20 Most Popular YouTubers To Look Out for in 2022

Being the second search engine in the world with over 2 billion monthly viewers. YouTube has plenty of good content on the platform, this, of course, includes the videos created by the top YouTubers. Here in this blog, we have curated a list of the 20 most popular YouTubers to look out for in 2021 with a maximum number of subscribers.

If you are using the internet, you must know what YouTube is. We can say YouTube is the new TV as it is the most popular streaming platform all over the world.

With more than 2 billion active users every month and over 30 million daily users, YouTube has grown its popularity to a whole new level.

You must have favorite YouTubers whose videos you watch daily and they may have a good number of subscribers. But do you know which YouTubers are most popular, or which have the maximum number of YouTube subscribers?

Here’s what you’ll find below, 20 most popular YouTubers to look out for in 2021 with a maximum number of subscribers.

Kindly note that the stats provided in this article are the latest and as of 24th May 2021. These stats may vary if you are reading this article after 24th May 2021.

20. Movieclips

Most Popular YouTubers: Movieclips

Location – USA

Subscribers – 52.5M

Movieclips is in the 20th position with more than 52 million subscribers. This channel is a collection of licensed movie clips. They provide trailers of the upcoming movies as well.

Be it horror, comedy, romance, drama, action, or any other genre, Movieclips has a large number of videos to stick you with their channel.

This channel was started on 28th April 2006 and has 51,565,960,377 views on its 37,241 videos.

19. Marshmello


Location – USA

Subscribers – 52.7M

One of the most popular Producers/DJs in the world, Marshmello has become one of the fastest-rising dance producers in history. From children to adults, Marshmello has a huge fanbase. He is in Spotify’s Top 10 most listened to artists in the world. 

Marshmello has a total of 11,644,720,562 views on his 465 videos. He started his YouTube channel on 07th April 2015.

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18. Goldmines Telefilms

Goldmines Telefilms

Location – India

Subscribers – 53.7M

With 53.7M subscribers, Goldmines Telefilms takes the 18th spot on our list. This channel provides full-length Hindi and Hindi dubbed movies. Goldmines Telefilms was started on 21st January 2012 and has a total of 12,894,334,942 views on 1584 videos.

17. Dude Perfect

dude perfect

Location – USA

Subscribers – 56.1M

Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel that is run and managed by 5 guys. These guys perform trick shots and stunts by playing various sports including basketball, football, adventure sports, etc. This channel is a perfect combination of sports and comedy.

This channel was started back in the year 2009 on 17th March. On their 262 videos uploaded till now, they have achieved 12,973,822,905 views.



Location – South Korea

Subscribers – 56.4M

HYBE LABELS is the official YouTube channel of Big Hit Labels. This channel is the content hub for Source Music, Big Hit Entertainment, Plus Global Audition, and Belift.

Big Hit Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company that shares music videos of several well-known Korean groups and soloists. 

With around 56M subscribers, this channel acquires the 16th position in the list of 20 most popular YouTubers in 2021. HYBE LABELS has total of 16,634,634,517 views on their 604 videos uploaded till now. This channel was started on 04th June 2008.

15. Zee TV

Zee TV

Location – India

Subscribers – 57.8M

Zee TV is the pioneer of the television entertainment industry in India. On this channel, you can see the full episodes as well as the promos of upcoming episodes of the show which are broadcasted on Zee TV.

Zee TV YouTube channel was started on 11th December 2005. Since then, they have uploaded 57,206 videos and have 11,589,082,817 views.

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Location – South Korea

Subscribers – 61.4M

Blackpink is one of the most popular South Korean girl groups. They hold the record for being the highest-charting female Korean act on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 13 with “Ice Cream” (2020).

Blackpink members are Lisa, Jisso, Rosé, and Jennie. This YouTube channel is so popular that it has 61.4M subscribers even after starting its channel on 29th June 2016. They have uploaded 355 videos till now and have a total of 17,728,455,811 views on them.

13. MrBeast


Location – USA

Subscribers – 62.4M

Jimmy Donaldson manages the channel MrBeast. He is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He performs the most expensive stunts but also focuses on philanthropy. Till now he has raised $20,000,000 to plant 20,000,000 trees, donated over 100 cars, given millions to charity and many more.

He joined YouTube on 20th February 2012. His 704 videos have 10,756,100,003 views till now and will keep on increasing as this is one of the most popular YouTube channels in 2021.

12. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Location – Canada

Subscribers – 63.4M

A pop star who doesn’t need any introduction. Justin Bieber, one of the most famous pop stars in the world, is in the 12th position on the Most Famous YouTubers list. 

He uploads music videos, promo material, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage from his video shoots. He started his channel on 16th Jan 2007. Since then he has uploaded 405 videos and has achieved 25,005,869,227 views.

11. Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla

Location – Brazil

Subscribers – 64.3M

A music channel by Konrad. Konrad is a music video producer and owns KondZilla Records. He uploads music produced by his record label which consists of music videos and behind-the-scenes footage.

He started his YouTube channel, Canal KondZilla on 22nd March 2012 and has earned a total of 34,654,241,703 views on his 1873 videos till now.

10. Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki

Location – USA

Subscribers – 68.1M

Vlad and Niki, probably the youngest YouTubers on this list with a massive subscriber count of around 68M. This channel is the highest-rated kids’ channel on YouTube. 

They showcase the fun and crazy adventures for younger ones and their videos are produced with a creative mix of live-action, animation, and music to create comedic videos for the preschool demographic.

They started their channel on 23rd April 2018, with 365 videos uploaded and have 49,057,610,583 views till now.

9. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts

Location – USA

Subscribers – 72.4M

This channel uploads videos of fun DIY projects and crafts. They make videos of life hacks and crazy home science tricks and teach people how to do it themselves. 

5-Minute Crafts has been entertaining people with its videos since 15th November 2016. They have uploaded 4713 videos with a massive 20,282,537,826 views on them.

8. Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company

Location – India

Subscribers – 73.1M

Zee Music Company is a part of India’s leading television media and entertainment companies. This YouTube channel posts music videos and has an extensive library housing over 222,000 hours of television content and 3,818 movie titles.

Zee Music Company was started on 12th March 2014. Since then this channel has uploaded 5442 videos which earned them 37,637,736,554 views.

7. Like Nastya

Like Nastya

Location – USA

Subscribers – 74M

Another kid’s YouTube channel that has become popular in recent years. Like Nastya is owned and managed by Anastasia Radzinskaya and her parents. She is a Russian American YouTuber.

Like Nastya channel was started as a toy unboxing channel but now it has been transformed into a channel that shows amusement parks in different countries.

She started her channel on 06th December 2016 and has uploaded 580 videos which earned 57,779,866,261 views.

6. WWE


Location – USA

Subscribers – 77.4M

This is the official YouTube channel of WWE where you can watch WWE’s original shows, fights, interviews, and lots more. WWE is a wrestling company that is popular across the world.

WWE started its YouTube channel on 11th May 2007 and has uploaded 54,987 videos with 58,816,387,439 views till now.

5. Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show

Location – USA

Subscribers – 78.8M

Kids Diana Show is a YouTube channel where you can see a kid named Diana playing with her family and friends. You can see many interesting videos including vlogs, toys unboxing, challenges, etc.

This channel was started on 12th May 2015 and has earned 56,445,415,741 views on 860 videos uploaded till now.

4. SET India

SET India

Location – India

Subscribers – 105M

This channel is a 24-hour Hindi General Entertainment Channel that provides complete family entertainment. This channel is owned by Sony India which is one of the largest electronic companies in the world. SET stands for Sony Entertainment Television.

SET India was started on 21st September 2006. Since then, Sony India has uploaded 57,295 videos and earned 88,163,255,231 views.

3. PewDiePie


Location – USA

Subscribers – 110M

There was a time when PewDiePie was the most subscribed channel on YouTube, but now this channel is at 3rd position. This channel is owned and managed by Swede Felix Kjellberg. He is a gamer and streams live videos on YouTube by playing different games. He also vlogs and has a meme review series.

He joined YouTube on 29th April 2010 and has uploaded 4338 videos till now with 27,336,969,085 views.

2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Location – USA

Subscribers – 113M

Cocomelon specializes in 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes and children’s songs. This channel is the most-viewed YouTube channel in the USA and is the most subscribed kid’s channel.

They upload videos featuring children, adults and animals interacting in daily life. This channel was started on 02nd September 2006. They have uploaded 643 videos till now and have 101,984,306,466 views.

1. T-Series


Location – India

Subscribers – 183M

If you are an Indian, then you must be proud to see this. T-Series is the most subscribed channel on YouTube with a whopping 183M subscribers. This channel is owned and managed by an Indian record label. 

T-Series is the first YouTube channel to get 100M subscribers and there was a battle between T-Series and PewDiePie for that. T-Series won the battle quite easily.

This channel shows Indian music videos as well as film trailers. T-Series has been the most viewed channel on YouTube since 2017.

This channel was started on 13th March 2006. They have uploaded 15,444 videos till now with 154,733,130,265 views.


So, these are the 20 most popular YouTuber channels to look out for in 2021. They make fun and entertaining videos for their audience and have achieved a lot in their career.

What are you waiting for? Just go and watch their videos and make your time fun and entertaining. 

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