling. 

National Geographic travel

Apart from this, it can be an easy way of finding handy guides, especially for avid adventure travelers. It often provides useful information like handy maps and technological products to make the traveling experience smooth and exciting. 

2. Netflix

Netflix certainly does not need any introduction. It won’t be wrong to claim it as the undisputed king in the world of OTT streaming, despite massive competition worldwide. Best part about Netflix is the trust that it has managed to earn from its loyal audience base. The page is liked by above a whooping 69 million people, i.e., 69,957,387 million people being specific. 70,140,275 people follow it. 


The followers of the page certainly do expect exciting updates about the upcoming shows and movies. Apart from this, the memes and other creative stuff posted over the page can be thoroughly amusing for the entertainment freaks. Best part is that the site is quite known for being highly responsive as well. 

3. Arby’s


There is no prize for guessing that Arby’s Facebook page is mostly liked and followed by the foodies worldwide. 3,218,355 people already like it, most of them are quite certain to be the Curly fries and Jamocha shakes lovers. 3,110,040 people also follow the page. Most importantly, the page is quite intuitive. 

They are known for replying within one day of a message. Arby’s having their branches worldwide is indeed one of the foremost reasons behind the massive follower base over Facebook.   

4. Meowingtons


Meowingtons Facebook page has got 997,368 likes on it, and is followed by 1,399,595 people. Almost each of the followers of the page is expected to be ardent cat lovers. In a way, this is the biggest hub for cat lovers over the web. Those eager about exploring the ongoing and upcoming cat trends can find this one as the most exciting places over the web. Well, this can be an amusing place for anyone else as the page posts super funny memes as well.

However, cat lovers mostly like the page for handy tips and advice provided over here to nourish cats. Apart from this, the page can be a cool one-stop destination to explore the latest cat-based products.    

5. A mighty girl

A mighty girl

If you are someone who loves to stay away from various unwanted garbage of social media, ranging from fake news, propaganda to abuses, this would be a perfect place to visit. Being liked by 2,727,152 people and being followed by 2,701,561 numbers of people, the page proves that still there is a significant number of people interested in positivity. 

For those uninitiated, A Mighty Girl brings the biggest range of useful collections ranging from books, flicks, toys, etc., for grooming next-generation girls, useful for the parents and teachers. In short, one can expect handy content related to all the above through their Facebook page. The page holds an incredible reputation for being highly responsive. A mighty girl was established in 2012.

6. Funko


If you are thoroughly passionate about pop culture, then you are very much likely to have liked the page. If you have not already, you should ensure about liking before calling yourself a pop-culture enthusiast. So, Funko is a company for pop culture collectibles. Keeping the massive global supporter base of Funko, their Facebook page is also quite expected to have a large follower base. The page is liked by 1,027,960 people. It is followed by 1,044,527 people. 

Funko’s Facebook page is quite responsive as they allow shopping straight through the page as well. Those who want to collect contact information about Funko can get desired information from the page. It is the most reliable way of collecting the latest arrival details from Funko. 

7. Etsy


Etsy’s Facebook page is liked by a massive 3,853,542 number of people. It is followed by 3,876,804 people. Etsy’s Facebook page is one of the most distinguished on Facebook. Etsy is known for providing best possible support for independent sellers. If you want to contribute towards boosting the economy instead of enriching capitalism, this is an incredible platform to go with. 

Etsy’s collections are the most trusted from qualitative aspects as it is a thoroughly dedicated platform for the independent sellers who put their hearts out for selling something. Etsy’s Facebook page is one of the finest ways of staying updated about each of their latest arrivals. Starting from gifts, crafts to masks, this can be a one-stop destination for a whole range of exclusive products.   

8. Barkbox


Having more than 3 million likes and around the same number of followers, Barkbox loudly depicts the popularity of it on Facebook. If you are a dog lover, you are very much expected to have liked the page. Barkbox is very much known for offering optimal quality dog products. Best part that distinguishes them from others is their ability to deliver straight at the doorstep every month. 

Advantage of liking the Facebook page of Barkbox is that one can stay updated with the latest arrivals from their stores right over there. Those who are having queries may do DM straight in their Facebook inbox.  

9. Michaels


Michaels is a favorite for both the makers as well as the buyers. The same probably is the reason that they are enjoying such immense popularity. And the same is reflected through their social media success. Michaels’ Facebook page is liked by more than 3 million people, and around the same number of people do follow the page. This page can be excellent for staying updated with latest arrivals from Michaels. 

Best part is that their page is quite responsive, except on rare occasions; they are very much expected to reply within an hour. Other than quality of products, Michaels is quite popular for their ability of same-day delivery as well.   

10. Dick’s sporting goods

Dick’s sporting goods

Dick’s sporting goods are the favorites of thousands of sports enthusiasts across the globe. It reflects through the popularity of their Facebook page, which is already having 5,546,533 likes and is being followed by 5,484,545 people. Upon liking and following their Facebook page, one can stay updated with the latest arrivals of their collections. They are known for offering up notch quality sports goods, footwear, as well as various accessories.

Being a favorite among many renowned athletes, Dick’s sporting goods Facebook page has driven the attention of thousands of sports enthusiasts. For any query, one may connect with them through their Facebook page as well.

11. Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween Facebook page enjoys a massive 3,217,104 number of likes. It is followed by 3,158,794 people. Being a Halloween fan, one simply can’t miss this place. They offer everything that a Halloween shopper would love to buy. Naturally, upon hitting the like button, one can easily expect consistent updates about the latest arrivals of products from their stores.

No matter if it is about the costumes or Halloween accessories, they offer it all in one place. This might be the reason that Spirit Halloween Facebook page has a follower base of all age groups. Spirit Halloween Facebook page can be an excellent way of communicating with them as well. They hold a good reputation for taking customer feedback seriously.      

12. Crossfit


The modern era is a thorough fitness-obsessed era.  It gets instantly popular if anything significant is related to fitness surfaces. This aspect can be thoroughly realized through Crossfit. The page has already been liked by 3,084,608 people and is followed by 3,060,171 numbers of people. Other than Crossfit stuff, their Facebook page can be a great way of communicating with other fitness enthusiasts. 

Moreover, the platform can be equally relevant for people of all age groups, provided that they are all fitness freaks.  Not just about workouts, Crossfit comprehends fitness as an altogether healthy lifestyle, including diets. In short, it can be a wholesome platform for online fitness.      

13. Taco bell

Taco bell

If you are a fast food freak, Taco Bell’s Facebook page can easily be one of your favorite places over the web. The page has already achieved a milestone of more than 10 million page likes; 10,280,677 likes to be specific. Moreover, they are actively engaged with the followers and that’s why they enjoy a follower base of 9,803,602 people. The immensely reckoned fast food restaurant chain has many centers around the globe. Interestingly, they are quite known for offering exciting discounts at regular intervals. 

To get updates about explicit discounts offered by them, nothing would be a better recommendation than their Facebook page to remain hanged at. It is not just about offering discounts; they post consistently about the sumptuous foods from their stores.

14. Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Krispy Kreme doughnuts Facebook page is certainly the most celebrated place over the web among doughnut fans. Its immense popularity is evident through the massive 7,593,808 page likes on it. The page is followed by 7,593,917. Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme are not something new. They have been celebrating for the past eighty years. Talking about their Facebook page, they keep sharing about the latest flavors with their loyal followers. 

However, it is not just about the doughnuts; they are quite renowned for their explicit premium coffees that can provide the best complement to doughnuts. Yes, the Facebook page keeps updating about the same to its visitors as well. Provided above is the link to reach their page straightaway.    

15. Betty crocker

Betty crocker

Betty Crocker is a fantastic place to hang out and thoroughly celebrate the passion of baking. Their Facebook page is one of the most informative and significant online destinations among baking lovers. It has a massive 5,362,194 page likes and is followed by 5,362,347 people. They share useful ideas of numerous recipes and desserts over their platform. Best part, they are quite responsive over their Facebook page and allow users to ask questions. 

Moreover, they are quite reputed for answering queries of the enquirers. They do share their explicit recipes over their Facebook page, making things highly exciting. Moreover, they welcome audiences to ask questions as well and take the feedback seriously. 

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16. The ritz Carlton hotel company

The ritz Carlton hotel company

Hospitality of the Ritz Carlton hotel is considered the most inspiring across the globe. They hold immense popularity across the globe, which is thoroughly depicted through the success of their Facebook page. It has already got 732,566-page likes and is followed by 739,356 people. It is not just about their brand or related information; their page is often visited for inspiring posts. 

The best part about the Ritz Carlton hotel Facebook page is their responsive nature. One can get key updated details about communicating with them. Moreover, they are quite known for replying to the enquirers honestly, which probably is a prime reason behind the growing popularity of their brand or Facebook page. Click on the link above to reach their page directly.    

17. Petco


Petco is one of the most popular and significant online platforms for pet lovers. The page has been liked by a massive 3,132,165 number of people, and followed by 3,037,055 people. It can be thoroughly claimed that Petco’s page should be exemplary about how an ideal Facebook page should be. First of all, they accept messages through inbox and reply within an hour. Their page remains monitored in between a specific period of 5 am and 11.59 pm. 

That is not all; they offer complete support apart from the stipulated hours as well, keeping their support number available at   888-824-7257. Moreover, they sincerely accept comments and contents over their platform and handle responsibly to ensure that no offensive things are posted. Those already interested may simply click on the above link and reach the page straight away.

18. Ulta beauty Inc.

Ulta beauty

The Facebook page of Ulta Beauty Inc is one of the most celebrated names for beauty enthusiasts across the globe. It is not just a claim; their success and popularity are thoroughly depicted through the incredible success of their Facebook page that has already managed to grab above 3.4 million likes. The page is quite a responsive one that remains thoroughly alert to answer the queries of the enquirers. 

Not just about the products, their Facebook page gets constantly updated through handy beauty tips as well. Moreover, the visitor feedback is given a thorough response as well. If you are keen about exploring more about them or have not liked it yet, all that you need is to put a click on the above link.     

19. Pillsbury


Pillsbury has been a favorite destination among all those enthusiastic about fresh dough. Their page is liked by a massive 4,688,303 number of people. It is followed by 4,541,948 people as well. Very much like every successful page, they too are quite intuitive with their social media page. 

Taking a step ahead, they welcome loyal audiences to be part of their Not-So-Secret Club as well, where one can have access to a whole range of products. The page can be equally exciting as well for those who are enthusiastic about exploring coupons and discounts. Their Not-So-Secret Club also offers a scope of exploring explicit recipes for the members.        

20. Bud light

Bud light

The Facebook page of Bud Light is as popular as their parent brand. The page has already been liked by 34,081 people. However, the most distinguishing aspect has been their engagement level. Having a massive follower base of 34,008 people thoroughly depicts the same.

Making things more interesting, they have been quite responsive to the audiences as well upon answering the queries of the enquirers consistently. Moreover, they do reply to the queries of the enquirers over inbox in the quickest possible time.    


Upon witnessing immense popularity and success of the above-mentioned Facebook pages, it can be thoroughly realized how significant social media is for the success of a brand. So, are you also interested in taking your brand value to a new high through a strong social media presence as of the above pages? Anyway, don’t forget to let us know about your favorite page among these.     

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